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Award Winning App Gives London Commuters a Cleaner Air Choice

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Award Winning App Gives London Commuters a Cleaner Air Choice

11 lines through 272 stations – now you can choose not just the fastest route, or route with fewest changes. Now thanks to an award winning app by Tanya Beri, you can choose your route based on air quality!

Why create the app?

Tanya Beri’s driver for creating the app –

“The UK safe limit for healthy air is to have fewer than 25 small particles in a cubic metre of air, in some places on the underground, it can top 200 per cubic metre. I want to help people avoid that,” she told The Guardian.

Is it a big deal?

The London Underground carries millions of people everyday, and studies show that Beri was right to be concerned. Air pollution, such as that experienced on many lines on the London Underground have been linked to increased rates of bronchitis, lung cancer and heart disease.

The app tells the user the best possible route for the lowest air pollution levels. Her groundbreaking app was awarded one of Innovate UK’s Young Innovators awards. She’ll now receive a sizeable grant to help her tackle further issues affecting UK society. We can’t wait to see what she creates next!

For more information on Tanya Beri’s achievement, read this article from The Guardian.

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