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Apple’s Deliberate Battery Slow Down – Compensation Finally Reaches Customers

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Apple’s Deliberate Battery Slow Down – Compensation Finally Reaches Customers

Compensation payments started going out to affected customers in December from Apple, as they look to put to bed the saga which went to court way back in 2017.

The story started back in 2017

Developers proved what many customers had long suspected, certain iOS 10 updates reduced the performance of older models, in a believed bid to force users to upgrade their phone early. However, Apple later tried to assure users that rather than any underhand motive, the deliberate slowdown of older models was purely to stop phones from shutting down once the battery degrades. Unconvinced, many class action lawsuits were made.

Although Apple still disputes any wrongdoing, they agreed to a $500m settlement in 2020 to avoid escalating court costs. However, continued obstacles meant no payments had been received until last month, each receiving around $92.

What about UK affected users?

It’s just US users that are being compensated, however Apple is currently facing a similar lawsuit in the UK for £1.6bn in compensation after losing its attempt to block the lawsuit in November.

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For more information on Apple’s Battery Saga – read this article

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