We’ll Act as a Switchboard for Your Home Workers – Wherever They’re Based

Monday, September 7th, 2020

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Do you still have members of your team working from home as your business picks up? Are you juggling things between a split team of home workers and office workers?

We can help you maintain a professional and efficient service for your customers by working seamlessly with you as a switchboard. We’ll divert your incoming calls to the correct member of your team, without needing to give out personal mobile or home landline numbers.

It’s a fast, easy and a cost effective solution to helping your business run smoothly.

The benefits:
Let CSnotepad act as a central receptionist for you, directing all of your incoming calls to the person best to deal with them. Callers will never know that your new friendly and professional ‘switchboard’ receptionist isn’t a member of your own in-house team – it’s what we pride ourselves on!

You’ll have a small team allocated to your account, they’ll get to know your business, your products or services, your team members and their roles. Your CSnotepad team will even get to know your frequent callers – your frequent callers will even get to know them too! Every call will be answered with your personalised business greeting, and our Customer Service Advisors will ask your callers the questions that you choose with your own tailored script.

With multiple lines available to your business, your CSnotepad team can handle several calls to your business at once.

Callers won’t reach personal voicemail messages when a member of your team is unable to answer.

Callers won’t reach engaged tones, or be made to wait in a queue to reach you.

Callers won’t be asked to hang-up and re-dial a mobile phone number for the member of your team they need to liaise with. They can be seamlessly and professionally transferred.

Your calls can be answered beyond standard business hours should you require it.

There’s no break in our telephone answering service for lunch breaks, staff sickness or holidays!

We’ll offer you a reliable and uninterrupted service, whenever you need it.

How it works:
Our call agents can direct your calls to any phone number you choose, whether it’s to a mobile number, extension number, home landline, branch number or customer’s site. Changes to your script can quickly and easily be made as-and-when you need them, altering how and where your calls are directed. With CSnotepad you’re always in full control of how your calls are handled.

When your new CSnotepad team receives a call, we can ask the questions that you choose. The caller may know the member of your team that they’d like to talk to, if so your Customer Service Advisor can then connect the call through – just like a central receptionist – protecting the privacy of your home worker as they’ll never need to give out a private number. If however the caller has an enquiry, depending on the subject, we can then divert their call to the person you have allocated best to handle it. If the member of your team is unavailable to take the call, we can then try the next person you have allocated best to handle the enquiry and so on… You can even equip your new CSnotepad team with the information to handle your general enquiries or most frequently asked questions.

You and your team will no longer be disturbed by phone calls that aren’t intended for you. Allowing your team to focus on the successful running of your business – wherever they’re working from!

For more information on getting a switchboard set-up for your business, call a member of our friendly team today on 01273 741400.

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