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Starting a New Business in 2020? All You Need to Know About Starting with a Virtual Address

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

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Is 2020 the year to get your new business idea finally off the ground?

Here’s our 3 point plan to understanding and choosing a Virtual Address…

What is a Virtual Address?

Why is a Virtual Address great for a new start-up?

Why chose CSnotepad for your Virtual Address?

What is a Virtual Address?
A virtual address is an office address that becomes yours to use as you wish, print it on your business cards, use it for your invoicing, add it to your website, use it for all correspondence and deliveries, and even register it with Companies House if you choose. You can use it for all your business correspondence, giving it freely to all your suppliers and customers – it will literally appear to your customers that your business is located at your virtual address. However, you’re not renting the office, you’re simply renting the right to use the address as your own. All post that arrives for your business can be forwarded onto your home address, collected at your convenience, or (many providers like us at CSnotepad!) can take your letters, scan them and email them over to you for speed and ease – the choice is yours.

Why is a Virtual Address right for a new business?
It’s likely that you’ll start your business from home, and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s how the majority of new businesses start, but using your home address for all interactions with your customers has its downfalls. Having a virtual address is an easy and stress free step to building validity for your business while you continue to run your business from home.

A residential address doesn’t give the best first impression to potential customers, however professional you and your business may be, you can’t blame customers for feeling a little uneasy when they search your address on Google Maps and see you’re based from your front room! How will a residential address look on your business cards? Perhaps you think it doesn’t matter, but imagine you are your target audience who are inundated with other businesses offering similar products or services. A residential address does little to offer reassurance that you’re well established, successful and professional within your sector.

As well as thinking about the affect using your home address may have or the credibility of your business, you’d do well to also consider the possible implications for you and your family. You might experience a lack of privacy and feel uneasy giving out your home details, particularly as your database of contacts starts to grow. Depending on the nature of your business, you may find it inconvenient receiving business supplies and deliveries to your home address too.

Why choose CSnotepad for your Virtual Address?
At CSnotepad we do things properly, we take the handling of your information seriously and therefore always meet and exceed the necessary regulations.

If you’re looking for a virtual address we’d like to highlight that we’re a registered service (you’d be amazed how many virtual address providers aren’t). This means we fully comply with the Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations and we’re licensed by HMRC to offer our virtual address service.

Your business location tells your potential customers a lot about the success and reputability of your business, so your virtual address can really make a difference. Choose a diverse, open-minded and happy location to ‘virtually’ place your business – make it a Brighton and Hove address from CSnotepad. With just a chat on the phone to one of our friendly team members, we can have your business appearing to be in Brighton and Hove without all the hassles associated with starting a new office down south! 01273 741400.

Forget Festive Shutdown – Your Calls Answered Over Christmas

Friday, December 13th, 2019

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Your call answering doesn’t have to wind down just because it’s Christmas!

As you staff take time off over the holiday season, are you concerned about keeping your business ticking over?

Perhaps you have a business that doesn’t wind down over the festive season. You might offer an emergency response service, or need to deal with time sensitive enquiries. Or perhaps you simply want to continue to offer an exceptional service to your customers, even over Christmas, putting you a notch above your competitors.

Whatever your reason – with CSnotepad the quality of your service doesn’t have to suffer just because it’s the holiday season. Did you know we can answer your calls 24 hours a day, every day…even Christmas Day?!

Our core team of customer service advisors offer you call answering between 8:30am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and 9am until 3pm on Saturday, but we understand that your customers may need to call you in an emergency, make bookings, or have enquiries, so outside of these hours your calls can be answered by our extended hours team.

Another reason to choose CSnotepad…
Not only can we answer your calls on days that are traditionally holiday days, and extend this beyond core business hours, we can also offer to handle your calls differently depending on when we answer them! We’re proud to offer you a truly tailored service.

You might like a message to be taken and emailed to you for all out of hours calls, but calls taken during other times patched to you or another member of your team. Callers reaching out to you outside of core hours may have very different requirements, so outside of core hours we can patch calls through directly to your emergency team, or send messages via sms or email to relevant ‘on call’ team members. You are in complete control of how you’d like your calls to be handled by our team.

Already using our service? Extend your call answering hours by a little…or a lot!
If you already use our service, you can seamlessly extend your call answering with us to cover Sundays and bank holidays, or start earlier in the morning and extend later into the evening. In some cases we can add it free of charge to your current subscription package.

To find out more talk to a member of our team today on 01273 741400 or drop us an email on

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