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World’s Longest Rail & Road Underwater Project Begins Construction

tunnel under construction

World’s Longest Rail & Road Underwater Project Begins Construction

A 10 billion euro project is set to begin. The 18km underwater tunnel will stretch from Denmark to Germany and be called the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link. It will be the world’s longest rail and road underwater link, with two double-lane motorways, and two electrified rail tracks.

The Benefits

The new project has been 10 years in the planning. It is due to slash the current ferry journey by an hour, and the road journey by a whopping 160km that currently demands a detour across the Danish mainland. The incorporated train line will see rail travel times reduce from 5 hours to just 3. The hope is that it will dramatically reduce not just the time of journeys, but also the associated CO2 emissions.

How it will be Constructed

The new underwater tunnel will be constructed out of 89 pre-built concrete sessions that will be lowered into the water. The Danish construction company Femern is in charge of the project, it plans to lay the first section on the sea floor in 2024.

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