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Why Use a Telephone Answering Service? 3 MORE great reasons…

Monday, May 31st, 2021

why use a TA service - question mark

1. Reduce your expenditure

2. Have a safety net in place

3. Increased support as you grow

Staff don’t come cheap! There’s the obvious initial costs such as advertising your new role, training, office space and new equipment. Then ongoing costs such as maternity, sick days and holiday, national insurance, pension contributions, training…need we go on! The costs involved in starting and maintaining a team of staff can be eye-watering, and can put unnecessary strain on any business. Outsource your calls to a virtual receptionist service, and you can profit from sharing a team of professional and experienced customer service agents, without any of the nitty-gritty outgoings – that’s all on our watch! A reliable service without the financial burden of your own staff, what’s not to love! You’ll also benefit from the newest technology in call management, we’re always investing heavily back into our business to ensure we’re providing the very best service through cutting edge software and hardware updates.

We’re the perfect safety net for your business. If you’re feeling a little stretched due to staff sickness or holidays, you have a team here just ready and waiting to handle your incoming calls, and take some of the strain. You might have an increase in call volume – expected or unexpected – again we’re here to handle any incoming calls you can’t take, or don’t want to take. Perhaps you run a seasonal business with higher call volumes during certain months, or you’re planning a marketing campaign with the hope of a higher call volume. We can give you the extra pairs of hands you need – when you need them. You’re always in full control of when you divert to us, and when you handle your calls in-house. We can always be there to catch the calls you can’t, 24/7 should you need it.

As your business grows, you can feel confident that you’re working with a business that can adapt with you. We have a whole suite of services that could support you as your business moves forward, from order taking, payment processing, call patching, outbound calling, admin support, and live web chat for your website. Even our telephone answering service can adapt with you. Perhaps as a new start-up you just want us to answer your calls and take a message, but as your business develops and your client database grows, we can do so much more to help! We can deal with general enquiries, email brochures, deal with your distributors, chase up deliveries, divert calls to different members of your team, even act as a central receptionist for different branches!

…still not convinced? Our friendly team are ready to chat should you have any questions about whether a telephone answering service is right for you business – 01273 741400.

Why Use a Telephone Answering Service? Our Top 3 Reasons

Monday, May 10th, 2021

why use a telephone answering service - big question mark

1. Boost your customer service reputation

2. Free up your time

3. Avoid the hassle of hiring additional staff

Go above and beyond for your customers (without any effort on your part!). Our telephone answering service ensures that each and every one of your calls is answered promptly by a friendly Customer Service Advisor who knows your business, your products, or your services. Your caller will never realise they haven’t reached your business directly, it’s what we pride ourselves on! Your caller won’t reach an engaged tone (we have multiple lines available to your business) and won’t reach a voicemail, ensuring they get the answers and support they deserve when they need it most. We can answer your calls outside of traditional business hours, even 24/7 should you need it, further boosting your customer service reputation and putting you a step ahead of your competitors.

The ringing phone can be an awful distraction during your day, but we all know how important each and every call can be, it could be your next big sale! Free yourself from the ringing phone by outsourcing your calls to us, safe in the knowledge that each call is being handled in just the way you choose, while you’re free to focus on the areas of your business that really warrant your time. You’re always in full control of when you divert your calls to us, and when you answer them in-house yourself, so when you want freedom from the ringing phone the power’s always in your hands!

There’s no need to hire more staff to answer your calls, just let us take on the role. There’s no guessing how many staff you might need, we have a small team on hand and multiple lines, so we can handle any increase in call volume, however unexpected. You don’t have to worry about covering the phone during staff lunch-breaks, sickness or holidays, that’s all on our watch! You don’t have any of the hassle of advertising, interviewing and training staff, just trust us when we say we already hire just the type of team member you’d look to hire yourself!

…not yet convinced that a Telephone Answering Service could be the solution you’ve been looking for? Call a member of our friendly team today to ask any further questions you might have on 01273 741400.

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