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Strapped British Shoppers Still Choosing Ethical & Environmental Options

ethical shopping for the planet and workers

Strapped British Shoppers Still Choosing Ethical & Environmental Options

The biggest increase in living costs in 4 decades, yet British shoppers continue to prioritise ethical and environmental options.

British shoppers continue to choose products that state their intentions when it comes to protecting the environment and treatment of farmers.

How is ethical & environmental buying being monitored?

The Fairtrade mark is a globally recognised logo that appears on products that meet or exceed Fairtrade standards. When you buy any item with the logo, you are choosing to support farmers and workers. Businesses must apply for a license before they can use the symbol on their products, proving their ethical credentials. Therefore, as the number of licenses granted increases, the fees to the Fairtrade Foundation increases, offering a reliable indication of shoppers decision making.

Future Goals

Michael Gidney, the chief executive of the Fairtrade Foundation praised UK shoppers; “British shoppers do not trade down their values when times are tough.” Gidney is hopeful for a year on year increase in Fairtrade sales.

The climate crisis is also bringing to the forefront concerns over items such as coffee and cocoa. Weather patterns are changing in remote areas of the globe, putting pressure on the supply chains we’ve come to rely upon.

Gidney emphasises that “If you take the long view, I think we are winning the argument that trade can be sustainable and fair for people and planet.”

Retail growth with ethical choices

If you run a retail business, are your sales being affected by the cost of living crisis? Have you noticed a switch in how UK shoppers are choosing to direct their money within your range of items and price points? Could stocking ethical products and items with the Fairtrade logo be a consideration for your business?

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For more information on the recent growth in ethical shopping, read this great article in The Guardian.

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