Home Working – You Don’t Have to Give Out Your Employees Mobile Phone Numbers – Stay Professional with a Telephone Answering Service

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

home working with mobile phone privacy

If your team is working from home, that doesn’t mean you need to give out their personal mobile phone numbers to your customers, clients and suppliers – and it certainly doesn’t mean that your callers need to reach personal and unprofessional voicemail messages when their calls can’t be answered!

If you and your team are working from home, you’ll no doubt be faced with many challenges, privacy and maintaining professionalism is likely to be one of them.

You desperately need to keep your business functioning as normally as possible, handling your incoming calls professionally isn’t an area you need to fumble a solution for. Just turn to a telephone answering service like ours – we have over 13 years experience answering calls for hundreds of different businesses within a vast range of industries.

A telephone answering service can…
Answer all your incoming calls with your own personalised business greeting
Find out the reason for the call by asking the questions you choose
Direct the call to the best person in your team to deal with it
Calls can be directed to a landline or a mobile phone
The caller is never able to trace the number that the call is patched through too – maintaining privacy for your employees

How this maintains your professionalism…
Calls are answered by a small team of polite and friendly customer service advisors who are trained on your business.
Your callers will never know they haven’t reached you directly, they’ll always sound like an extension of your own in-house team.
Callers won’t be asked to hang-up and redial a mobile phone number for the member of your team they need to liaise with.
Callers won’t reach personal voicemail messages when a member of your team is unable to answer.
Callers won’t reach engaged tones, or be made to wait in a queue to reach you if you’re already dealing with a call – we have multiple lines.
Your calls can be answered beyond standard business hours should you require it.
There’s no break in our telephone answering service for lunch breaks, staff sickness or holidays!

You and your team will no longer be disturbed by phone calls that aren’t intended for you. Allowing your team to focus on the successful running of your business.

Our telephone answering service is always tailored to your needs. You have full control of the script we use when answering your calls, the questions we ask, the information we take from callers, and how you’d then like each call handled. You can even put a hierarchy in place, so if we’re unable to get hold of the member of your team best to deal with a particular call, we can then try the next best member of your team and so on…

Calling back:
If a client or customer needs to contact a member of your team directly, they can simply call your main business number, ask for the person they’d like to talk to, and our customer service advisor can then connect the call through – just like a central receptionist – protecting the privacy of your home worker as they’ll never need to give out their private number.

Diverting your line:
Diverting your business line to us is simple, no matter whether it’s a home landline, business line or mobile phone number. We can talk you through how to set up this simple divert so that all your incoming calls divert to us. But you’re always in full control, should you wish to answer the calls yourself at any point, you simply switch off your divert.

This service is fast to set-up, let your business start to benefit from the support of a telephone answering service. Talk to a member of our friendly team today on 01273 741400.

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