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2 Ways to Adapt Your Online Store for More Sales in 2022

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

personalisation of your e-store

Since the worldwide pandemic hit, and the majority of countries were forced into some form of lockdown, consumers have been forced to embrace online shopping and accelerate its popularity.

But, as online shopping becomes a more trusted method, with it comes greater expectations for the online retailer.

Just because you no longer sell your products or services face-to-face, don’t think the consumer is content to have a faceless and impersonal shopping experience.

2022 will demand that you step up if you’re to to stand out from your competitors in the retail sector.

2 Ways You Should Aim to Offer Personalisation in 2022

Send relevant product recommendations in your marketing emails in 2022

Offer relevant content and you’re more likely to turn browsing into a sale. Tailoring the experience will help your visitor to navigate what could be a large inventory of items on your website. You could see greater spends and greater return custom. Your can tailor your content via platforms that offer API’s. For example, a marketing automation API can automatically add and separate customers into email marketing lists depending on their previous purchases, the purchase amount, or their location. There’s even an API that allows you to peak into their shopping basket if they don’t complete a purchase on your site.

Provide personalised discount-codes
Unique discount codes for each customer are a powerful way to personalise an experience with your business. Nobody likes to think they’re special, only to realise it’s a generic code that absolutely anyone could use! Not only are personalised discount codes good for the customer, they can help you identify who’s engaging with your marketing emails, and you don’t have to worry about the code being distributed unofficially.

Take personalisation to your telephone enquiry line

You should be offering a phone number on your website, not only does it add to the legitimacy of your business, but importantly customers can reach you for instant answers to questions that may be stopping them from making a purchase. But, don’t panic about manning the phone, instead outsource your enquiry line to us at CSnotepad and boost personalisation…not lose it!

At CSnotepad we pride ourselves on never sounding like a call centre. We’ve put so many things in place to ensure that our service ticks all the right boxes when it comes to a friendly and natural call style. Some of the things we’ve implemented are large and impactful like our caller recognition software that recognises your repeat customers, while others are subtle like our continued training and monitoring of the small team assigned to your business. All contribute to the overall sense that a caller has reached your own in-house team, and not an outsourced telephone answering team. Read our short blog We’ll Never Sound Like a Call Centre – Trust Us with Your Incoming Calls for a Personal Service for more information on how it works!

E-Commerce Toy Sellers Concern in Supply Chains – Benefit from the Boost in Early Sales

Friday, November 19th, 2021

e-commerce toy sellers

Do You Share Other Retailer Concerns?

Digital Commerce 360 pre holiday survey of retailers found 3 main concerns:

- Increasing costs

- Timely stock delivery

- Securing sufficient inventory to satisfy demand

Toy sellers can take 50% of their yearly sales in the festive season, and 41% asked said that their top concern was securing enough stock.

Supply chain concerns are also shared by the consumer…are you taking advantage?

President and Co-Founder of Fat Brain Toys said that “The calendar turned to October and things have taken off like a rocket.” He puts this early surge down to consumers hearing about potential supply chain issues. Fat Brain Toys would usually wait until November 1st to start it’s marketing campaigns for Christmas, but had already sent out it’s holiday gift guide by October 20th this year.

How to Maximise Every Sales Opportunity

If you’re seeing an early rise in sales and enquiries, be sure that you’re maximising every opportunity to sell and really benefiting from consumer concerns over stock shortages. If you have an enquiry phone line (and you should!) don’t feel that you’re too busy or too stretched to man it, people rarely leave a message, instead they’ll simply turn to one of your competitors.

Let us handle your incoming calls, we can deal with your enquries, take orders, and even process payments using your own online payment system. We can track deliveries and even chase up orders. Unlike hiring your own staff, we can act as an overflow, lending a hand when you need us, and leaving you to it when you’ve got it all under control. There’s no breaks in our service for lunch, sickness or holidays, and we can offer you support over extended business hours, even 24/7 if you need it – boosting your customer service support and helping you stand out from your competitors.

To find out more about e-commerce support you can read our short blog, or to find out how we can help your retail business, call 01273 741400 and talk to a member of our friendly team today.

Heating Engineers Boost Your Business – Why Your Customers Aren’t Going Green

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

Greener heating choices

Heating Engineers – if you’re looking to boost business following the government’s recent Heat and Buildings Strategy Plan (which aims for a ban on gas boilers by 2035) it’s helpful to know what’s stopping your customers from ‘going green’ with their heating choices.

The Great British Home Heating Survey asked 18,000 people and helped shed a little light…

What’s putting people off renewable heating alternatives?
Over 32% said they were unsure of the cost saving benefits of a new system.

When asked whether a heat pump is a good alternative to a gas boiler, over 40% didn’t know.

With the consumer clearly feeling they’re lacking the facts, there’s an opportunity here to market, inform, educate and promote your services as a heat engineer.

The survey found that 51% of people asked had not even considered replacing their existing system with a renewable alternative. Your marketing campaign should address why it’s so important to consider an alternative to a gas boiler, and equip them with the choices, costs and benefits. Be honest and be current in your knowledge – make yourself the obvious choice, and stand out from your competitors.

There’s no need to be daunted by the prospect of a marketing campaign. Importantly; money spent promoting your services shouldn’t be waisted by an inability to answer calls and respond to enquiries as interest builds. Rest assured, you don’t need to juggle everything…

At CSnotepad we have staff ready to support you with your marketing campaign
As you start to see an increase in interest from potential customers, trust us to handle your incoming calls, freeing you from the ringing phone. We’ll answer each call as though a member of your own team, think of us as your own receptionist, handling the calls in just the way you choose. We can answer questions, email out information, manage physical mail-outs, patch the call through to you if you’re free, divert to a member of your team, or simply take a message so you can call them back at a time that’s convenient. With our telephone answering service in place, you’ll never miss the next potential sale, and reliably reap the rewards of your marketing efforts – all while you’re free to focus on the areas of your business that really warrant your time.

It’s fast and easy to set up a telephone answering service with us, just chat to one of our friendly team today on 01273 741400. Or find out a little more on our website.

Solicitors Home Online Working Post Pandemic

Sunday, November 7th, 2021

solicitor working from home

The pandemic has pushed us to find new ways of working. The consideration now – are our new methods of working worth holding on to? Are they better for business, for employees, and for the client?

As Sir Geoffrey Vos, master of the rolls outlined in his recent speech covered by The Law Society Gazette, the legal system has had to find new methods to continue to fulfil its duties. Many judges and lawyers have been ‘quickly converted to the benefits of remote hearings’ during the pandemic, Vos said, but ‘fewer are keen to change the underlying process of taking evidence and hearing legal arguments’ in person. Before we return to old habits of working, we need to question why? Putting processes online and remote working may boost appeal to under-represented groups, and broaden the pool for filling future role vacancies, as Vos adds, ‘I can see women lawyers and lawyers from all communities being more attracted to the flexibility of online judicial working.’

The long-term implementation of online home working requires a new approach if we’re to maintain professionalism and efficiency.

During the depths of the pandemic, your clients were likely understanding of calling personal mobile or home landline numbers, reaching non-business voicemails, redialling a number rather than being transferred, and letting slide the barking dog and crying child! But if you’re looking for a long-term solution to common home working drawbacks, a Telephone Answering Service such as ours at CSnotepad can support home workers, wherever they’re based.

Think of us like your very own central receptionist, answering, handling and directing your incoming calls professionally, efficiently and reliably.

Privacy to home workers – no need to give out personal mobile or landline numbers.

Multiple lines available – every call gets answered, even during lunch breaks, sickness and holidays.

You and your team are free from unnecessary distraction – only the calls that need to reach you, reach you. We’ll ensure that every call reaches the person best to deal with it.

We can make simple outbound calls on your behalf – any calls you’re concerned about making from a home setting can be handled by our Customer Service Agents.

Produce a professional and efficient customer service image without exception – your callers will never know they haven’t reached your business directly.

You can continue to benefit from home working with confidence. To find out more visit our website.

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