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Calling All Online Retailers: Short Attention Span of Browsing Online Customers Means Product Videos Need to be Better…Much Better!

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Calling All Online Retailers: Short Attention Span of Browsing Online Customers Means Product Videos Need to be Better…Much Better!

Online retail is a competitive field – there’s no doubt. Businesses need to be on the look out for new marketing initiatives to help stand out from competitors. The short attention span of browsing online customers means online content needs to be better.

Not only is it a competitive field, but it’s a ruthless one too. If a shopper doesn’t see what they want – and quickly – they’ll simply move on to the next retailer. Your business has just a few minutes to give a shopper the experience, engagement, products and confidence they’re seeking. According to a Digital Experience 2023 Report, data shows that consumers are visiting more websites but for much shorter periods of time than previous years.

Video content has become a new power tool for unloading fast and impactful content to your website visitors.

So why is video content becoming so popular?

It’s important to realise that online shopping comes at the expense of a multi-sensory shopping experience. Your shoppers can’t pick up your products, feel them, smell them or try them on before ordering. It’s important to try and bridge this gap and offer a gateway to at least addressing some of these factors that can move scrolling to buying.

Obviously, the type of items you sell will instruct the type of videos you’re best to make. But be creative about how you’ll capture the interest of a shopper, and best capture the item you’re trying to sell.

You may be thinking that video content on retail websites is nothing new, but the way it’s being used could and should be greatly improved to boost online sales, and growing customer expectations. In a survey by Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights of 999 online shoppers in October 2023, only 16% of online shoppers said retailer videos met or exceeded their expectations.

Consider maximising on video content for your website, be inventive with how you model, and demonstrate your items. How can you show them incorporated into everyday life, combined with other products, constructed, deconstructed, reimagined and best utilised.

Exceptional Customer Support

It doesn’t end once a customer makes a purchase, ensure you continue to impress by offering a telephone number for enquiries.

But don’t panic…you don’t need to man the phone…we can!

Outsource your customer enquiry line to us. We have a small and friendly team that can answer your customer questions, order and product queries. The beautiful thing is that your callers will have no idea they haven’t reached your business directly, it’s what we pride ourselves on. Our friendly team of customer service advisors will be trained on your business and customer service model, answering each call in just the way you choose.

For more information on our call answering service, visit our website here.

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