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Sole Traders – Let Us Book Your Appointments While You Work

Monday, November 11th, 2019

diary organiser

There’s no need to juggle everything…and there’s definitely no need to take on the financial strain and hassle of hiring a member of staff. We can act as your receptionist, answering your incoming calls with your professional business greeting, and booking in your appointments – all while you’re busy doing what you do best.

Complicated? ….absolutely not!

  • We’ll work with you to tailor your own personal script – you can tell us exactly what you’d like us to say when people call you, what information you’d like us to get from them, and you can even equip us with the answers to your most frequently asked questions. Your callers will never realise they haven’t reached your business directly.
  • When someone calls to make an appointment we will access your online diary and book them in at a time you’re free.
  • Need to make some changes? – no problem at all, we can call customers to cancel or rearrange appointments. We can even give them a courtesy reminder of an upcoming appointment to minimise your forgotten or ‘no show’ appointments.

Why you shouldn’t rely on your voicemail
Voicemails can sound so unprofessional and really don’t offer a good level of customer service, particularly when a potential customer may have an enquiry that’s stopping them from booking with you. Chances are most people won’t leave you a message or their details and instead call one of your competitors. It’s difficult to find the time to return peoples calls when they do leave you a voicemail; in between appointments can lead to rushed and unprofessional calls made from the car while you’re travelling, or late into the evening when you should be finishing your working day.

You don’t have to juggle it all! While you’re busy attending appointments, we can be professionally and competently dealing with your incoming calls and making future appointments for you.

Starting an online diary is easier than you think!
It’s far easier than it sounds to manage your diary online, we can suggest a good online diary for your needs and help you to set it up. Even whilst we’re using it, you’ll still have full access so that you can update your availability as things change during your week.

You’re always in full control…
Perhaps you’d just like us to handle your calls when you’re at appointments and handle them yourself during other times? That’s no problem at all, you’re always in full control of when you divert your calls to us and when you answer them yourself. You don’t have to ask our permission first, or jump through any hoops, we’ll talk you through the simple steps.

Businesses already using our diary management service include: therapists, electricians, hairdressers, accountants, carpenters, IT support specialists, plumbers…if you have a small team working for you, we can manage multiple diaries too!

For more information on diary management, just talk to one of our friendly team members today on 01273 741400.

Slay Your Time Vampires with the Help of a Virtual Receptionist

Thursday, October 31st, 2019

vampire at halloween

It’s time to pinpoint your time vampires and learn how to combat them!

A time vampire is anything that sucks time and therefore productivity from your day. Slaying your time vampires can really benefit your business and your sanity!

Read on for our attack on 3 common time vampires…

The ringing phone can be a real distraction to both you and your team. It’s not just the time taken to deal with answering the call, but it’s also the time it then takes for you to get back into the swing of the task you were absorbed in before the interruption – it’s a time sucker!

How a virtual receptionist could help…
Divert your calls to a virtual receptionist who can answer your calls as though a member of your own team, they can deal with general enquiries, book appointments, process orders and even take payments – all while you and your team continue working without distraction. You can choose when to divert your incoming calls, and when to answer them yourself, you’re always in full control. Perhaps you’d like to have morning free from the ringing phone, or maybe divert all calls during team meetings or when the team is stretched due to sickness or holiday.

Learn to delegate – have faith in others and delegate tasks you don’t need to be involved in. Don’t let pride get the better of you, consider delegating jobs further down your priority list, freeing up your time to deal with matters that really need and deserve your attention.

How a virtual receptionist could help…
Rather than preoccupying a member of your team with admin tasks when their time would be better spent elsewhere on your business – let a virtual receptionist lend a helping hand.

At CSnotepad our polite and professional team of customer service agents are on hand to take on a multitude of administration tasks including: email marketing, postal mail-outs, social media management, data input, customer care calls, debt chasing, document scanning, data cleansing, product inventories…no job is too large or too small, too repetitive or too peculiar!

Don’t tick boxes – doing things for the sake of it is a poor use of your time and doesn’t help anyone. Look at your task list and question the purpose, if you have a meeting but nothing to report consider rescheduling. A task that was relevant last month may not be relevant the next, always ensure that your time is targeted to areas that really matter, don’t simply retread a well trodden path through your diary just because it has always been your routine– you never know how much time you could free up.

How a virtual receptionist could help…
Diary management from a professional and experienced virtual receptionist company like CSnotepad can really help you to assess how you are using your time. We can take new appointments based on your availability, cancel or reschedule meetings, make outbound calls to arrange meetings, and manage multiple schedules for a team of workers.

In short, the key to fighting your time vampires is organisation and getting the right support! CSnotepad has a wide range of services that can be tailored to the individual needs of your business – just give us a call today and chat to a member of our friendly team on 01273 741400.

Could These 5 Simple Changes Improve Sales on Your Website?

Monday, October 7th, 2019

online shopping

In this blog we’re focusing on 5 simple changes you could make that aren’t costly or complicated, but could really boost your sales.

1) Improve the photography of your products
The saying “less is more” doesn’t always apply, and in our opinion it doesn’t apply when it comes to product photographs on your website. One photograph really isn’t enough. Think like a consumer; what information would you visually want to see to reassure you before you purchased, would you want a close up of a particular feature, a label or mark or authentication, the packaging or perhaps the product in use? Remember that your potential customers don’t know how amazing your products are, they can only go by the information you supply. Always use clear, in-focus, bright and relevant photographs. This doesn’t mean you need to pay for a professional photographer, but it does mean you should put time and attention into photographing your products.

2) Read your website – and read it again…and again!
It sounds simple, but you’d be amazed how often websites contain spelling mistakes. It’s so easy to make simple errors, particularly when you’ve repeatedly worked and reworked the same paragraph of text – it’s difficult for you to see the wood for the trees! But to a potential customer on your website – spelling mistakes can be jarringly obvious! You want to provide a smooth and professional shopping experience on your website, so we recommend two possible solutions. Either, get a friend or relative to take a look at your website, a fresh pair of eyes could be all it takes to elevate your website text from amateur to superior. Or copy and paste segments of your website text into a word processing programme and make any necessary changes before copying and pasting back.

3) Are you up-selling?
Don’t miss an opportunity to up-sell and encourage add-on purchases. Make sure you lead your customers directly to relevant items to promote multiple sales. For example; if you sell cameras make sure that on an individual camera product page you also link to the compatible memory cards, a case, a tripod or a strap for example. Make it easy for the customer to find connected items.

4) Add Live Web Chat
A lack of answers could be stopping potential customers from making a purchase. Adding a live web chat window allows your website visitors to ask questions quickly and easily, there’s no wait to get a response by email, and it can be more convenient than picking up the phone. Offering Live Web Chat to your website visitors, even for a short period, can really help highlight improvements you could make to your website. Pay attention to frequent queries; are users struggling to find your delivery charges, wanting multi-buy discounts, or needing more information about certain products?

Live Web Chat offers the software that is straightforward to incorporate into your website, and can even supply the staff to respond to your customer enquiries. For more information take a look at

5) Remember to say thank you
You’d no doubt do it if you were making a sale face-to-face, so there’s no reason e-commerce should be any different. A simply ‘thank you’ sent by email could make a big impact, and gain you a customer for life, just remember to sound sincere rather than using as an opportunity to push additional products or services!

CSnotepad Telephone Answering Service: The 3 Point Plan for Combating Cold Calls

Monday, September 2nd, 2019

Detective, Searching, Man, Search, Magnifying

3 well known facts about cold calls –

1) Cold calls are frustrating
2) Cold calls are disruptive
3) Cold calls can be costly

3 lesser known facts about cold calls -

1) CSnotepad doesn’t disrupt you when a cold caller is trying to reach you
2) CSnotepad trains its staff to detect a cold call
3) CSnotepad doesn’t charge you for cold calls

Cold calls, sales calls, nuisance calls…call them what you will, we don’t believe it’s fair for you to waste your valuable subscription call credits on frustrating cold calls. We’ll never charge you when a cold caller dials your line, in fact you’ll be none-the-wiser as we wont even trouble you by putting it through to you. Problem solved? ….well not quite!

Our customer service advisors aren’t detectives – and you wouldn’t want them to be…
We spend a great amount of time and money training our customer service advisors to offer your callers the very best service. We can’t expect our advisors to be detectives, or try and catch your cold callers out. We’re in no doubt that your genuine callers wouldn’t take too kindly to being interrogated if we suspect them to be a cold caller, that could be very damaging to your customer service reputation. Worse still, if we believed a call to be a cold call and therefore didn’t put a call through to you, but it was later found to be a genuine caller – we doubt you’d be too happy with us! To avoid any frustration to you or your genuine callers, we have to keep our criteria for classifying a cold caller fast, simple and uniform across all of our customers.

Here’s how we classify a cold caller:
If a caller doesn’t ask for you or a member of your team by name, and instead asks for the person in charge of marketing, your website, stationery etc. we consider this a cold call.

We politely ask any cold caller to remove you from their marketing list and not to call again.

Here’s what we DO NOT classify as a cold caller:
If a caller asks for you by name, this is not classified as a cold call and we will treat this as a genuine caller and handle it as your script instructs.

3 things you can do to reduce cold calls -
1) If you find that cold calls are being put through to you by our customer service advisors, it is your responsibility to ask the cold caller to remove you from their marketing list and not to call again.

2) If you find that the same number keeps cold calling you and costing you valuable call credits, we can add this number to a blocked list so that it never reaches you again, just drop us an email with the details and we can immediately take action.

3) Let us know if you’d like us to call a cold-calling company on your behalf to request that they remove you from their marketing list – this simple outbound call will just be charged as one of your call credits and gets the job done quickly.

If you’re at all concerned that you may miss out on calls that could be mistaken as nuisance calls, then we’re happy to handle each call in line with your script without exception – just let a member of our team know.

If you have any concerns about cold calls, or would like to understand more about how cold calls are currently handled on your account, call today on 01273 741400.

Cheaply Launch Your Business from Home with the Help of Our Virtual Office Address

Monday, July 29th, 2019

pink piggy bank

Did you know your can cheaply and easily make an important step to boost the credibility of your new start-up? In this short blog we’ll talk you through why a virtual address can improve the appeal of your business to customers in a competitive market.

It’s likely that you’ll start your business from home, and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s how so many businesses start, even Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started HP from Packard’s garage! But starting a business from home and using your home address for all interactions with your customers isn’t wise. Did you know that having a virtual address is an easy and stress-free step to building validity for your business while you continue to run it from home?

Downfalls of using your residential address:
A residential address doesn’t give the best first impression to potential customers, it doesn’t matter how professional you and your business are, you can’t blame customers for feeling a little uneasy when they search your address on google maps and see you’re based from your front room!

How will a residential address look on your business cards? Perhaps you think it doesn’t matter, but imagine you are your target audience who are inundated with other businesses offering similar products or services.

A residential address does little to offer assurance that you’re well established, successful within your sector, professional and easily contactable if problems should arise. You should avoid giving your potential customers such an easily avoidable reason to look elsewhere.

Consider the possible implications for you and your family. You might experience a lack of privacy and feel uneasy giving out your home details; particularly as your database of contacts starts to grow.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may find it inconvenient receiving business supplies and deliveries to your home address.

A Virtual Address is your solution:
At CSnotepad we offer a virtual address service. We can provide you with our Brighton and Hove office address – this address will become your own to use as you wish, print it on your business cards, use it for your invoicing and even use it for all correspondence and deliveries.

You’re not renting an office from us, you’re simply renting the right to use our address as your own. Get the credibility you and your business deserve by having a Brighton and Hove business address, while benefiting from a valuable separation between work and home.

What about post?
We really mean it when we say “use our address as your own,” use it for your deliveries and mail. All post that arrives for your business can be forwarded onto your home address, collected at your convenience, or letters can even be scanned and emailed over to you for speed and ease – the choice is yours.

Talk to us today about having a virtual address and giving your new business the best start while still keeping your costs low! Call us on 01273 741400.

Phone Related Downtime Doesn’t Have to Harm Your Business – Be Prepared with CSnotepad

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

damage to your business

Did you know that we invest heavily in contingencies that protect our customers from phone related downtime? Many of our contingencies protect against problems that aren’t our fault, where the source of the problem is something we have absolutely no control over, problems that other providers would likely wash their hands of!

We really want to go above and beyond to minimise the impact phone related down-time has on your business, so if the problem is with your phone number, even if it’s not supplied to you by us, we can provide you with a temporary alternative number until the problem is resolved. We’ve found this to be a very successful way of helping our customers to stay in touch with their potential customers, continue to benefit from paid advertising, and reducing any impact on their customer service reputation. We’d like to offer a little guidance of how to really make a temporary number work for you…

Start by updating the contact number on your website. Your website is just like a shop front and is one of the main ways potential customers will find you. Get straight on to updating your number so as not to send your customers down a dead-end when trying to phone you. You don’t want to be wasting any costly clicks you might be gaining from paid Google advertising. If you’re not able to update your website yourself, make sure you have the details of the person you need to call to get this important update implemented promptly.

Next, think about other places your phone number might appear that you have the ability to update yourself or by contacting others. Do you have any online advertising running? Familiarising yourself with how to access and update any accounts that promote your business is worth doing in advance of any problems.

Lastly, know the best and quickest way of informing your existing customers, contacts and suppliers that, should they need to contact you, you’re reachable on a different number temporarily. Make sure you have your mailing list up-to-date and easily accessible. Have to hand the log-in details for your social media sites, this could be a quick and easy way of notifying followers en mass.

We all hope that phone downtime doesn’t occur, but being prepared in case it does can help reduce any stress and disruption to your business. We really do hope you’ll take our short guide onboard, and notify other members in your team on how they can assist you and your business to implement some of the updates we’ve discussed.

Spring Clean Your Business – Turn to CSnotepad for Time Saving Business Support Services

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

brush and mop

This beautiful weather has got us thinking about a good old spring clean, but fret not, you can put away the marigolds and the duster, we’re talking about a business spring clean!

There’s no better time to take an honest look at the way you run your business, and see if there’s potential opportunities for you to streamline, delegate and free up valuable time that can be better applied elsewhere.

When starting a business you really do have to be a jack-of-all-trades, juggling everything from answering the telephone to website management and data input. But as your business starts to grow, you need to re-evaluate your daily tasks.

Let CSnotepad help you with your business spring clean!

Let us answer your ringing phone, deal with your enquires and even take your orders. We have a friendly and professional team of customer service advisors in our Brighton office who’ll quickly become knowledgeable about your business, your products and your services – your callers will never know they haven’t reached you directly. Without the ringing phone, you’ll be able to focus on the areas of your business that really warrant your attention – free from distractions.

Did you know that we offer more than just telephone answering?

We offer a diary management service – booking appointments on your behalf through your own wed-based platform. We can arrange reminders, even make outbound calls for repeat appointments, cancellations or rescheduling. All the while you’re still able to view, update and amend your availability at any time.

We offer a admin support service – don’t drown in paperwork or continue to add to an admin filled to-do list. Make us your virtual secretary, no job is too large or too small, too repetitive or too peculiar! Get spring cleaning and send jobs our way – postal mail outs, data input, social media management, customer follow up calls, product inventories, document scanning…

Get your business in better shape with a spring clean, give your workload a good clear out, sending tasks our way that needn’t be done by you or your highly skilled team.

Talk to a member of our friendly team today about the ways we can support you and your business today on 01273 741400.

Give Your Business Start-Up the Best Start – A Virtual Office Address from CSnotepad

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

envelope icon

Are you looking to start a new business in 2019? Every business has to start small, but are you concerned that basing your business from your home will lose you credibility in the eyes of your potential customers, and also see you lose ground against more established competitors? It’s crucial that your business makes the best impression right from the very start. BUT, this doesn’t mean you need to take huge steps before your business or your finances are ready, instead consider a virtual address offered by a virtual receptionist like CSnotepad…

Here are just some of the concerns you might have when starting your business from your home address:

  • Clients may use google maps and see that it is a residential address and question your credibility.
  • You feel a lack of privacy by giving out your home address to clients and suppliers.
  • You’re embarrassed using a residential address on your professional business cards.
  • You’d rather business deliveries from suppliers weren’t delivered to your home.

Renting an office doesn’t have to be your answer! Opening and maintaining an office is one of the costliest moves a new business can make and for many it’s completely unnecessary, especially since most communication can now be done over the phone and internet. However, to add a layer of professionalism, to make your business appear reputable, and to offer confidence to your customers it is beneficial to have a physical location.

The CSnotepad Solution:
We can provide you with a virtual address – the address will become your own. The address will (on paper!) place your business within our office building, you are not renting an office, simply renting the right to use the address as your own. You can use this address for all your business correspondence and give it out to your suppliers and customers, add it to your business cards, add it to your website, it will literally appear that your business is located at the virtual address we’ve given you. All post that arrives can either be forwarded onto your home address, or alternatively you can collect it at your convenience. Letters can even be scanned and emailed over to you for speed and ease, so you don’t even need to be Brighton based to make the most of our Brighton virtual office address!

A virtual office address provides a simple, affordable and business changing solution. Visit our website here or call us on 01273 741400 for more information on a virtual office address with CSnotepad.

How to Add a User to Your PayPal Account & Control Privileges

Monday, November 19th, 2018

setting up a new user image

If you’re thinking of using our order taking service, don’t be concerned about payment processing. We don’t act as a middle-man when it comes to payment, we work directly with your own payment portal such as PayPal so the money goes directly to you. There’s also no need to be concerned about safety, you can set us up as a user with restricted access – we’ll only be able to put money in, not take it out, and we wont be able to see sensitive information linked to your account.

Here’s how to make it all happen…

Add us as a new user on PayPal:

1) Log in to your PayPal account.

2) Click on your business profile and select ‘Profile & Settings’

3) Choose ‘My Settings’

4) Click ‘Get Started’ next to “Manage Users” ( please note – only the primary holder can access this, your additional users cannot add new users)

5) Click ‘Add Users’ (please note – you may be asked to enter your account or credit card number to verify your identity)

6) Enter the name of the user you’d like to add then create them a username and password

7) Click which account privileges you’d like your new user to have – click save.

Give the username and password that you created to us. These are the only details that we’ll need to sign into your PayPal account. We won’t be logging in as you, and rest assured that you’re still able to access your PayPal account even when we’re processing payments for you.

You can add up to 200 separate users, all with their own selection of user privileges in line with their role and responsibilities within your business. So adding us doesn’t compromise any existing users on your account or any users you might need to add in the future.

Here are examples of the privileges available to assign to users:

Edit your profile
View your account balance
Send payments
Make refunds
Withdraw funds
Cancel payments
Discuss the account with customer services

Your users can be given permission to access all of these privileges or none of them. Their access is fully manageable and can be adjusted at any time.

£50 Amazon Voucher for Referring a Friend

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

We always aim to keep things simple and honest, and our refer-a-friend is no different! There’s no hurdles to jump, no form to fill in, no chasing, debating or waiting. If someone you’ve referred signs up for a subscription with us, we’ll give you a £50 Amazon voucher as a thank you. It’ll be emailed over to you as soon as the person you referred starts using any of our services.

As a user of our service, we know that there’s no one better to tell other people about the benefits of using a virtual receptionist. We’d love it if you’d shout about your positive experience using us…

If you direct all your incoming calls to our team, you’re the perfect person to let others know just how much time you’ve gained by no longer being chained to your desk, and distracted by the ringing phone.

If you use us as an overflow for your incoming calls during your busy spells, you’re the perfect person to tell someone just how much your customer service has improved by callers no longer waiting in a long queue to have their call answered.

If you use our virtual address and/or telephone number, you’re just the right person to make others realise that they don’t have to rent an office to appear more professional, a virtual office provides so many benefits without the high costs.

If you use our admin support, you’re just the right person to tell others how you and your skilled team no longer lose valuable time in your day to mundane tasks such as data input, marketing emails or social media management.

…in fact it doesn’t matter which of our services you use, we’d love you to spread the word. Even if you don’t use the particular service yourself, but think it would really help someone you know to grow their business, just point them in our direction! We never expect you to give the hard sell, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each and every one of our customers, so we’re never in any doubt that we can help.

How you’ll get your £50 voucher
We always ask our new customers how they found us, so we’ll know that they were referred by you, or feel free to tell them to mention your name. You wont need to get in contact with us, apply for your voucher, or jump through any hoops to get it, we’ll email it straight over to you once the person you referred takes out a subscription with us.

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