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Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Google Maps shoing your virtual address

What is a Virtual Address?
A virtual address is an office address that becomes yours to use as you wish, print it on your business cards, use it for your invoicing, add it to your website, even register it with Companies House if you choose. You can use it for all your business correspondence, giving it freely to all of your suppliers and customers – it will quite literally appear to your customers that your business is located at your virtual address – even Google Maps can show you there!

How does it work?
You’re not renting the physical office here at CSnotepad, just simply renting the right to use the address as your own. All post that arrives for your business can be forwarded on to your home address, collected at your convenience, or we can take your letters, scan them and email them over to you for speed and ease – the choice is yours.

Why should it matter that we’re a licensed provider for a Virtual Address?
Being licensed means that our address fully complies with the Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations and we are licensed by HMRC to offer a virtual address service. The regulations that we meet (and exceed!) are there to give you peace of mind that we handle, store and dispose of your personal information and documents correctly. Our license proves that our business has the correct systems in place to never expose your personal information to fraudulent use.

At CSnotepad we’ll always ask you for certain documentation such as proof of identity and proof of address before you’re able to use our service. The need for documentation even applies to anyone receiving or collecting your mail on your behalf – this might sound like a hassle, but keep in mind that such measures are in place to ensure that your personal mail and documents never fall into the wrong hands.

For more information on our Virtual Address Service – head over to our website.

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