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Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

going up steps to business recovery

Step by step we can help you with your business recovery.

We’re shouting out to all Brighton businesses, Hove businesses and Sussex businesses. Did you know there’s a local business right here waiting to give you that leg-up that your business needs? You’re not alone if your business has taken a knock (or a wrecking ball hit!) during this pandemic, but there are actions you can take now to speed up your recovery…

Get support from a virtual receptionist like CSnotepad. Hand over the ringing phone, the nitty-gritty, the boring admin! Clear time and mental space so that you can focus your efforts on building your business in the areas that really warrant your time and energy.

How we can help:
We can handle your incoming calls for you (and rid you of that ringing phone!), we can simply take a message and contact details, or we can deal with enquiries, patch calls through to other members of staff, take orders, book appointments, even process payments. We can take on any of your admin work, updating databases, organising mail-outs, deal with social media to name just a few. We really can shape a service that meets your needs, we never expect you to fit into a predetermined template, so however niche or specialised your needs – try us! You can even just put us in place as a safety net during unexpected busy periods, staff sickness, holidays or out of business hours support. It’s all possible!

How it works:
We have a friendly and professional team in our Hove office who will be thoroughly trained on your business, so they’ll get to know you and your products or services, your suppliers, and even your frequent callers – your frequent callers will even get to know them too! Your calls will always be answered with your own personalised business greeting so your callers will never know they haven’t reached your own in-house team directly. You’ll work with your own account manager to shape a service that helps you combat the challenges your business is currently facing, and that service can adapt as your business needs change. We have plans to meet the needs of any size business, whether you’re a sole trader or multi-office business, so there’s no need to view us as an additional financial strain. We even offer flexible plans so you’ll never be wasting money month-to-month if your business experiences future peaks and troughs.

Why us:
We’re not a large scale call centre, so we’re not impersonal. We have the carefully selected staff and passion for service that allows us to meet the needs of even the most service driven businesses. We have over 12 years experience offering virtual receptionist services to hundreds of businesses in a wide span of industries. It doesn’t matter how niche your business is, or how specialised your challenges are, we’re confident we can help. If you need a little extra peace of mind, do take a look at our reviews on Google.

Head over to our website for more details on our services, or feel free to call a friendly member of our team today on 01273 741400.

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