Getting to Know the Terminology: What is a Virtual Telephone Number?

Sunday, March 8th, 2020

virtual telephone number

What is a Virtual Telephone Number?
A virtual telephone number is a number that can be provided to you, it is exclusively yours, and comes with an area code therefore appearing to be a landline number. This number is however virtual, and any calls made to it will need to be diverted, either to your mobile or home landline for you to answer, or they can be answered on your behalf by a virtual receptionist.

Who could benefit from a Virtual Telephone Number….and how?
If you’re a sole-trader, lone-ranger, or a new start-up.
If your business doesn’t have an office and instead is based from home (no matter the field you’re working in).
If you’re looking to extend the geographical reach of your business, and pull in new customers from further afield.

…in all of these instances, a virtual telephone number could really help boost a business.

It’s all about what it stands for…

A landline evokes lots of reassuring connections for your potential customers. A landline telephone number is connected to a place, it has an area code and offers a sense of location, traceability and permanence. It tells a potential customer that you (appear to have) a base, an office, and a physical presence. This offers reassurances to a customer who is contemplating spending money with you, and may give you the edge over a competitor who only has a mobile telephone number. You’ll instantly appear the more established business – and the better choice!

Relying on your mobile, or using your own home landline number comes with lots of privacy pitfalls. Do you really want to be handing out your personal phone number to customers and suppliers, do you really want them being able to trace the number to your family home? And what about your mobile…how will you know if it’s a personal call or a business call, will you just have to answer your phone with your professional greeting whether it’s your family or your biggest client calling?! Finally, it’s impossible to set boundaries and have business hours and quality time away from work. There’s no way of knowing when the phone rings at 7:30pm on a Saturday that it’s a work call that could have waited until Monday morning.

You always remain in full control of where you send your Virtual Telephone Number. Your callers will never know if it’s being diverted to your mobile, your home landline, your voicemail, or even answered by a telephone answering service that can handle the call for you.

A telephone answering service (like ours at CSnotepad!) can take a name, number and message for you and give you the information so you can return the call at your convenience. They can deal with general enquiries on your behalf, make bookings, take orders and even take payments – all while appearing as though members of your own in-house team, and always answered with your own personalised business greeting.

Do you already have an established business, but looking to extend your reach?
A virtual telephone number could be perfect for you. With it’s area code, the virtual telephone number you’re provided with could be for any area you choose within the UK. You can add this number to your website and all business marketing, it will instantly appear as though you have a new regional office, and this could appeal to a whole new audience of potential customers looking for a local solution. Any calls made to your new number can simply be diverted to your main business number to be answered.

We hope this gives you a clearer idea of what a virtual telephone number is, how it works, and how it could be a perfect solution for so many business owners.

For more information on Virtual Telephone Numbers or any of our Virtual Office Services – chat to a member of our friendly team on 01273 741400.

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