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Help Retaining Staff – The Tool of Reverse Mentoring

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Help Retaining Staff – The Tool of Reverse Mentoring

Research by Deloitte found that when asked in 2022, 4 in 10 Gen Z’s and nearly a quarter of millennials said they would leave their jobs within two years – roughly a third would do so without another job lined up!

So why?

The study found that pay, mental health and burnout where the top reasons given. But when it came to staying with a job, millennials and Gen Z’s cited diversity, inclusivity, societal and environmental impact as playing an important part.

How can you empower your staff to feel a sense of belonging and loyalty while addressing issues that matter to them?

Reverse Mentoring – How it Works

Mentoring-up rather than mentoring-down is really gaining pace. Rather than only promoting traditional mentoring within your workplace (where senior staff support and guide lower-level employees in their career). Reverse mentoring sees lower-level staff also educating and giving advice to senior staff about topics such as equality, sustainability, LGBT and even TikTok!

Reverse mentoring is less about bridging role hierarchy within your organisation, and more about bridging divides in knowledge. As Jennifer Jordan, professor of leadership and organisational culture at the Institute for Management Development Switzerland explains, reverse mentoring is a valuable tool that helps employees decades apart better understand each other.

Reverse mentoring has the potential to boost retention of your younger workers by addressing issues that are important to them through knowledge sharing, valuable discussion, being heard, and feeling valued within the workforce.

Your Diverse Team

At CSnotepad we’re proud of our diverse team. If you use our telephone answering service, our diverse team is your diverse team – and we’ll always strive to keep it that way. We’ve been keen (where possible) to get our team back working in our office in Hove, we really see the value in people communicating and mixing in-person to promote intergenerational awareness, and discussion of topical issues that matter to individuals.

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