We’ll Help You Maintain Your Work-Life Balance as Lockdown Eases & Business Picks Up

Monday, June 8th, 2020

balancing life

We hope you’ve managed to find some positives in all the disruption to your home-life and work-life since lockdown began. We hope that as we make positive steps towards slowly returning to normal, you are starting to question which parts of normal you want to return to. Which changes throughout lockdown are you keen to maintain; is it the amount of time you’ve spent with your children or partner, or perhaps it’s the quality of time that’s been shared? Have you found a new determination to make time for your own fitness and wellbeing, whether that’s simply taking time to go for a walk?

With lock-down restrictions lifting, let us help you maintain a work-life balance that not only supports your business, but also helps you make time for the things that really matter to you. As your business starts to demand more from you, make sure you don’t slip back into old habits.

Its easier than you think to grow your business and still have quality time away from it. Being so emotionally invested in your business can mean that it’s hard to switch off after a day at work, particularly if your business has been heavily impacted by the lockdown, and you are fighting the urge to give your business every bit of your time to aid its recovery. Don’t let your work-life and personal-life start to merge together – don’t let your newly found priorities suffer. It may feel an impossible task, particularly if you’re working from home, so here are our three top tips for maintaining a work-life balance:

Give yourself time off
It can be tempting to work as often as possible when you run a business, but you should always give yourself the same rights as you’d give an employee. Give yourself proper breaks and lunch breaks, stop working at a set time each day, allocate time for the things that have newly invigorated you such as exercise, walks and quality family time. Make sure that you take holidays and days off frequently. We know what you’re thinking….it’s impossible right? Wrong! Read on…

Get a telephone answering service or virtual receptionist
During the lockdown you may have had no choice but to give out your personal home or mobile phone number, opening yourself up to a regular stream of business-related calls that will be hard to manage as business picks up. Many business owners find that their home-life starts to be interrupted by calls from customers, clients and salespeople outside of business hours. You know all too well that every call counts, and you never know if the next call could be your next big sale…but trust us when we say these small invasions are a slippery slope. Constantly answering calls will eat into your personal life, and can also distract you when you’re working. As a result, your productivity will be lower and your stress levels undoubtedly higher.

With a virtual receptionist service like ours, you’ll have a small team of polite and friendly customer service advisors ready and waiting to take your calls. They’ll sound just as though they’re an extensions of your own team, so your business will always sound professional and well established.

You have full control over how you’d like your calls handled and when. Your virtual receptionists can deal with general enquiries, take orders, book appointments, even process payments on your behalf. Alternatively, your virtual receptionist can simply take a message and contact details so that you can deal with calls when it’s convenient for you. You choose when you’d like to direct your calls to your virtual receptionist, and when you’d like to take your calls yourself. You don’t need to give us advance warning, or fill out any forms, your divert is yours to switch on and off. So, when you choose to ‘step away’ from the office you really can step-away, confident that every call is still being answered, even 24 hours a day 7 days a week if you need it.

Make a separate physical space for your work
Lastly, it might be time to really assess where you’re currently working, and how to alter your set-up as your business starts to demand more from you.

Don’t work in bed, or in the living room as you watch TV. Ideally, don’t work at the dining table either. You need a defined work space – ideally a separate room – that you don’t spend your leisure time in. Work in a home office and shut the door as you leave; the physical closing of the door should be linked to a mental closing of the door, so that your work is locked away. By working in places that you spend your leisure time, you’re inviting work into other parts of your life and might find it harder to stop and relax.

Chat to a member of our friendly team today about how we can support your business and help you manage your time 01273 741400.

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We’ll Help You Maintain Your Work-Life Balance as Lockdown Eases & Business Picks Up


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