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Are Your Customers Now Choosing to Buy Online? – Don’t Let Them Turn to a Competitor

Monday, June 29th, 2020

shoppers turning to online

The changes to our daily life have been far reaching – the Covid-19 threat has altered the way we socialise, work and even shop.

As shops closed, people turned to the safety and convenience of online shopping, only time will tell if people return to high street shopping in quite the same way. Have you made changes to your website to cater for the new retail norm?

The online marketplace is a busy one, don’t give potential customers a reason to look elsewhere.

Unlike face-to-face shopping where you can give immediate answers to questions that may be holding a customer back from making a purchase, the online world can be slower to get answers. Don’t rely on email; in the time it takes for you to spot the email and respond, your customer could already be on another website that might just answer their query, and give them the confidence to make their purchase then and there! …leaving you wondering why they never responded to your email (which I’m sure offered great service and a thorough answer to their query) or more importantly never made a purchase on your site.

The solution is live chat…

Adding a Live Web Chat window to your website gives your website visitors a friendly, professional and knowledgable ‘virtual’ customer service advisor, just waiting to answer questions, assist with ordering, and deal with any payment queries. Not only can we provide the software (which is simple to add to your website) but also the conscientious staff available to respond to any chat requests – freeing up your time to grow your business without distraction!

Don’t rely on the telephone alone. You’d be surprised how many people don’t like to pick up the phone, particularly if their query is small, but enough to stop them making a purchase on your site. They’re put off by the potential wait times to get through to someone, the frustrating option menus to get through to the right someone, and the potential call cost they might be hit with after calling! Often people browse the internet during their lunch hour, or even during work hours, when making a call simply isn’t convenient. Live Web Chat is fast, convenient, and a discreet alternative to picking up the phone.

Visit our website to find out more, if you’re unsure whether Live Web Chat is right for you, take advantage of our free trial: 30 days free

We’re Top of the Game when it Comes to VA! – 4 Reasons to Choose CSnotepad for Your Virtual Address

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

virtual business address mail forwarding

Let’s dive straight into the top 4 reasons to choose us as your virtual office provider…

1) Cost effective alternative to renting an office space
Get the credibility you and your business deserves by having a Brighton and Hove business address by renting the right to use our business centre address as your own. Brighton is an extremely expensive place to rent office space – so by choosing your virtual office address here, you really are making a huge saving! You’ll get all the benefits of ‘virtually’ basing your business here, without any of the associated costs of a physical office space.

2) Plans from as low as £17.50 a month
We believe our Virtual Address is a cost effective solution for all businesses, no matter your reason for choosing a virtual business address. You even have the option of paying monthly, or paying for a year in advance if you’d like to benefit from our generous discount. Once you’ve set-up your account (which is an easy and fast process taking less than 5 minutes – it can even be done online) and selected the plan that is best for you, we will email you confirmation that your address service is live (usually the same day) and then you’re free to start using our address as your own.

3) Flexible options for getting your mail
When we say “use our address as your own” we really mean it! Use it on your business cards, your website, your email signature, even use it on Google Maps as your office location. Give it out to all of your customers and providers, use it for all of your deliveries and mail. All post that arrives for your business can be forwarded onto your home address, collected at your convenience, or letters can even be scanned and emailed over to you for speed and ease – the choice is yours.

4) We’re Companies House approved, fully comply with the Anti Money Laundering regulations, and licensed by HMRC to offer our virtual address service

….you’d be amazed how many companies aren’t!

We’ve been providing businesses services for over 13 years now, we’re proud of our success and longevity within the industry, and believe a lot of this is down to our approach. We never cut corners and always ensure that our services are professional and meet (if not exceed) all current regulations. So you can feel confident and assured that your information and private mail is handled (and when needed, disposed of) appropriately and in-line with current guidelines relating to data handling and anti money laundering. For this reason, we will always require proof of identity and address for each person named on the account you set-up with us. This ensures that your information and documents never fall into the wrong hands. We even security PIN protect documents we send to you…

For more information on how we protect you, be sure to visit our website here.

As we’re Companies House approved, you can use your new virtual address as your registered office address with Companies House at no extra cost.

CSnotepad extra service worth considering…
Combine a virtual address with one of our affordable telephone answering subscriptions – they start at just £39 a month. Some of our subsciption plans even include the Virtual Address for FREE! We will answer calls on your behalf, always with your personalised business greeting, and always by a professional and fully trained customer service advisor who knows your business. We can simply take a message on your bhalf, or alternatively we can deal with general enquiries, take orders, book in appointments and even process payments. We can shape a call aswering service that really meets your needs. The caller will have no idea they haven’t reached your own in-house receptionist!

A virtual office address provides a simple, affordable and business changing solution. Call a member of our friendly team today on 01273 741400 for more information on a virtual address or any of our business services.

Tempted to Sell Your Telephone Answering Business? – We’d Love to Hear from You

Friday, June 12th, 2020

looking out to new horizons

The current covid-19 stresses and uncertainties may have prompted you to consider making changes, and selling your business might be one of them.

Our new way of working and new way of living has encouraged us all to rethink our ‘normal’, reassess our priorities, and really think about how we choose to spend our time. Maybe you’re now enjoying more quality time with your partner, your children, and even your pets. We hope you’re now also investing a little more into your own well-being, where before perhaps it took a back-seat. Are you reading more, exercising more, and resting more, or even just going for a regular walk to get fresh air and appreciate your surroundings? As lockdown lifts, you may be asking yourself if it’s time to reassess your work-life balance and decide to try something new, finally retire, minimise your business portfolio, or just take some time out to decide what it is you do want to do next. If selling your telephone answering business plays a part in the new vision for your future, we’d be very interested in hearing from you.

There’s no denying that the current times are tough and challenging for businesses, and planning for a pandemic isn’t something you may have necessarily worked into your business contingency! It doesn’t matter if your business is surviving, struggling, or barely staying afloat – we’d still be very interested in talking with you.

We have an interest in the potential purchase of any business or client base large or small in the virtual receptionist / telephone answering sector. Whether you run your business alone with a handful of clients, or have a large team of call agents dealing with the needs of your many customers – we’re keen to have a chat.

Rest assured, any discussion with us will remain strictly confidential and we’re happy to sign non-disclosure agreements to give you added protection and peace of mind.

Call us on 01273 741400 or email us on

We’ll Help You Maintain Your Work-Life Balance as Lockdown Eases & Business Picks Up

Monday, June 8th, 2020

balancing life

We hope you’ve managed to find some positives in all the disruption to your home-life and work-life since lockdown began. We hope that as we make positive steps towards slowly returning to normal, you are starting to question which parts of normal you want to return to. Which changes throughout lockdown are you keen to maintain; is it the amount of time you’ve spent with your children or partner, or perhaps it’s the quality of time that’s been shared? Have you found a new determination to make time for your own fitness and wellbeing, whether that’s simply taking time to go for a walk?

With lock-down restrictions lifting, let us help you maintain a work-life balance that not only supports your business, but also helps you make time for the things that really matter to you. As your business starts to demand more from you, make sure you don’t slip back into old habits.

Its easier than you think to grow your business and still have quality time away from it. Being so emotionally invested in your business can mean that it’s hard to switch off after a day at work, particularly if your business has been heavily impacted by the lockdown, and you are fighting the urge to give your business every bit of your time to aid its recovery. Don’t let your work-life and personal-life start to merge together – don’t let your newly found priorities suffer. It may feel an impossible task, particularly if you’re working from home, so here are our three top tips for maintaining a work-life balance:

Give yourself time off
It can be tempting to work as often as possible when you run a business, but you should always give yourself the same rights as you’d give an employee. Give yourself proper breaks and lunch breaks, stop working at a set time each day, allocate time for the things that have newly invigorated you such as exercise, walks and quality family time. Make sure that you take holidays and days off frequently. We know what you’re thinking….it’s impossible right? Wrong! Read on…

Get a telephone answering service or virtual receptionist
During the lockdown you may have had no choice but to give out your personal home or mobile phone number, opening yourself up to a regular stream of business-related calls that will be hard to manage as business picks up. Many business owners find that their home-life starts to be interrupted by calls from customers, clients and salespeople outside of business hours. You know all too well that every call counts, and you never know if the next call could be your next big sale…but trust us when we say these small invasions are a slippery slope. Constantly answering calls will eat into your personal life, and can also distract you when you’re working. As a result, your productivity will be lower and your stress levels undoubtedly higher.

With a virtual receptionist service like ours, you’ll have a small team of polite and friendly customer service advisors ready and waiting to take your calls. They’ll sound just as though they’re an extensions of your own team, so your business will always sound professional and well established.

You have full control over how you’d like your calls handled and when. Your virtual receptionists can deal with general enquiries, take orders, book appointments, even process payments on your behalf. Alternatively, your virtual receptionist can simply take a message and contact details so that you can deal with calls when it’s convenient for you. You choose when you’d like to direct your calls to your virtual receptionist, and when you’d like to take your calls yourself. You don’t need to give us advance warning, or fill out any forms, your divert is yours to switch on and off. So, when you choose to ‘step away’ from the office you really can step-away, confident that every call is still being answered, even 24 hours a day 7 days a week if you need it.

Make a separate physical space for your work
Lastly, it might be time to really assess where you’re currently working, and how to alter your set-up as your business starts to demand more from you.

Don’t work in bed, or in the living room as you watch TV. Ideally, don’t work at the dining table either. You need a defined work space – ideally a separate room – that you don’t spend your leisure time in. Work in a home office and shut the door as you leave; the physical closing of the door should be linked to a mental closing of the door, so that your work is locked away. By working in places that you spend your leisure time, you’re inviting work into other parts of your life and might find it harder to stop and relax.

Chat to a member of our friendly team today about how we can support your business and help you manage your time 01273 741400.

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