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Fancy Relocating to the Olive Groves of Italy & Being Paid up to €30,000?!

olive groves of Puglia

Fancy Relocating to the Olive Groves of Italy & Being Paid up to €30,000?!

Ready to call Italy your home? Fancy starting a new life amongst the olive groves of Puglia?

There is a municipality made up of two towns, Presicce and Acquarica del Capo, both are offering individuals or families a cash incentive of up to €30,000 to make the town their official residency.

The money must be used to purchase and renovate a property in the area. But, surrounded by countryside and olive groves, it doesn’t sound like a big ask! You’re also be given an additional €1000 if you choose to have a child there.

Presicce and Acquarica del Capo aren’t the only ones to offer cash incentive schemes. There are a surprisingly large selection of European towns keen to tempt you due to their dwindling populations. Many rural towns are experiencing a problem with ageing populations. Younger people are opting to move to the larger cities for study and career progression, whilst others in the area are opting not to have children.

Local governments have chosen to try and tempt foreigners…and with the UK experiencing rising mortgage rates, rising utility costs and rising house prices…fancy it?!

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