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Security, Privacy and User Experience – Are You Still Using the Right Web Browser (Part 2)?

choosing a secure browser

Security, Privacy and User Experience – Are You Still Using the Right Web Browser (Part 2)?

Our 2 part blog continues with a look at current browser offerings. As we choose to live our work and private lives out online more than ever, now is an important time to consider if we’re still using the right browser. If you haven’t yet read the first part of our blog that looked at 2 popular browsers, Firefox and Edge, then catch-up here. Otherwise, let’s consider the trade-offs between security, privacy and user experience with 2 lesser known browsers, Brave and Tor…

Brave Browser

Brave hails itself as a browser with a focus on privacy and ad-blocking. It blocks trackers and stops ads from following you around the internet, creating a less invasive browsing experience. Brave has advanced protection, turning off features on websites that commonly extract device information. According to a review in, after brief testing, Brave proved to be the only browser for which the ‘Cover Your Tracks’ tool actually worked! If speed of browsing is a priority for you, with ad blocking and tracker blocking, Brave’s claim to be 3 times faster than Chrome actually seems valid.

The biggest downside seems to be the lack of add-ons, themes and extensions. So if you like to personalise your browsing experience, then this browser may not be for you.

If you want to take private browsing to the next level…

Tor Browser

If safeguarding your privacy and maximising your online security is of top priority, Tor Browser could be right for you and your business. Perhaps your business involves very private communication, or sensitive topic searches. If this is the case then Tor Browser hides your IP address and all browsing by redirecting web traffic through a series of different routers. It makes you completely anonymous and untraceable to hackers, internet service providers and companies. It allows you to access content that might be restricted by your location. These reasons make it extremely popular with journalists and political activists.

Sounds great right?! So why doesn’t everyone choose to use Tor?

You will have to contend with decreased functionality on websites, especially those using Javascript (which is most websites these days!). You’ll come up against a high volume of CAPTCHAs which might prove frustrating. Popular services with multiple interactive features wont work, and Tor Browser wont remember your history or keep you logged into websites between sessions.

Your Privacy is also Our Priority

Just as all browsers are not made equal, please remember that not all virtual receptionists offer the same level of privacy and protection. At CSnotepad, all of the data we collect from calls we answer on your behalf are stored and disposed of in line with all current GDPR guidelines – without exception!

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