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Wind Farms are Biggest Source of Energy in the UK for the First Time

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Wind Farms are Biggest Source of Energy in the UK for the First Time

For the first time ever, wind farms in the UK were the biggest source of electricity for the first 3 months of 2023.

32.5 per cent of Britain’s electricity was supplied by wind turbines, exceeding that supplied by gas-fired power plants for the first time.

The amount generated would be enough to charge more than 300 million Tesla electric cars!

What’s Changed…

It’s all thanks to hundreds of new turbines onshore and offshore, which includes the world’s biggest offshore wind farm at Hornsea Two off the coast of Yorkshire.

This is being seen as a huge milestone. Coal was Britain’s biggest source of power as recently as 2014, and has now been almost completely phased out. The success of wind generated electricity is a major player in achieving the government’s goal of decarbonisation by 2035.

However, energy companies believe the downfall could be in cabling connections to the power network, as well as inflation and rising supply chain issues.

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For more information on Britain’s Wind Turbine Power, read this great article from The Sunday Times ‘Wind Turbine’s are UK’s biggest Electricity Source for First Time’.

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