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How to Sell Big Ticket Items Online

high ticket shopping from home

How to Sell Big Ticket Items Online

We have a conundrum!

Shoppers are increasingly turning to online purchasing. Covid forced it, and now we’re choosing not to return to the bricks-and-mortar stores. Why? Well, it’s convenience mainly, the joys of being able to browse and order from the comfort of our own home. However, 60% of shoppers said they still prefer the experience associated with visiting a shop in person (UK Online Shopping Statistics).

So, as an e-shop selling big ticket items, how do you navigate the desire for a retail ‘experience’ with the convenience that online shopping provides?

Your best choice is to embrace technology, it’s your friend, you can use it to bridge the gap between the shopping experience and shopping convenience. There’s no need for your customers to shy away from making a large purchse, just because they can’t engage in person and in store.

Business Example: Sage – a leader in UK high-end appliances

Sage knew they had a problem on their hands as Covid hit – how could they replicate the power of seeing, feeling and experiencing a product in person, especially when it comes with a high price tag?

Sage began with online tutorials, and virtual masterclasses of their products. To supplement this they provided a platform for video chat on their website that allowed customers to chat with an expert who was based at home, but had coffee machines to demonstrate on. The success lead them to open a dedicated space called ‘Sage Studios’ for broadcasting.

Virtual Selling Tools to Consider

Demonstrations that show how to get the most from the product

Unboxing and set-up videos

Customers able to receive real help in real time

Masterclasses from an expert

Live Q&A sessions

Virtual tours

Experts available beyond standard business hours

Experts available in multiple languages

Seeming like a lot of hassle? Let’s run through some of the benefits…

Benefits of Virtual Online Selling Tools

Creating a virtual presence online enables you to grow your following while engaging with existing customers effortlessly after purchase.

Building an online experience offers better customer service, a stronger bond, and the convenience for your customers to choose how they’d best like to interact with you

Increased opportunities for up-selling, subscription selling or attachment selling

Offering an online experience makes you stand-out from your competitors

Integrating cutting edge technology adds prestige to your brand

Start Small & Start Virtual

You don’t have to achieve everything at once, but it’s important to make a start incorporating some of the above suggestions into your online selling arsenal for big ticket items.

Making such potentially business defining changes requires time. Free up more time for you and your team by outsourcing aspects of your business to a professional Virtual Receptionist – we’re already trusted by hundreds of businesses.

Your virtual receptionists can answer your incoming calls as though a members of your own team, taking messages, dealing with enquiries, patching calls to members of your team, emailing out brochures, taking payments, and booking in appointments. Your virtual receptionists will work from a script that you’ve tailored and they can be available to your customers 24/7 should you require it. There’s no break in our service for lunches, holidays or sickness – just a reliable virtual receptionist service waiting to free up your time, so you can focus on developing your virtual selling strategy.

For more information on our Virtual Receptionist Service visit our website.

For more information on Sage Appliances and their Omnichannel Selling Techniques read this great article on Modern Retail.

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