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Physical Shop Owners Get Your Piece of the Pie: 20.3% of All Retail Sales Will Be Online This Year

get your piece of the pie

Physical Shop Owners Get Your Piece of the Pie: 20.3% of All Retail Sales Will Be Online This Year

Why you should use your website to sell and not just to market

Perhaps you have a website, but are you using it as a selling platform or just a marketing tool?

With 20.3% of total retail sales in the world expected to be made online in 2022, you can’t afford to miss out. (21 Key Statistics on Online Shopping)

The figure could be even higher, particularly in the UK. The UK is considered a country with high online shopping market infiltration.

Turning your website into a shop is easier than you might think, but there are a lot of online shop building options to navigate. According to TechRadar, here are the 5 best online shop builders of 2022 and the reasons you might choose one over another…

Wix – beginner friendly

Shopify – the most modifiable

Squarespace – the best choice of website templates – best choice if you foresee using multi-channel selling such as Amazon, Ebay & Etsy

BigCommerce – a free 15 day trial available for everyone

You can create a fully functioning online store with very little cost and effort….REALLY!

Don’t feel daunted. It’s worth getting your website functioning as a store now as estimates show that by 2025 online sales will reach 23.6% of all retail sales.

Worried about how customer service might work on your new online shop?

Don’t rely on email alone, people want answers quickly to the questions that might be halting them from making a purchase on your website. If you’re slow to reply, you might find they turn to one of your competitors, or that they simply lose the desire (you need to strike while the iron is hot!).

This doesn’t mean you need to be chained to your email. Instead, consider adding our Live Web Chat feature to your website. Our professional staff are on hand to provide support at key moments, answering questions, making sales and ensuring you know who has visited your site and how to get back in touch.

Close more sales faster with Live Web Chat

For more information, take a look at our website here.

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