Struggling with Working & Answering Your Phone? We’ll Answer Your Calls for You

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

Phone being answered

Keep doing what you do best, and leave the rest to us.

You don’t have to work and answer your phone.

You don’t have to switch your phone to silent every time you’re in a meeting or on a job, and you definitely shouldn’t be relying on your voicemail to run your business. Most people wont leave a message and instead call one of your competitors.

A ringing phone can be a nuissance, it can sound unprofessional when you’re with customers, and it’s distracting if you’re focused on working. However, you know all too well that the next call you receive could be a sale and an opportunity to move your business forward. Every call matters.

Don’t miss a call, get every call answered while you’re busy and focused on doing what you do best!

With a telephone answering service from CSnotepad, we have a small team of professional and friendly customer service agents waiting to take your calls. We’ll never sound impersonal like a call centre – in fact we pride ourselves on sounding just like an extension of your own workforce. Our small team will get to know your products, services, and callers – your callers will even get to know your new virtual team too!

8 great reasons to use our telephone answering service:

1. We’ll answer every call with your own personalised business greeting.

2. We’ll form a database of your frequent callers and important clients, when they call we’ll give them the recognition and warmth of service they deserve – just as you would.

3. Your business will sound well established, callers will assume you have your own receptionist!

4. We can book in appointments on your behalf.

5. We can take orders and process payments.

6. We can deal with general enquiries and provide answers to your most frequently asked questions.

7. You’re always in control of when we answer your calls and when you’re free and would like to answer them yourself. We’ll help you maintain a healthy work life balance.

8. We can answer your calls during office hours, extended hours, or even 24/7 if you need it!

…and we could go on and on and on!

Our service is fully tailored to the needs of your business. Our staff and services can adapt as your business grows or changes, and we’ll always do everything we can to support you through any challenges you might face – however unexpected.

Talk to a friendly member of our team today about removing the burden of answering your phone. It’s quick and easy to set-up so make that positive step today that could really change your business for the better. CSnotepad – 01273 741400.

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