Slay Your Time Vampires with the Help of a Virtual Receptionist

Thursday, October 31st, 2019

vampire at halloween

It’s time to pinpoint your time vampires and learn how to combat them!

A time vampire is anything that sucks time and therefore productivity from your day. Slaying your time vampires can really benefit your business and your sanity!

Read on for our attack on 3 common time vampires…

The ringing phone can be a real distraction to both you and your team. It’s not just the time taken to deal with answering the call, but it’s also the time it then takes for you to get back into the swing of the task you were absorbed in before the interruption – it’s a time sucker!

How a virtual receptionist could help…
Divert your calls to a virtual receptionist who can answer your calls as though a member of your own team, they can deal with general enquiries, book appointments, process orders and even take payments – all while you and your team continue working without distraction. You can choose when to divert your incoming calls, and when to answer them yourself, you’re always in full control. Perhaps you’d like to have morning free from the ringing phone, or maybe divert all calls during team meetings or when the team is stretched due to sickness or holiday.

Learn to delegate – have faith in others and delegate tasks you don’t need to be involved in. Don’t let pride get the better of you, consider delegating jobs further down your priority list, freeing up your time to deal with matters that really need and deserve your attention.

How a virtual receptionist could help…
Rather than preoccupying a member of your team with admin tasks when their time would be better spent elsewhere on your business – let a virtual receptionist lend a helping hand.

At CSnotepad our polite and professional team of customer service agents are on hand to take on a multitude of administration tasks including: email marketing, postal mail-outs, social media management, data input, customer care calls, debt chasing, document scanning, data cleansing, product inventories…no job is too large or too small, too repetitive or too peculiar!

Don’t tick boxes – doing things for the sake of it is a poor use of your time and doesn’t help anyone. Look at your task list and question the purpose, if you have a meeting but nothing to report consider rescheduling. A task that was relevant last month may not be relevant the next, always ensure that your time is targeted to areas that really matter, don’t simply retread a well trodden path through your diary just because it has always been your routine– you never know how much time you could free up.

How a virtual receptionist could help…
Diary management from a professional and experienced virtual receptionist company like CSnotepad can really help you to assess how you are using your time. We can take new appointments based on your availability, cancel or reschedule meetings, make outbound calls to arrange meetings, and manage multiple schedules for a team of workers.

In short, the key to fighting your time vampires is organisation and getting the right support! CSnotepad has a wide range of services that can be tailored to the individual needs of your business – just give us a call today and chat to a member of our friendly team on 01273 741400.

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