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Phone Support for Mortgage Advisors as Banks Pull Mortgage Deals

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Phone Support for Mortgage Advisors as Banks Pull Mortgage Deals

Are your clients panicking? Frustrated? Is your phone line red hot and you’re struggling to offer the support you so desperately want to? Keep reading as we outline the problem, and outline your solution

On Tuesday morning you woke up to find a 7% drop in the mortgage products you’re now able to offer your clients, compared to just the night before. The slashing of mortgage deals comes as the pound hit an all time low against the dollar on Monday, caused by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s announcement of controversial tax cuts – the biggest cuts in 50 years.

If the pound stays at a low level against the dollar, it will dramatically increase the cost of imports such as oil and gas. To help stabilise the falling pound, the Bank of England is predicted to raise interest rates.

In a statement by a Halifax spokesperson, ““As a result of significant changes in the cost of funding, we’re making some changes to our product range.”

Lenders price their products against the Bank of England base rate, so the uncertainty around any forthcoming interest raise makes it difficult for mortgage lenders to accurately price their products. Lenders are panicking, would-be-borrowers are panicking, and borrowers are panicking! It’s time for you to keep a cool head…even though products may continue to disappear.

In The Guardian, Rachel Springall, a finance expert, emphasised the current unpredictability of the market, and directed borrowers to seek independent advice to assess their remaining options. That’s you by the way…get ready to be busy, really busy providing advice…

Mortgage advisors – need help as your phone’s ringing off the hook?

If you’re struggling to find the time to answer your phone, and offer support to your clients that are affected by the current mortgage chaos, turn to us for temporary support. At CSnotepad we have a team of professional customer service advisors working from our Hove office, ready and waiting to answer your calls.

There’s no need to feel anxious about outsourcing your incoming calls. Your callers will have no idea they haven’t reached your own team directly, it’s what we pride ourselves on. We’ll answer each call with your personalised business greeting, ask any questions and take any information you require. We can take messages, handle general enquiries, or if you’re part of a small team, we can even forward calls onto the best person within your team to deal with them.

You can divert all your calls to us, or just use us as overflow during high call volume periods. You’re always in full control of when you answer your calls, and when you’d like us to. We can offer fast set-up to quickly start freeing-up your time. Get ready to focus on offering reassuring customer service to your clients, rather than simply fighting fire! For more information on how our service works, visit our website here, or call a friendly member of our team on 01273 741400.

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