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Who Uses a Telephone Answering Service?

who uses a telephone answering service

Who Uses a Telephone Answering Service?

A telephone answering service can be a huge benefit to businesses in any-and-every industry. We support sole traders and large national businesses alike, shaping a service that’s specifically suited to the needs of each business.

Our service is designed around the unique needs of each business, and can therefore offer support in so many different ways, for so many different needs.

Our telephone answering service can stand alone, or be designed to work seamlessly alongside your own in-house team – therefore there’s no limit to the industries we can support.

Here’s a little run-down of the business types that currently benefit from using a Telephone Answering Service.

Let’s start with small businesses, sole traders and start-ups that rely on us to answer their incoming calls while they’re busy seeing clients, attending appointments, or working on other areas of their business. These users understand that leaving the ringing phone to go to voicemail can see a potential customer turn to a competitor when they can’t reach you. They know that every call matters, and a fast and professional call answering service can help build a great customer service reputation.

Some of the businesses already using us include:
Estate agents

Many businesses want to allocate their talented staff to areas of the business that really warrant their time and training. They use our telephone answering service to deal with customer enquires, take orders and even process payments on their behalf using their own online portal. Leaving their team free from the distraction of the ringing phone.

Some of the businesses already using us include:
Online retailers

Many businesses use us as an overflow service, helping them manage increased call volumes during their busiest periods or during marketing campaigns.

Some of the businesses already using us include:
Seasonal retailers
Healthcare Professionals
Emergency Response Teams
National charities
Local charities

We act as a receptionist for many businesses with multiple offices, workers ‘on call’, or home workers – patching calls through to different departments and team members wherever they’re based.

Some of the businesses already using us include:
Estate agents
Engineering firms
Marketing companies
Graphic design studios
Car dealerships
Travel agents

As we hope you’ll see, the scope of businesses that a Telephone Answering Service can help and support is vast – we’re confident we can help. Give a member of our friendly team a call today to find out more on 01273 741400.

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