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Making IT Work for Your Business – What is a Ticketing System & Why Use One?

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Making IT Work for Your Business – What is a Ticketing System & Why Use One?

What is a ticketing system

A ticketing system is a centralised system, a helpful piece of software that can streamline your help desk. You can process, manage and track customer issues and requests from submission to completion.

Why use a ticketing system

Handling requests from different departments and communication channels can quickly become challenging, a ticketing system is a way to simplify and organise your incoming tasks seamlessly in one place, reducing the overall workload for your team.

How to use a ticketing system

You might get your requests through email, phone and even walk-in. A ticketing system makes it possible to assemble all of your requests in one place and track each request’s progress. You can sort and prioritise via any field such as date of ticket or status.

How to learn through a ticketing system

Managers can monitor individuals or departments via the ticketing software, such as resolution time or response time. It can highlight areas that need more attention, or areas that occupy too much of your team’s time. A ticketing system can better improve communication between your team and your customers, with information held in one place for ease, speed and concise professional customer support. Different members of your team can also access the same inboxes to facilitate collaboration for effective resolution, building a better and speedier service for your customers.

Trust us with your ticket logging…

Leave us to train staff on your ticketing system – searching for information, categorising tickets, and patching calls. Let our fully trained and professional Customer Service Advisors log requests and help your customers to resolve their issues via your own ticket logging system. Your team can then focus on other areas of your business that need them. But it’s not just about ticket logging from incoming emails and calls, our team can make the necessary outbound calls, emails or texts to relevant members of your team, such as engineers, on-call staff or first response individuals to resolve customer requests.

We’re available to support your help desk beyond standard business hours, even 24/7 if you need it. There’s no break in our service for lunch, holidays or sickness. We can assign and train more advisors to your account as your business grows, without the need for you to take on all the hassle, time and financial obligations that come with hiring your own staff.

Your customers will never know you’ve outsourced your help desk ticket logging, we’ll appear as though members of your own in-house team – it’s what we pride ourselves on.

For more information on ticket logging call one of our friendly team today on 01273 741400.

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