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What’s the Point of a Telephone Answering Service? Avoid the Dangers of Relying on Voicemail


What’s the Point of a Telephone Answering Service? Avoid the Dangers of Relying on Voicemail

We’ve all dealt with the frustration of the ringing phone taking over your day, spoiling your concentration, only to find that it’s a cold call, or a call that’s better dealt with with by someone else..

Your frustration at answering your phone may lead you to rely on your voicemail – don’t – most people wont leave a message and instead call one of your competitors.

Don’t rely on email. Not having a phone number for customers to call DOES NOT create a good impression. Customers want to know that they can reach you should they have any queries, they want instant answers not a tardy email to-and-fro! Not having a telephone contact number doesn’t give potential customers confidence in the validity and established nature of your business – yet again they’ll likely turn to one of your competitors.

So what IS the answer?!

Turn to a professional and reliable telephone answering service like ours at CSnotepad. You can focus on managing your business without the constant interruption of the ringing phone, but with the confidence that each call is being answered in just the way you choose, and always with your own professional business greeting. Every one of your calls is answered by a small team of our Customer Service Agents that are trained on your account, answering calls in a manner that suits your business and your customer service model – the caller will never know they haven’t reached a member of your own in house team. We’ll answer all your calls, but will only make you aware of callers that are genuinely enquiring about your products and services, no cold calls, no unrelated sales calls – no unnecessary interruptions.

We can also put in place a call patching service, whereby we direct your incoming calls to the best person in your team to deal with them. Think of us like your own receptionist, forwarding your sales calls to one member of your team, and your order enquiries to another – no unnecessary interruptions for you and your team members.

All of this PLUS a real boost to your customer service reputation. Fast, reliable and professional customer service support all day every day (no breaks for lunch, sickness or holidays!) even call support beyond standard business hours if you’d like it.

To find out more just visit our website, or chat to one of our friendly team today on 01273 741400.

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