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Thursday, February 18th, 2021

making a deal with no monthly subscription

A call answering plan that’s as flexible as your call answering needs from month to month. There’s no fixed monthly fee, no wastage if you have a quiet month, just a bank of credits to use throughout the year as-and-when you need them!

When it comes to answering calls for your business, most providers offer something very similar to your mobile phone contract. Each month you pay a fixed amount, each month you’re allowed a certain amount of calls or minutes, and if you go over that quota you pay a premium, and anything you don’t use…well…that’s hard luck. BUT what if you have no idea how many calls you might get, what if it’s likely to change from month to month – how can you possibly get the right monthly subscription for that?!

If a monthly plan simply isn’t right for you, at CSnotepad we offer a flexible call answering plan that might better suit your business at the moment.

With our continued aim to shape our service around the changing needs of our customers (particularly during such challenging and unpredictable times), we offer an Annual Flexi-Plan that gives you your entire years call allowance at the start of a 12 month period.

Rather than allocating you a monthly allowance, you pay upfront to have all your quota for the entire year credited to your account. They’re yours to use as you choose, use them all in the first month, or all in the least week if you choose. Keep them on hand to use while your staff are on furlough, to cover unexpected staff sickness, or simply to support your business and maintain good customer service when your team is stretched. It’s up to you how and when you use them – you have a full 12 months. No monthly invoice, no monthly hassle, no monthly wastage – and if you run out you can simply purchase more!

Each call credit gets you your incoming call answered promptly with your own personalised business greeting by one of our professional and friendly Customer Service Advisors. Each member of our team is trained on your business, and gets to know your products and services, and even your frequent callers. Each and every one of your calls is handled in just the way you choose, asking the questions you’d like, collecting the information you need, and always offering a great personable service.

For more information about our Flexible Plans without a monthly contract, just call one of our team today on 01273 741400.

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