Are You Struggling to Decide Between Our Monthly Call Plan & Our Annual Flexi-Plan?

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

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We’re really pleased that you’re considering our service, and we want you to know that we’re always on the end of the phone, a quick email, or an online web chat conversation away from answering any questions you might have.

BUT…if you’re just after a bit more general information regarding which type of plan to choose…we hope this short blog might help clear things up a little!

Let’s use an example…let’s take our intermediate £140 plan and see how it differs from Monthly Subscription to Annual Flexi…

Our Intermediate Monthly Subscription Plan
What will it cost me?

You’ll pay £140 every month.

What will I get?
You’ll get 200 call credits to use in that month. Any additional calls over the 200 allowance will be chargeable at a per call rate. The plan also includes all of our other services, such as a virtual office address, personalised out of hours voicemail, no charge for cold calls or wrong numbers, ad-hoc outbound calls, 24/7 telephone answering, call forwarding, VIP caller recognition…

Am I tied in?
You’re not locked into using the service, you can stop at any time, it’s just a 2 month notice period to end the service (this is because we plan our staffing 2 months in advance for call plans to ensure that your calls are always answered promptly).

Our Intermediate Annual Flexi-Plan
What will it cost me?

You’d pay £1680 in advance (12 x £140)

What will I get?
You’ll get the full 2400 call allowance credited to your account to use over a 12 month period. It won’t matter if you use half of your allowance in a single week, you’d only be charged additional calls if you went over your 2400 allowance within 12 months. You’ll still get all the other great services included with the Intermediate Monthly Subscription too!

Am I tied in?
You’re not locked into using the service, you can stop at any time, but any unused call credits will not be refunded. If we don’t hear from you, your Flexi-Plan will renew each year.

Who might they suit?
Our Monthly Subscription is the most cost effective solution for businesses with a relatively steady call volume each month.

Our Annual Flexi-Plans are most cost effective for businesses that have either an unpredictable call volume, or predictable spikes and troughs through a 12 month period – a seasonal business for example.

Our monthly subscription suits a business that likes to reduce immediate expenditure, spread the cost, and pay each month for their service.

Our Annual Flexi-Plans suit a business that prefers to pay in a lump sum, with the flexible reassurance that no call credits will be wasted each month.

Bear in mind, whichever type of plan you choose, the higher the plan the cheaper each call credit becomes. But, with our Flexi-Plans, should you run out of call credits, you can always buy another bulk of credits at any point. With our monthly subscription plans, we can assess your call volume to ensure you’re always on the correct call plan to meet your needs.

For more information about our plan types, and to discuss your individual business call needs, simply give a friendly member of our team a call on 01273 741400.

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Are You Struggling to Decide Between Our Monthly Call Plan & Our Annual Flexi-Plan?

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