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The Legal Definition of Wine is Changing!

wine to change legal definition

The Legal Definition of Wine is Changing!

The UK is set to alter its legal definition of wine. It’s come about as a result of the recent popularity of low-alcohol and no-alcohol versions.

The UK has long used rules inherited from the EU to categorise wine, with an ABV of at least 8.5% to be legally labelled as ‘wine’. This is why you’ll see labels for ‘wine-based drink’ or novelty spelling such as ‘wyne’!

What’s going to change?

The UK government has announced from next year that the ABV will be lowered to 0% for all wines in England.

Why make the change?

The change is hoped to assist winemaking in the UK. Food and Drink Minister Mark Spencer said, the change, along with the relaxation of outdated rules on bottle shape, and mandatory packaging requirements will help boost “investment, growth and jobs” within the industry. Making the introduction of more efficient, sustainable and innovative practices possible, without the current red-tape.

…and the consumer?

The British wine industry seems to have welcomed the planned change, but it’s clear that labelling with complete clarity will be crucial if consumers are not to feel misled when making a purchase.

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