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We’ll Act as a Switchboard for Your Home Workers – Wherever They’re Based

Monday, September 7th, 2020

connecting people

Do you still have members of your team working from home as your business picks up? Are you juggling things between a split team of home workers and office workers?

We can help you maintain a professional and efficient service for your customers by working seamlessly with you as a switchboard. We’ll divert your incoming calls to the correct member of your team, without needing to give out personal mobile or home landline numbers.

It’s a fast, easy and a cost effective solution to helping your business run smoothly.

The benefits:
Let CSnotepad act as a central receptionist for you, directing all of your incoming calls to the person best to deal with them. Callers will never know that your new friendly and professional ‘switchboard’ receptionist isn’t a member of your own in-house team – it’s what we pride ourselves on!

You’ll have a small team allocated to your account, they’ll get to know your business, your products or services, your team members and their roles. Your CSnotepad team will even get to know your frequent callers – your frequent callers will even get to know them too! Every call will be answered with your personalised business greeting, and our Customer Service Advisors will ask your callers the questions that you choose with your own tailored script.

With multiple lines available to your business, your CSnotepad team can handle several calls to your business at once.

Callers won’t reach personal voicemail messages when a member of your team is unable to answer.

Callers won’t reach engaged tones, or be made to wait in a queue to reach you.

Callers won’t be asked to hang-up and re-dial a mobile phone number for the member of your team they need to liaise with. They can be seamlessly and professionally transferred.

Your calls can be answered beyond standard business hours should you require it.

There’s no break in our telephone answering service for lunch breaks, staff sickness or holidays!

We’ll offer you a reliable and uninterrupted service, whenever you need it.

How it works:
Our call agents can direct your calls to any phone number you choose, whether it’s to a mobile number, extension number, home landline, branch number or customer’s site. Changes to your script can quickly and easily be made as-and-when you need them, altering how and where your calls are directed. With CSnotepad you’re always in full control of how your calls are handled.

When your new CSnotepad team receives a call, we can ask the questions that you choose. The caller may know the member of your team that they’d like to talk to, if so your Customer Service Advisor can then connect the call through – just like a central receptionist – protecting the privacy of your home worker as they’ll never need to give out a private number. If however the caller has an enquiry, depending on the subject, we can then divert their call to the person you have allocated best to handle it. If the member of your team is unavailable to take the call, we can then try the next person you have allocated best to handle the enquiry and so on… You can even equip your new CSnotepad team with the information to handle your general enquiries or most frequently asked questions.

You and your team will no longer be disturbed by phone calls that aren’t intended for you. Allowing your team to focus on the successful running of your business – wherever they’re working from!

For more information on getting a switchboard set-up for your business, call a member of our friendly team today on 01273 741400.

Brighton Businesses – We’re Here to Lend a Hand & Build Your Business Back Up

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

going up steps to business recovery

Step by step we can help you with your business recovery.

We’re shouting out to all Brighton businesses, Hove businesses and Sussex businesses. Did you know there’s a local business right here waiting to give you that leg-up that your business needs? You’re not alone if your business has taken a knock (or a wrecking ball hit!) during this pandemic, but there are actions you can take now to speed up your recovery…

Get support from a virtual receptionist like CSnotepad. Hand over the ringing phone, the nitty-gritty, the boring admin! Clear time and mental space so that you can focus your efforts on building your business in the areas that really warrant your time and energy.

How we can help:
We can handle your incoming calls for you (and rid you of that ringing phone!), we can simply take a message and contact details, or we can deal with enquiries, patch calls through to other members of staff, take orders, book appointments, even process payments. We can take on any of your admin work, updating databases, organising mail-outs, deal with social media to name just a few. We really can shape a service that meets your needs, we never expect you to fit into a predetermined template, so however niche or specialised your needs – try us! You can even just put us in place as a safety net during unexpected busy periods, staff sickness, holidays or out of business hours support. It’s all possible!

How it works:
We have a friendly and professional team in our Hove office who will be thoroughly trained on your business, so they’ll get to know you and your products or services, your suppliers, and even your frequent callers – your frequent callers will even get to know them too! Your calls will always be answered with your own personalised business greeting so your callers will never know they haven’t reached your own in-house team directly. You’ll work with your own account manager to shape a service that helps you combat the challenges your business is currently facing, and that service can adapt as your business needs change. We have plans to meet the needs of any size business, whether you’re a sole trader or multi-office business, so there’s no need to view us as an additional financial strain. We even offer flexible plans so you’ll never be wasting money month-to-month if your business experiences future peaks and troughs.

Why us:
We’re not a large scale call centre, so we’re not impersonal. We have the carefully selected staff and passion for service that allows us to meet the needs of even the most service driven businesses. We have over 12 years experience offering virtual receptionist services to hundreds of businesses in a wide span of industries. It doesn’t matter how niche your business is, or how specialised your challenges are, we’re confident we can help. If you need a little extra peace of mind, do take a look at our reviews on Google.

Head over to our website for more details on our services, or feel free to call a friendly member of our team today on 01273 741400.

Has Working from Home Lost Your Business its Professional Edge?

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

laptop covered in post-it notes

Turn to a Virtual Receptionist like CSnotepad to regain a professional image for your business.

It might seem scary to outsource your calls, but trust us when we say it’ll be a breath of fresh air for your business.

We’re not talking about handing your calls over to a huge, faceless, monotone call centre. We’re talking about entrusting your calls with a small, Brighton based team of professional, friendly and highly skilled customer service advisors – if you met them, we’re confident that they’d be just the type of people you’d look to employ yourself.

At CSnotepad, we’re not like a call centre. Each of the businesses we answer calls for is allocated a small team of advisors, they’ll get to know your business, your services, your products, even your frequent callers. Your frequent callers will even get to know them too – but importantly – they’ll never realise they haven’t reached your own in-house team directly (that’s what we pride ourselves on!). We’re an established and highly regarded provider within our field, with over 12 years experience offering Virtual Receptionist services.

Order taking, payment processing, diary management, out of hours support, 24/7 support, central receptionist services. admin support…answering a call is just the tip of the ice-burg! There’s a huge selection of services available should you need them.

Don’t be concerned that your business model is too complicated, or your industry too niche for us. We’ve worked with businesses in every imaginable industry, so however tricky you think things might be, we’re confident we can work with you to tailor a service that fully accommodates your needs. We’re always at the end of the phone, or contactable by email should you need to change, tweak, or re-model the way things are working with your service.

We’re always investing back into the quality of our services, so you can always expect us to be managing your calls using the very latest in telecoms technology. We’re proud to use a caller recognition system, this means we’re fully aware when we’re receiving a call from one of your valued customers, frequent callers or important suppliers. We’re always in a position to offer them the same warmth of service that you would, offering a professionalism that you wouldn’t think possible when outsourcing your calls! We’ll grow your database of important callers as we answer more and more of your calls, but you can always drop us an email or a call to let us know of anyone you’d like us to add.

We’ll always have multiple lines available for your incoming calls, so there’s no long wait times, no engaged tone, or answering machine message. You’ll have a large enough team answering your calls to ensure that staff lunch breaks, sickness and holidays never affect the quality of the service we offer your callers.

Unlike most businesses, we have in place multiple contingencies to ensure that our telephone lines aren’t compromised by outside issues beyond our control. We’re always investing in new ways to ensure that your phone line remains fully functioning, and your business reachable by your customers…after all that’s the professional service they want from you, and in-turn the professional service you want from us!

Trust us to make the difference. Regain the professional image your business deserves with Virtual Receptionist services from CSnotepad.

After a little more information before giving us a call? Just head over to our website to explore our services in a little more detail.

Are Your Customers Now Choosing to Buy Online? – Don’t Let Them Turn to a Competitor

Monday, June 29th, 2020

shoppers turning to online

The changes to our daily life have been far reaching – the Covid-19 threat has altered the way we socialise, work and even shop.

As shops closed, people turned to the safety and convenience of online shopping, only time will tell if people return to high street shopping in quite the same way. Have you made changes to your website to cater for the new retail norm?

The online marketplace is a busy one, don’t give potential customers a reason to look elsewhere.

Unlike face-to-face shopping where you can give immediate answers to questions that may be holding a customer back from making a purchase, the online world can be slower to get answers. Don’t rely on email; in the time it takes for you to spot the email and respond, your customer could already be on another website that might just answer their query, and give them the confidence to make their purchase then and there! …leaving you wondering why they never responded to your email (which I’m sure offered great service and a thorough answer to their query) or more importantly never made a purchase on your site.

The solution is live chat…

Adding a Live Web Chat window to your website gives your website visitors a friendly, professional and knowledgable ‘virtual’ customer service advisor, just waiting to answer questions, assist with ordering, and deal with any payment queries. Not only can we provide the software (which is simple to add to your website) but also the conscientious staff available to respond to any chat requests – freeing up your time to grow your business without distraction!

Don’t rely on the telephone alone. You’d be surprised how many people don’t like to pick up the phone, particularly if their query is small, but enough to stop them making a purchase on your site. They’re put off by the potential wait times to get through to someone, the frustrating option menus to get through to the right someone, and the potential call cost they might be hit with after calling! Often people browse the internet during their lunch hour, or even during work hours, when making a call simply isn’t convenient. Live Web Chat is fast, convenient, and a discreet alternative to picking up the phone.

Visit our website to find out more, if you’re unsure whether Live Web Chat is right for you, take advantage of our free trial: 30 days free

We’ll Help You Maintain Your Work-Life Balance as Lockdown Eases & Business Picks Up

Monday, June 8th, 2020

balancing life

We hope you’ve managed to find some positives in all the disruption to your home-life and work-life since lockdown began. We hope that as we make positive steps towards slowly returning to normal, you are starting to question which parts of normal you want to return to. Which changes throughout lockdown are you keen to maintain; is it the amount of time you’ve spent with your children or partner, or perhaps it’s the quality of time that’s been shared? Have you found a new determination to make time for your own fitness and wellbeing, whether that’s simply taking time to go for a walk?

With lock-down restrictions lifting, let us help you maintain a work-life balance that not only supports your business, but also helps you make time for the things that really matter to you. As your business starts to demand more from you, make sure you don’t slip back into old habits.

Its easier than you think to grow your business and still have quality time away from it. Being so emotionally invested in your business can mean that it’s hard to switch off after a day at work, particularly if your business has been heavily impacted by the lockdown, and you are fighting the urge to give your business every bit of your time to aid its recovery. Don’t let your work-life and personal-life start to merge together – don’t let your newly found priorities suffer. It may feel an impossible task, particularly if you’re working from home, so here are our three top tips for maintaining a work-life balance:

Give yourself time off
It can be tempting to work as often as possible when you run a business, but you should always give yourself the same rights as you’d give an employee. Give yourself proper breaks and lunch breaks, stop working at a set time each day, allocate time for the things that have newly invigorated you such as exercise, walks and quality family time. Make sure that you take holidays and days off frequently. We know what you’re thinking….it’s impossible right? Wrong! Read on…

Get a telephone answering service or virtual receptionist
During the lockdown you may have had no choice but to give out your personal home or mobile phone number, opening yourself up to a regular stream of business-related calls that will be hard to manage as business picks up. Many business owners find that their home-life starts to be interrupted by calls from customers, clients and salespeople outside of business hours. You know all too well that every call counts, and you never know if the next call could be your next big sale…but trust us when we say these small invasions are a slippery slope. Constantly answering calls will eat into your personal life, and can also distract you when you’re working. As a result, your productivity will be lower and your stress levels undoubtedly higher.

With a virtual receptionist service like ours, you’ll have a small team of polite and friendly customer service advisors ready and waiting to take your calls. They’ll sound just as though they’re an extensions of your own team, so your business will always sound professional and well established.

You have full control over how you’d like your calls handled and when. Your virtual receptionists can deal with general enquiries, take orders, book appointments, even process payments on your behalf. Alternatively, your virtual receptionist can simply take a message and contact details so that you can deal with calls when it’s convenient for you. You choose when you’d like to direct your calls to your virtual receptionist, and when you’d like to take your calls yourself. You don’t need to give us advance warning, or fill out any forms, your divert is yours to switch on and off. So, when you choose to ‘step away’ from the office you really can step-away, confident that every call is still being answered, even 24 hours a day 7 days a week if you need it.

Make a separate physical space for your work
Lastly, it might be time to really assess where you’re currently working, and how to alter your set-up as your business starts to demand more from you.

Don’t work in bed, or in the living room as you watch TV. Ideally, don’t work at the dining table either. You need a defined work space – ideally a separate room – that you don’t spend your leisure time in. Work in a home office and shut the door as you leave; the physical closing of the door should be linked to a mental closing of the door, so that your work is locked away. By working in places that you spend your leisure time, you’re inviting work into other parts of your life and might find it harder to stop and relax.

Chat to a member of our friendly team today about how we can support your business and help you manage your time 01273 741400.

Immediate Support as Your Business Picks Up – Business Support Services from CSnotepad

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

rising hot air balloons

Is your business starting to pick up, are you experiencing more enquiries, more emails, more orders and more strain? It’s a great problem to have right?! But you might be struggling to juggle it all with a reduced workforce, or even alone, you might be trying to manage your business from home and the demands of balancing professionalism with family life.

It’s great news that your business is picking up, so lets keep it that way! As interest and sales are building, you might find yourself in desperate need of an extra pair of hands but unable to justify the cost.

It’s daunting when considering all the additional costs and obligations that come with hiring staff, not to mention where your team members will have to work from, and what effect that working environment will have on your customer service reputation and professionalism.

Don’t be deterred, there really is a simpler, more immediate and cheaper way to keep up with the growth of your business!

A virtual receptionist company like CSnotepad can support you as your business grows, adapting to your needs and acting as a member of your own team. A virtual receptionist can take your calls – answering in a way that you choose and collecting the information you need, freeing you from your phone so that you can focus on other things, safe in the knowledge that you’re not missing valuable new leads or potential sales. Your new extended team at CSnotepad are professional, friendly and fully trained on your business, so they’ll always sound like personable members of your team – never a call centre! Your new extended team is here 24/7 365 days a year should you need us, and as the needs of your business grow, we’re ready and waiting to expand and adapt the services we offer you.

As your business grows so can the level of support we provide you…

Your new team can handle all of your calls, or just act as an overflow service. They can manage your diary, respond to emails, resolve basic issues, and even process orders and take payments using your own online systems. We can liase with distributors on your behalf, and even chase up outstanding payments. We can supply you with a virtual land-line number so that you no longer have to give out your mobile number (which looks more professional and protects your privacy).

Setting up your new support team couldn’t be simpler or quicker -you and your business can have the support you need agreed over the phone, in an afternoon, from the comfort of your home.

To find out more about the services that we offer at CSnotepad, visit our website, or call us on 01273 741400.

Home Working – You Don’t Have to Give Out Your Employees Mobile Phone Numbers – Stay Professional with a Telephone Answering Service

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

home working with mobile phone privacy

If your team is working from home, that doesn’t mean you need to give out their personal mobile phone numbers to your customers, clients and suppliers – and it certainly doesn’t mean that your callers need to reach personal and unprofessional voicemail messages when their calls can’t be answered!

If you and your team are working from home, you’ll no doubt be faced with many challenges, privacy and maintaining professionalism is likely to be one of them.

You desperately need to keep your business functioning as normally as possible, handling your incoming calls professionally isn’t an area you need to fumble a solution for. Just turn to a telephone answering service like ours – we have over 13 years experience answering calls for hundreds of different businesses within a vast range of industries.

A telephone answering service can…
Answer all your incoming calls with your own personalised business greeting
Find out the reason for the call by asking the questions you choose
Direct the call to the best person in your team to deal with it
Calls can be directed to a landline or a mobile phone
The caller is never able to trace the number that the call is patched through too – maintaining privacy for your employees

How this maintains your professionalism…
Calls are answered by a small team of polite and friendly customer service advisors who are trained on your business.
Your callers will never know they haven’t reached you directly, they’ll always sound like an extension of your own in-house team.
Callers won’t be asked to hang-up and redial a mobile phone number for the member of your team they need to liaise with.
Callers won’t reach personal voicemail messages when a member of your team is unable to answer.
Callers won’t reach engaged tones, or be made to wait in a queue to reach you if you’re already dealing with a call – we have multiple lines.
Your calls can be answered beyond standard business hours should you require it.
There’s no break in our telephone answering service for lunch breaks, staff sickness or holidays!

You and your team will no longer be disturbed by phone calls that aren’t intended for you. Allowing your team to focus on the successful running of your business.

Our telephone answering service is always tailored to your needs. You have full control of the script we use when answering your calls, the questions we ask, the information we take from callers, and how you’d then like each call handled. You can even put a hierarchy in place, so if we’re unable to get hold of the member of your team best to deal with a particular call, we can then try the next best member of your team and so on…

Calling back:
If a client or customer needs to contact a member of your team directly, they can simply call your main business number, ask for the person they’d like to talk to, and our customer service advisor can then connect the call through – just like a central receptionist – protecting the privacy of your home worker as they’ll never need to give out their private number.

Diverting your line:
Diverting your business line to us is simple, no matter whether it’s a home landline, business line or mobile phone number. We can talk you through how to set up this simple divert so that all your incoming calls divert to us. But you’re always in full control, should you wish to answer the calls yourself at any point, you simply switch off your divert.

This service is fast to set-up, let your business start to benefit from the support of a telephone answering service. Talk to a member of our friendly team today on 01273 741400.

How to Get a Team Working from Home – Support from a Virtual Receptionist

Friday, March 20th, 2020

home working team

Are you looking to move your team to home working? Or perhaps you’re growing your home business and are looking for other alternatives to renting an office space for you and a small team?

In this blog we talk you through how our Virtual Receptionist Service can be the missing piece to the jigsaw puzzle of home working.

Think of the service a bit like your very own central receptionist, answering, handling and directing your incoming calls so that you and your home-based team can confidently work on managing your business without unnecessary distraction.

What the service offers:
Privacy for your home workers – there’ll be no need for them to give out their personal mobile or home landline number.
Always ensures that every call is answered, even during lunch breaks, sickness and holidays.
Always ensures that every call reaches the person in your team best to deal with it.
Produces a professional and efficient customer service image.

So let us take you on a journey, let’s call it a stream of consciousness of concerns that we regularly hear from stressed business owners when it comes to home working for a team…

It goes a little something like this…

“…I’m thinking of asking my team to use their personal mobile phones or home landline to answer incoming calls for the business, but I’m worried they wont be happy about it as I’d have to give their personal numbers out to customers and suppliers….

Perhaps I’ll buy them work mobile phones, that would solve it, but giving out a mobile number to customers doesn’t look very professional.

What happens if a call reaches the wrong person in the team, how do we re-direct the call to the best person to deal with it? Asking the customer to redial another number really doesn’t feel very professional at all.

What happens when my home working team take a lunch break, it’s not like in an office where someone else can grab the ringing phone.

I’m concerned that my team working from home is just going to lead to poor customer service, and leave a pretty unprofessional impression of the business….”

Meet Our Virtual Receptionist Telephone Answering Service
How it works…

If you currently have an office but are moving to home working, you can direct your business number to us to answer on your behalf. Or, if you’re currently relying on a mobile number to receive your calls, or even a home landline, all of these can be diverted to us…it’s a very easy thing to do, we can talk you through it, and you’re always in full control of when you divert the number to us, and when you answer it yourself.

You’ll have a small team of polite, friendly and professional customer service advisors answering your calls, they’ll get to know your business and your callers, and your callers might even get to know them too! They’ll know exactly how you’d like your calls managed (you’re in total control of that!). Your virtual receptionist team will appear just like an extension of your own team, your callers will have no idea they haven’t reached you directly.

Your virtual receptionists will answer your calls (always with your personalised business greeting) and ask only the questions you’ve asked as to ask them. Your virtual receptionist can then redirect the call to the best person within your team to deal with the enquiry. Perhaps you’d like calls regarding new sales patched through to one member of your team, and existing sales queries patched through to another. You can even supply us with a ‘patching hierarchy’ list, so if the best person to handle the call isn’t available, we can try the next best person in your team. If no one is available to take the call, your virtual receptionist can take a message and details for someone to return the call, or you can even equip us with answers to your most commonly asked questions.

Using a virtual receptionist means that personal mobile numbers or home landline numbers never have to be given out. Your virtual receptionist will simply patch the call through to the relevant mobile number or landline, but it wont be traceable by the caller, maintaining the privacy of your team.

If your customers want to get in touch with a member of your team, they can call your business number which will be answered by your virtual receptionist, the caller can then simply give the name of the person they’d like to talk to and it will be patched straight through. Our service gives you an incredibly professional image, appearing to have your own receptionist in place, answering, directing and handling your calls.

Reliable call answering
We can handle multiple calls at the same time for your business, there’ll never be a break in your service because of lunch breaks, sickness or holiday. We can even offer you a 24/7 service, or a service that extends beyond standard business hours.

If you don’t currently have a landline number, and instead rely on a mobile number, but would like to appear more professional with a landline number, we can supply you with a virtual’ landline number to use as your own. You can give your virtual number to your customers, suppliers, and use it on all your marketing, and it can then be diverted to us to answer on your behalf. For more on a virtual telephone numbers, do read our short blog here.

For more information on our Virtual Receptionist Service and whether it could be the perfect solution for your business, call one of our friendly team on 01273 741400.

How to Run Your Business from Home – Telephone Answering Support

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

running your business from home

Are you looking to run your current business from home, or perhaps you’re thinking of starting a new business from home?

Are you facing any of these telephone related concerns:
Are you looking to answer more than one call at a time?
Worried about customers getting frustrated with long wait times to reach you?
Customers not calling you back once they reach an engaged tone?
Customers not choosing to leave you a message and instead reaching out to one of your competitors?

Your lack of availability could cause more damage to your business than you realise.

But what do you do? You can’t split yourself in two, you can’t afford to hire staff, particularly if your call volumes are unpredictable. Perhaps you already have a small team, but expanding just isn’t an option at the moment.

Getting the telephone support you so desperately need is easier, faster, (and cheaper!) than you might realise. In fact, it’s just a phone call away!

In this blog we’ll explain how our virtual receptionist telephone answering service can work for you when you’re running your business from home.

What we can offer your business:
Multiple calls being answered at once.
Answering all your calls, or acting as an overflow to help with any calls you’re unable to answer during busy spells.
Always available to cover your lunch breaks, staff sickness or holidays.
Able to offer 24/7 telephone answering.
Friendly, knowledgable and professional customer service advisors.
Every call answered with your own personal business greeting.
You have full control over how you’d like us to handle your calls once answered.
At every moment you’re always in full control of when you divert calls to us…and when you don’t.

Why trust us with your telephone calls?
Since 2007 CSnotepad have been providing professional front-line and overflow telephone answering services to hundreds of businesses across the UK. Feel free to read some of our reviews on Google…we’re proud to say we have a score of 4.8 stars from nearly 100 reviews.

How our call answering service works…
You’ll have your own account manager that you can turn to, you’ll start by chatting through the challenges you’re facing and your account manager will tailor our services to meet your needs.

You’ll work together with your account manager to put the perfect script in place. We’ll answer your calls in just the way you choose, asking the questions you select, and extracting just the right information from each caller.

How we handle the call is up to you, we can simply take a name and message and then email you the information so you can return the call at a time that’s convenient.
Alternatively we can deal with general enquiries on your behalf, answering your most frequently asked questions.
We can book in appointments using your online diary (we can help you set one of these up if you don’t currently have one…it’s easier than you think).
We can even take orders and process payments on your behalf through your online payment portal – secure and never taking commission or acting as a middle-man. We only ever have the power to put money in, never take it out!

So you’ll see, we can do as little or as much as you need. We can do anything from simply answering your calls and taking a message, to processing entire orders and liasing with your distributors on your behalf! You can treat us like your very own receptionist, or a fully fledged member of your team…the choice is always yours.

How to put your service in place…
A simple call to our friendly team will get the ball rolling. Then, diverting your incoming calls to us is a really simple process which the team can talk you through, but we also have some really helpful blogs on it too. It doesn’t matter if your calls currently reach you via a home landline, diverted business line, or your mobile, any of these can work alongside the telephone answering services we offer. When you choose to divert to us is always completely in your hands – you don’t have to call us, or email us, wait on us, or jump through any hoops!

For more information on our Telephone Answering Service have a look at our website. Alternatively, to get more information on how our service can help your business with the challenges it’s facing, call a member of our team today on 01273 741400.

Getting to Know the Terminology: What is a Virtual Telephone Number?

Sunday, March 8th, 2020

virtual telephone number

What is a Virtual Telephone Number?
A virtual telephone number is a number that can be provided to you, it is exclusively yours, and comes with an area code therefore appearing to be a landline number. This number is however virtual, and any calls made to it will need to be diverted, either to your mobile or home landline for you to answer, or they can be answered on your behalf by a virtual receptionist.

Who could benefit from a Virtual Telephone Number….and how?
If you’re a sole-trader, lone-ranger, or a new start-up.
If your business doesn’t have an office and instead is based from home (no matter the field you’re working in).
If you’re looking to extend the geographical reach of your business, and pull in new customers from further afield.

…in all of these instances, a virtual telephone number could really help boost a business.

It’s all about what it stands for…

A landline evokes lots of reassuring connections for your potential customers. A landline telephone number is connected to a place, it has an area code and offers a sense of location, traceability and permanence. It tells a potential customer that you (appear to have) a base, an office, and a physical presence. This offers reassurances to a customer who is contemplating spending money with you, and may give you the edge over a competitor who only has a mobile telephone number. You’ll instantly appear the more established business – and the better choice!

Relying on your mobile, or using your own home landline number comes with lots of privacy pitfalls. Do you really want to be handing out your personal phone number to customers and suppliers, do you really want them being able to trace the number to your family home? And what about your mobile…how will you know if it’s a personal call or a business call, will you just have to answer your phone with your professional greeting whether it’s your family or your biggest client calling?! Finally, it’s impossible to set boundaries and have business hours and quality time away from work. There’s no way of knowing when the phone rings at 7:30pm on a Saturday that it’s a work call that could have waited until Monday morning.

You always remain in full control of where you send your Virtual Telephone Number. Your callers will never know if it’s being diverted to your mobile, your home landline, your voicemail, or even answered by a telephone answering service that can handle the call for you.

A telephone answering service (like ours at CSnotepad!) can take a name, number and message for you and give you the information so you can return the call at your convenience. They can deal with general enquiries on your behalf, make bookings, take orders and even take payments – all while appearing as though members of your own in-house team, and always answered with your own personalised business greeting.

Do you already have an established business, but looking to extend your reach?
A virtual telephone number could be perfect for you. With it’s area code, the virtual telephone number you’re provided with could be for any area you choose within the UK. You can add this number to your website and all business marketing, it will instantly appear as though you have a new regional office, and this could appeal to a whole new audience of potential customers looking for a local solution. Any calls made to your new number can simply be diverted to your main business number to be answered.

We hope this gives you a clearer idea of what a virtual telephone number is, how it works, and how it could be a perfect solution for so many business owners.

For more information on Virtual Telephone Numbers or any of our Virtual Office Services – chat to a member of our friendly team on 01273 741400.

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