Is the Future for Your Business Homeworking? Increase Your Professional Edge with CSnotepad

Thursday, January 14th, 2021

working from home

It may have been stressful to begin with, but have you found that you and your team have really got in the swing of homeworking?

Many businesses are now weighing up whether they need to go back to the office full-time…or even at all!

One recurring reason that businesses reach out to us is to bridge the gap in professionalism between office working and homeworking.

During lock-down, your clients and potential customers will likely be understanding of less-then-professional standards like calling personal mobile or home landline numbers, reaching non-business voicemails, having to redial a number rather than being transferred, and letting slide the barking dog and crying child. But, what if you’re looking for a long-term solution to homeworking drawbacks? Find out more about Telephone Answering by CSnotepad…

Think of us like your very own central receptionist, answering, handling and directing your incoming calls professionally, efficiently and reliably.

Privacy to your home workers – no need to give out their personal mobile or landline numbers.

Divert your office phone number to us (it’s simple and we’ll talk you through it). Then your CSnotepad virtual receptionist team will simply answer each call with your business greeting, and patch the call through to the relevant member of your team on their mobile or home landline, but it wont be traceable by the caller, maintaining the privacy of your team.

Ensure that every call gets answered, even during lunch breaks, sickness and holidays.
We have multiple lines available so we can take more than one call at a time. There’s no long wait times or engaged tone for your callers. We can even offer you telephone answering beyond standard business hours – 24/7 if you need it!

Ensure that every call reaches the person in your team best to deal with it.
With only the calls that need to reach you, actually reaching you, you and your team are free from unnecessary distraction giving you the time and space to work on the areas of your business that really need your focus. You can even put in place a hierachy of numbers, so if we can’t reach the best person in your team to deal with a new sale enquiry for example, we’ll then try the next person on your list and so on…

Produce a professional and efficient customer service image for your business – without exception.
A telephone answering service from CSnotepad gives your business an impressive professional image, you’ll appear to have your very own receptionist in place, answering, directing and handling your calls. Your callers will never know that they haven’t reached your business directly – it’s what we pride ourselves on!

We can also make simple outbound calls on your behalf. So, if you have an important call that needs making, but you’re concerned about making that call from home, we’ll happily step in!

Home working? Professionalism SORTED!

For more information on our service and to find out whether it could be the perfect solution for your business and home workers, call one of our friendly team on 01273 741400.

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