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What’s the Point of a Telephone Answering Service? It’s a Reliable & Professional Safety Net for Your Business

Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

what's the point in a telephone answering service - answered

A Telephone Answering Service can act as a great safety net during busy spells, staff holiday, or staff sickness. You’re always in full control of when you divert your calls to us to answer, and when you take them in-house to answer yourself.

With CSnotepad you have more freedom and flexibility than you might realise!

Let us be your part-time member of staff, but without all the obligations, cost and forward planning!

A safety net during staff absence
When you or members of your team are unwell, away on holiday, participating in a meeting or on staff training – you can turn to us. At points when you struggle to answer calls, simply divert them to us. We’re waiting and ready to answer your calls as though members of your own in-house team, answering with your own business greeting, following your own tailored script and handling each call in just the way you choose. You can turn to us for our wide range of services including general enquiries, acting as a central receptionist and even order taking and payment processing.

A safety net during peaks in call volume
Whether your increase in calls is expected or unexpected, we can give you the extra pairs of hands you need. If you run a seasonal business, perhaps with higher calls during the summer months, or Christmas period, don’t stress about hiring more staff to handle your unexpected call volume. Just use us when you need us! If you’re thinking ahead to a marketing campaign and hope to receive an increased number of calls, you can rely on us to catch the calls you can’t. With our multiple phone lines, your callers won’t receive an engaged tone or voicemail – boosting your customer service reputation too!

We’re the perfect safety net for your business. It really doesn’t matter the reason you’d like us to answer your calls or support your business, it doesn’t matter if you’d like to divert to us all day every day, or just occasionally. You can feel reassured that you have a friendly, professional and knowledgeable extension of your own team here at CSnotepad – now that’s a reason to use a telephone answering service!

For more information about setting up a reliable safety net for your business, talk to a member of our friendly team today on 01273 741400.

Come Get Your Freebies! Free Services Part 3

Friday, October 30th, 2020

gift giving

So here’s part 3, the final instalment in our blog series looking at the additional free services we provide with your subscription.

Some of our customers are completely unaware that they get these additional services, they sit on their account, but aren’t being utilised. Even though we try to let you know about the benefits of signing up with us, we thought it was time to shout about them from the rooftops!

In this blog we look exclusively at the two additional services you’ll receive with our Intermediate and Advanced plans. Then lastly we’ll look at the one additional service that’s exclusively for our Advanced plan users. However – make sure you remember that this is in additional to all the other free services that we have already discussed in the two previous blogs – they are all yours too!

Included for our Intermediate and Advanced Plans Users:

Live Web Chat service for your website (includes the software)
We’re extremely proud of the Live Web Chat service we offer. It’s proven to be a sales and customer service boosting tool for so many of the businesses that use our service. We feel that it’s such a valuable addition that we’ve chosen to include it with our two highest subscription plans. You’ll be provided with the web chat software (free of course!). It’s simple to add to your website, but unless you really know what you’re doing, we encourage you to hand this task over to the person that maintains your website. The software allows you to have a web chat window on your website so that visitors can talk directly (and in real-time!) with you or a member of your team. Of course, should you not have the time or team available, we’d be happy to answer your website visitor chat requests in much the same way we do your telephone calls.

Personalised on-hold music
When your callers are waiting on the line (this could be while we’re patching them through to the right member of your team for example), you can have your own hold music in place, this could be music of your choice, a brief message outlining your products, or even your social media platform details. You just need to provide us with the hold music and we can do the rest.

Exclusively for our Advanced Plan users:

Carry over unused minutes
We don’t like to see things go to waste, so if you don’t use all of the minutes included in your monthly subscription package in a month, you can carry over up to 10% of your call package to the following month – completely free of charge.

Again, please note that the above free services available with your subscription are in addition to the numerous other services that we’ve already outlined in our previous 2 blogs….just to jog your memory, we’re talking about the free virtual telephone number, free virtual address, 24/7 telephone answering, ad-hoc outbound calling, call patching, personalised out of hours voicemail, and VIP caller recognition. Phew….go on fill your boots with freebies!

For details on the format and length of your hold music, or to find out about any of the free services included in your plan, just call a member of our friendly team on 01273 741400.

Come Get Your Freebies! Free Services Part 2

Saturday, October 24th, 2020

dog giving a rose

Did you know that when you sign up for a call subscription with us, you also get a range of additional free services?

In our previous blog we introduced you to the freebies you can enjoy when you take out any of our call subscription plans. In this blog we’ll continue to explore these free services, but now we’ll specifically focus on the services we urge our Standard, Intermediate and Advanced plan users to take advantage of.

Here’s what you’ll get included with our three mid and high level subscriptions…

24/7 telephone answering
An extended hours service can prove invaluable to businesses that offer an emergency response, or deal with time sensitive enquiries, or any business that wishes to offer an exceptional level of customer care by extending their customer care hours. You’ll soon find it sets you apart from your competitors…and you can add this for free if you have one of our Standard, Intermediate or Advanced subscription plans. You can read a little more about our extended support here.

VIP caller recognition
Our caller recognition software allows us to recognise your frequent callers, top clients, and valued suppliers, and offer them the same warmth of service that you would. Using caller recognition eliminates the need for our advisors to ask important or repeat callers all of your scripted questions, each and every time they call. The software allows our customer service advisors to appear as though conscientious members of your own team, recognising your loyal customers, and treating them with the familiarity they deserve.

Adding this impressive software for free to your account is just the start of the transformation, there are small and easy steps you can take to really make it work for your business…find out more here.

Daily report summary
We know that it can be daunting to outsource your calls, but with our daily summary you’ll always feel ‘in-the-know’. You’ll be able to see exactly how many calls we’ve answered on your behalf, and how they’ve been handled, helping you to monitor areas of your business like enquiries, sales, appointments or sign-ups all in one place.

Virtual Office Address
We can provide you with a virtual Brighton address, and the address will become your own. The address will (on paper!) place your business within our office building, you are not renting an office, simply renting the right to use the address as your own. Should you choose, you can use this address for all your business correspondence and give it out to your suppliers and customers, add it to your business cards, add it to your website, it will literally appear that your business is located at the virtual address we’ve given you. All post that arrives can either be forwarded onto your home address, or alternatively you can collect it at your convenience. Letters can even be scanned and emailed over to you for speed and ease, so you don’t even need to be Brighton based to make the most of our Brighton virtual office address!

Wondering how you might benefit from your free Virtual Office Address? Read our short blog here on just that!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next blog where we’ll explore the free services that come exclusively with our Advanced and Intermediate plans.

If you’d like any further information about any of the freebies we’ve discussed above, or if you’d like to check if you’re eligible, or would like to see if they’re already on your account, just give a member of our friendly team a call today on 01273 741400.

Come Get Your Freebies! Free Services that Come with our Call Subscriptions

Monday, October 19th, 2020

giving flowers

Did you know that when you sign up for a call subscription with CSnotepad, it’s not just telephone answering you get? You also get a range of additional free services that we urge you to take advantage of. We provide these additional services at no extra cost to you because we believe (and they’ve proved to be) a huge help to businesses alongside their telephone answering needs.

In the next few blogs we’ll explore just what these additional services are, and how you can make the most of them – after all, why would you not want to, they’re free!

Every subscription (even the entry subscription) includes freebies that boost your telephone answering service without straining your pocket – so let’s get stuck in!

In this blog we’ll look exclusively at the free services that support your telephone answering service no matter your subscription – Entry / Standard / Intermediate / Advanced

Free 01, 02, 03 or 08 telephone number
We offer you a free virtual landline telephone number that will be exclusively yours to use as you choose – it’s great if your business is currently relying on a mobile number or your home landline. Or, perhaps you want to extend the geographical reach of your business, making it appear that you have an additional office in a new area. Find out more about the benefits of a virtual telephone number in our short blog here.

Personalised out-of-hours recording
We always strive to make outsourcing your calls easy and professional, and out-of-hours is no different. We ensure (for free!) that your callers always reach a personalised message for your business, not a generic answering machine.

Free message quality guarantee
Should you ever feel that our services level has slipped, just let us know. We work hard to select the right staff and continue to train and assess them, but we know sometimes things don’t always go as planned. That’s why we’ll refund you the call credit should we ever falter – we know that an incorrect name, or incorrect phone number for example could be the difference between you making a sale and not. Find out a little more about our message guarantee here.

No charge for cold calls or wrong numbers
We know how frustrating cold calls and wrong numbers can be, and we don’t think you should have to pay for them out of your call credits. That’s why we have a strict criteria to decipher a cold caller, so you and members of your team are never knowingly disturbed, or charged. For more about our cold caller criteria, read our short blog here.

Call Patching
You’re always in control of how we handle your calls, or where we divert them to. Any subscription with us allows you to ask for call patching, diverting your calls to any landline or mobile. You can even put in place a hierarchy of numbers, so if we can’t put the call through to your first choice of number, we’ll try the next and so on. To find out more about call patching, have a read here.

Ad-hoc outbound calls
We’re happy to make outbound calls for you, maybe calls you can’t, or don’t want to make yourself! Think debt collection, late invoices, chasing up distributors, appointment reminders…

Be sure to read our next blog to find out about the extra add-on services available to Standard, Intermediate and Advanced plan subscribers.

If you’d like more details on any of the services mentioned in this blog, just give a member of our friendly team a call today on 01273 741400.

Are You Struggling to Decide Between Our Monthly Call Plan & Our Annual Flexi-Plan?

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

making a decision

We’re really pleased that you’re considering our service, and we want you to know that we’re always on the end of the phone, a quick email, or an online web chat conversation away from answering any questions you might have.

BUT…if you’re just after a bit more general information regarding which type of plan to choose…we hope this short blog might help clear things up a little!

Let’s use an example…let’s take our intermediate £140 plan and see how it differs from Monthly Subscription to Annual Flexi…

Our Intermediate Monthly Subscription Plan
What will it cost me?

You’ll pay £140 every month.

What will I get?
You’ll get 200 call credits to use in that month. Any additional calls over the 200 allowance will be chargeable at a per call rate. The plan also includes all of our other services, such as a virtual office address, personalised out of hours voicemail, no charge for cold calls or wrong numbers, ad-hoc outbound calls, 24/7 telephone answering, call forwarding, VIP caller recognition…

Am I tied in?
You’re not locked into using the service, you can stop at any time, it’s just a 2 month notice period to end the service (this is because we plan our staffing 2 months in advance for call plans to ensure that your calls are always answered promptly).

Our Intermediate Annual Flexi-Plan
What will it cost me?

You’d pay £1680 in advance (12 x £140)

What will I get?
You’ll get the full 2400 call allowance credited to your account to use over a 12 month period. It won’t matter if you use half of your allowance in a single week, you’d only be charged additional calls if you went over your 2400 allowance within 12 months. You’ll still get all the other great services included with the Intermediate Monthly Subscription too!

Am I tied in?
You’re not locked into using the service, you can stop at any time, but any unused call credits will not be refunded. If we don’t hear from you, your Flexi-Plan will renew each year.

Who might they suit?
Our Monthly Subscription is the most cost effective solution for businesses with a relatively steady call volume each month.

Our Annual Flexi-Plans are most cost effective for businesses that have either an unpredictable call volume, or predictable spikes and troughs through a 12 month period – a seasonal business for example.

Our monthly subscription suits a business that likes to reduce immediate expenditure, spread the cost, and pay each month for their service.

Our Annual Flexi-Plans suit a business that prefers to pay in a lump sum, with the flexible reassurance that no call credits will be wasted each month.

Bear in mind, whichever type of plan you choose, the higher the plan the cheaper each call credit becomes. But, with our Flexi-Plans, should you run out of call credits, you can always buy another bulk of credits at any point. With our monthly subscription plans, we can assess your call volume to ensure you’re always on the correct call plan to meet your needs.

For more information about our plan types, and to discuss your individual business call needs, simply give a friendly member of our team a call on 01273 741400.

Virtual Address Customers – We Offer Scan-to-Email – Safe, Secure & Confidential

Monday, September 21st, 2020

document security

Did you know…
We’re a licensed provider for a virtual address? Being licensed means that our address fully complies with the Anti Money Laundering regulations and we are licensed by HMRC to offer a virtual address service. The regulations that we meet are there to give you the peace of mind that we handle, store and dispose of your personal information and documents correctly.

Did you know…
We actually exceed the set regulations for handling, storing and disposing of your information? We’re always putting new systems in place to ensure that we deliver the highest level of service to our customers.

How we make scan-to-email safer for our virtual address customers…
Our scan-to-email service is a fast and efficient option for our virtual address customers. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who is unable to get to our Brighton office to collect their mail, or simply don’t want the hassle! It’s the perfect solution for anyone that doesn’t want the inevitable delay incurred when post is forwarded on – this is particularly useful if you receive time-sensitive mail. Rest assured – the safety and confidentiality of your information matters to us. When you sign up to our virtual address service with scan-to-email, you’ll be provided with a PIN number. This number is your own unique code that you will need each time we send you any scanned mail. On opening the file you will be required to enter the PIN to gain access and view the file. The PIN is yours to share with members of your team that you give permission to view your mail. If at any point you’d like the PIN changed for confidentiality reasons, just let a member of our team know.

Once scanned over to you, mail will be held for just a short period of time, so should you wish to have the hard copy mailed to you, or held for you to collect, you must let a member of our team know as soon as possible. Otherwise, all mail is shredded and disposed of in accordance with the Data Protection Act, the information your mail contains is never compromised.

To find out more about our Virtual Office Address service, or our security and licensing, talk to a member of our team today on 01273 741400.

Annual Offer from CSnotepad – Save Money and Boost Your Business for the 12 Months Ahead

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

save money in your piggy bank

Times might be difficult at the moment, but you can put your business in the best health with support from CSnotepad and our annual subscription offer.

Pay for 10 months and get 2 completely free! No strings…and no invoice hassle each month either!

This isn’t just an offer for new customers, and it isn’t just if you’re starting a new subscription with us.

You can be a new customer or an existing customer, the offer is here for you and we urge you to take advantage.

If you already have an ongoing subscription with us which you’re currently paying for monthly, by moving to this offer you’ll get 12 months of virtual receptionist service, all for the price of just 10.

Cut the invoice hassle too…

You wont receive an invoice from us each month requesting payment for your next months subscription. No more monthly invoice hassle, you’ll only receive an invoice from us if you go over your monthly call allowance, other than that you’ll have one less payment to deal with each month.

Reduce the monthly invoice hassle, reduce the cost and enjoy using our service for 12 months stress free!

Save money and boost your business with support from CSnotepad – call a member of our team on 01273 741400 today.

Help Us to Help Your Fellow Business Owners

Monday, April 27th, 2020

offering support

We’re asking a favour of all businesses currently using our service…and we’ll send you a £50 Amazon voucher to say thank you.

There’s no denying it, we’re in challenging times for small businesses. Most businesses are having to fumble together a new ‘norm’ during these times of isolation, social distancing, and changes in spending habits. But, keeping your business afloat, and running your business professionally doesn’t have to be put on hold. We hope that by using us for your telephone answering, our services, and our tailored approach, is really helping you to stay calm and stay in business.

Not everyone has heard of a virtual receptionist, not every business owner knows the benefits a telephone answering service can bring to their business. We truly believe that our service is the solution that so many businesses are currently looking for to help make their business more manageable.

As a user of our service, we’d love for you to spread the word. You don’t have to swat up on what we offer, just talk opening and positively about your own experience using us, that’s all we ask.

As a thank you, we’ll send you a £50 Amazon voucher to spend on whatever you like.

By spreading the work about the benefits of a telephone answering service, you could be the difference between a business surviving or collapsing in these unprecedented times.

Here’s a little reminder of CSnotepad services that can help a business…
We have a team of professional and friendly Customer Service Advisors ready and waiting to support businesses. If a business is struggling with home working, we can offer effective services that can really make the difference.

If you’ve had to furlough members of your team, you can use us as an overflow service, use us to handle calls outside of your working hours to extend your customer service hours. You can use our team as an extension of your own, answering calls, dealing with enquires, booking appointments, taking orders, even processing payments on your behalf.

Looking for support for a larger team? We can become a central receptionist service, answering and directing calls to your home working team members, so there’s no need for them to give out their personal mobile numbers. Each call is handled professionally and is directed to the team member best to handle it. We can provide multiple telephone numbers free of charge, so that different departments of your business can have their calls handled differently, working from scripts that you tailor to your needs with the help of your own account manager at CSnotepad.

If you know of any business that could benefit from a helping hand during these challenging times, let them know that we’re here. Good comments and positive word-of-mouth really are the very best marketing tools. A recommendation from a trusted acquaintance can make all the difference when it comes to making a smart choice for your business.

As soon as someone you’ve referred signs up with us, we’ll send you a £50 Amazon voucher. We always ask our new customers how they found us, so we’ll know that they were referred by you, or feel free to tell them to mention your name.

There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer to us, and therefore no cap to the number of vouchers we’ll send you.

Help out your fellow business owners, let them know there’s a service out there, and a service provider that’s ready and waiting with over 12 years experience.

There Are More Options Than You Think – Tailor Your Telephone Answering Service with Multiple Scripts to Better Suit Your Team

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

more options than you think - chess game

Did you know that all the members of your team don’t have to have their calls handled in the same way? We fully appreciate that one size most definitely does not fit all, and your call answering service shouldn’t be any different.

If you’re already one of our customers, we hope you’re finding our telephone answering service a great support to your business. BUT, is there more it could be doing for you to increase the professionalism and productivity of your team?

Read on to find out more about FREE additional telephone numbers and how they in turn offer you additional scripts, and a more tailored call handling experiene for your team…

When you first joined our service, you will have worked closely with one of our account managers to tailor your own personal script that works just right for you and your business. But things change, and as your business grows and adapts to new challenges, we know that how we handle your calls might need to adapt too. Don’t get stuck in a rut – it’s easier and quicker than you think to implement changes that might really help your business, particularly during these challenging times.

Perhaps you now have several of your team working from home, or attending emergency call outs. Maybe some of your team are based in a different office, working on-site, or remotely from a clients premises. In all of these instancess, and particularly when your new working ‘norm’ includes a whole mix of new working scenarios, you don’t have to have to have all your calls handled in the same way.

By taking advantage of multiple telephone numbers which we can provide you with for free, we can put in place multiple scripts. One telephone number can be provided for your sales team, while another provided for emergency call outs for example. Each script can be completely unique to the others. We know that different areas of your business might require a different response from our Customer Service Advisors, requiring us to ask different questions, gain different information, and put in place a different response involving different members of your workforce.

With each new number, we can tailor each new script in any way you choose.

Find out how adding additional numbers and additional scripts to your account can help the smooth running of your business. Call a member of our friendly team today on 01273 741400.

3 FREE Ways We Want to Help Our Customers Through These Challenging Times

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

offering support helping hand

We just wanted to let our customers know that we’re here, and we’re here to help…

As a CSnotepad customer, are you aware that we’ve now put in place a few things to try and help you through these challenging times?

In this blog we’ll just give you a little round up, and we urge you to please take advantage…remember they are FREE…our business is also riding this storm, but even though times are tough, we’re committed to offering you help where we can.

1 – We’re extending our core business hours
We’ve heard from a lot of our customers that they’re struggling to balance staff costs with customer support.

Starting immediately, our new hours for your core telephone answering will be:

Monday – Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

We know you’ve worked hard to build up your positive customer service reputation, and during these unprecedented times you may see an increase in customer calls. So as not to put additional pressure on your workforce, we hope our extended hours will offer some valuable support in the evenings and at weekends.

You don’t need to contact us to take advantage of these extended hours, they have been automatically applied to your account. (For customers that use our 24/7 service, your hours will remain unchanged)

Our extended hours will be in place for the next 2 weeks, and will then be reassessed. Please do let us know if you’re finding our extended hours valuable for your business, it’s helpful to know if the changes we implement offer the increased support we’re so keen to provide.

2 – FREE additional telephone numbers
If you’re struggling to adapt your business to home working, please take advantage of free additional telephone numbers – they really could help improve the functioning and professionalism of your business.

If you have members of your team or departments that require their calls handled differently to your current script, we can provide you with additional phone number so that calls can be handled over multiple scripts. Just give our friendly team a call today to get this quickly and smoothly implemented.

For further information on how to successfully get a team working from home with the help of our receptionist receptionists, read our short blog.

3 – No increase in call charges for calls over your plan
We really want to ‘step up’ our service when you need us most. If you need to rely on us heavily to handle your incoming calls due to an increased call volume, or having to reduce your own workforce in these challenging times, you wont pay a higher rate for doing so. If you exceed your current call plan, every call in addition will be charged at the same rate as the calls within your plan. Put as many calls as you need our way, there’s no higher rate, no penalty for turning to us, we hope we can lighten the load during this (temporary!) bad spell.

If you have any questions regarding the current support we’re offering, or if you’d like to discuss any additional support we could offer your business, please do get in touch on 01273 741400.

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