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The Best Telephone Answering Service: We’ve Found Great Staff So You Don’t Have To!

Thursday, June 24th, 2021

friendly professional team

If you choose CSnotepad as your telephone answering service, your calls will always be handled by our friendly and professional team who are based in Hove. Unlike large call centres, we’ve selected every member of our workforce carefully, always ensuring that they have the right attributes to offer superior service to your customers.

Each one of our advisors is polite and approachable, and we have no doubt that if you met any member of our team in person, they’d be just the person you’d hire to join your own team.

You’ll have a small number of advisors assigned to your calls so that their knowledge of your business continues to grow. They even get to know your repeat customers and frequent callers, and your callers get to know them too!

We know that some things can’t be trained, and the positive attitude and willingness to offer the best service are natural traits that we seek out in every one of our call agents. For everything else that can be trained we have an experienced call agent solely responsible for ensuring that all members of our team are trained to the standard that we (and you!) expect. Not only does our trainer guide our newest call agents, we also closely monitor our existing team to ensure that the bar is never dropped, maintaining our consistently high customer service results. Check out our Google and Trustpilot reviews for further peace of mind.

Remember – our staff aren’t just trusted to handle your calls, they answer our calls too and we couldn’t be more confident that each and every one of our call is in capable hands.

Feel free to call our team today for an informal chat, there’s no better way to be sure that our team are perfect to become your team – 01273 741400.

The Best Telephone Answering Service: At CSnotepad We’ll Never Sound Like a Call Centre

Sunday, June 20th, 2021

friendly and warm team member

When we first start talking to potential customers, a common concern we hear from business owners is that they’re worried using a virtual receptionist to handle their calls will lose the familiarity that their customers have come to like and expect from their business. Rest assured that at CSnotepad we pride ourselves on never sounding like a call centre, we can maintain the friendly and warm customer service model you’ve worked so hard to build, here’s how…

Personal Service
Unlike a call centre we work with you to build and tailor the script our Customer Service Advisors will use, ensuring that you get the information you need from each and every call, with each call being handled in a manner that compliments your customer service model. Unlike call centres we don’t expect your business to fit into a predetermined mould, you’re welcome to adjust your script as your needs change, and even adjust your call subscription plan. We’re here to make sure that you have support from us when you need it, whether that’s as a backup during your busiest times, or handling every call every day.

Small Dedicated Team
You’ll be assigned your own account manager who you’ll know by name, you can talk to them about the ways you feel we can best support you and your team, turn to them with any queries you might have about your service, or any changes you’d like to make. We’re a friendly and approachable team, so you’re always welcome to reach out to us by phone or email (no faceless contact forms needed to get the assistance you need, and no lenghty wait!). Each and every one of your calls will be answered by a small team of our professional Customer Service Advisors who will be fully trained on your business. They’ll build a thorough knowledge of your products and services, and will act just as though an extension of your own team.

Caller Recognition Software
At CSnotepad we’re proud to use the very best in telecommunications technology, with our caller recognition system we can build up a database of the people that regularly call your business. We’re able to recognise your repeat callers, your suppliers and your top customers. We can give them the same recognition that you would, addressing them by name and offering them the warm and personal service they’ve come to expect. Our caller recognition system means that our trained call agents will appear as though permanent and knowledgeable members of your own in-house team. Your callers will never know that they haven’t reached your business directly.

We know that being known and appreciated for repeat custom is a reason why many customers choose to stay loyal to a business. Outsourcing your calls to us won’t mean that your customers will lose the recognition and warm service they deserve. Have a chat with one of our team today about the best telephone answering service on 01273 741400.

How do I Set-Up a Telephone Answering Service for my Business?

Friday, June 4th, 2021

personalised set-up people connecting

It seems that we can do pretty much everything online these days without leaving the comfort of our homes or picking up the phone – signing up for a telephone answering service is no exception – unless you’re thinking of using CSnotepad for your telephone answering that is!

We’re proud that we don’t offer an online set-up, we pride ourselves on a personal tailored service, it’s important to us that we get to know you and your business, and that you get to know us too…you can’t achieve that with an online form!

We don’t expect your needs to fit into a generic template:
Unlike a telephone answering service that only offers an online set-up, we never expect the needs of your business to fit into a generic template, we recognise that your needs are specific to you and your industry. We assign each of our customers an account manager who will work through the set-up and script with you. We begin by understanding where you feel you could benefit from a little extra help and support, and we’ll then shape a service that really meets your needs, we couldn’t achieve that from just an online set-up!

We never want to sound like a call centre, we want to sound like members of your own team:
Having someone that understands the needs of your business is crucial if we’re going to offer you a telephone answering service that functions as though part of your own in-house team. Unlike the sparse and basic details available from an online set-up, our Customer Service Advisors will be equipped with a solid knowledge of your products and services. One of our account managers will work with you to create the right first impression for your callers, with a tailored script that represents your business and your customer service model.

We know who you are, and you know who we are too:
We don’t hide behind the anonymity of an online set-up. Setting up your account over the phone means that you’ll be talking directly to your account manager. You’ll know them by name, and they’ll know just who you are and get to know your business well. Should you have any queries with your service, or like to make any tweaks, you’ll know who to contact.

When choosing your telephone answering provider, consider how your account will be set up. A fast and easy online set-up may seem like the perfect stress-free way to get started, but is it right for your business? Make sure you get clear answers to your questions before signing up with any telephone answering provider – how easy is it to actually get hold of someone?? Choosing the wrong provider isn’t just stressful and expensive, but could be damaging for the customer service reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

Unlike an online set-up, we’re not anonymous, and we’ll never expect you to contact us by email only. You are always welcome to pick up the phone and talk to one of our friendly team who are always available to help.

A tailored personal service makes us proud of the way we do things – we hope you’ll think so too!

Find out more or set-up your telephone answering service with us today by talking to a member of our friendly team  – 01273 741400

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