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Getting to Know Call Answering Terminolgy: What is Call Patching?

Monday, January 27th, 2020

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Have you been looking for some help with answering your telephone calls, have you been searching the internet, looking at virtual receptionist websites and call answering services, are you coming across terminology that you’re finding hard to get to grips with? Let us strip back some of the jargon and give you the bare bones of what a service like ours can really offer your business.

In this blog we get to grips with the term ‘Call Patching’

What is call patching?
How is it implemented as a service?
How can it help a business like yours?

What is call patching?
Call patching allows you to have either all calls, calls by enquiry topic, or specific callers diverted or ‘patched’ through to your mobile, your land-line, or any number you specify. The word ‘patching’ can really be swapped with the word ‘divert’. However, with a patching service you get the benefit of a friendly and professional customer service advisor answering and handling the call, then correctly choosing the destination of the divert based on your criteria, and finally managing the divert on your behalf.

How is it implemented as a service?
Here’s an example of how it works at CSnotepad:
Let’s imagine that you’ve set up a patching service with us. You’ve asked that any incoming call that we answer relating to a sales enquiry be patched through to the member of your team that deals with sales, this person might be in the office, but equally they could even work from home – you supply us with the best number to reach them on.

Our call agent will answer your incoming call as though they are a member of your own team, answering with your own personalised business greeting. They will then ask and note the callers name and reason for calling, if the reason is a sales enquiry they will briefly put the caller on hold while they call the number you’ve provided for the member of your team dealing with sales. The customer service advisor will give your sales representative the information regarding the callers enquiry. Your sales representative can then choose to take the call (which will then be patched to them), or if it’s not convenient, the agent will return to the caller and take a message and details, and pass this information on by text or email so the call can be later returned by your sales representative.

If the call isn’t sales related, it can be handled by our customer service agents in any way you choose, the call can be patched elsewhere, a message can be taken, a general enquiry can be dealt with, or even a payment can be taken on your behalf.

How can it help a business like yours?
You are always in full control of your service at CSnotepad, it’s flexible and works to meet your needs. You can patch calls through to any number you choose, whether it’s a landline or mobile number. You can even put a hierachy of numbers in place, so if we can’t get through to someone on the landline, we could then try their mobile, or even another member of your team entirely.

You can have multiple call patching services in place. Perhaps you’d like sales enquiries patched to one person, while callers wanting to make payments patched through to another. Perhaps you’d like calls during office hours patched to one number, while enquiries made out of hours patched somewhere else – no problem!

We can even act as a central reception, managing incoming calls for multiple offices, patching them through to the correct branch or departments.

The uses of a call patching service can be revolutionary for your business, helping efficiency of your team (no unnecessary disruptions to team members who aren’t best to handle the call they’ve received), streamlining (calls end up exactly where they should, no needless passing between people and departments) and a far better and competent customer experience, boosting your customer service reputation. Call patching also offers you the flexibility to manage which calls disturb you and which don’t. You may wish to deal with certain customers personally, while others you’re happy to be dealt with by one of our trained customer service advisors or another member of your team.

Added bonus: call patching offers you an additional level of privacy, you are able to take important phone calls from your personal mobile or home landline without having to give out personal numbers to clients or suppliers. The caller simply calls your work number and is patched through to your private number which they are not able to trace.

Who knew call patching could offer so much?! …Well we did, which is why we’re extremely proud of the breadth of services we offer with call patching – always shaped around your needs.

Talk to a member of our team today about call patching to see how we can work with you to manage your incoming calls – 01273 741400.

Buy Yourself What You Really Wanted for Christmas – Here’s £50

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

buying yourself something nice

Refer a new customer to us and we’ll send you a £50 Amazon voucher to say thank you!

3 things you don’t need to do…
You don’t need to give the hard sell
You don’t need to know the ins and outs of what we offer
You don’t have to jump through any hoops to get your voucher

3 things we’d really love you to do…
We’d love you to talk positively about your experience using our service
We’d love you to tell others how we’re helping you achieve your business goals
We’d love you to recommend us as the right company to choose

Not everyone has heard of a virtual receptionist, not everyone knows that we could be the solution they’ve been looking for. We can help make running a business more manageable, and we can free up time to help make it grow – we’d love for you to spread the word! You don’t have to swat-up on what we offer, just talk openly and positively about your own experience using any of our services.

Good comments and positive word-of-mouth really are the very best marketing tools. A recommendation from a trusted acquaintance can make all the difference when struggling to decide between multiple businesses all seeming to offer similar services. You have more power than you realise!

As soon as someone you’ve referred signs up for a subscription with us, we’ll send you a £50 Amazon voucher. We always ask our new customers how they found us, so we’ll know that they were referred by you, or feel free to tell them to mention your name.

There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer to us, and therefore no cap to the number of vouchers we’ll send you. It really couldn’t be simpler!

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