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Looking for a Virtual Office Address – Here’s Why You Should Make it Brighton!

Friday, October 18th, 2019

brighton royal pavillion

There are so many advantages to a virtual office address – you really can place yourself anywhere in the country without having to relocate! This helps you to appear more established to potential customers, as well as dramatically increasing your visibility through online search engines – opening your business to a whole new ‘local’ audience.

With just a chat on the phone to one of our friendly team members, we can have your business appearing to be in Brighton and Hove without all the hassles and fincancial strains associated with starting a new office down south! So why choose Brighton when you could ‘virtually’ be anywhere?…

Your business location tells your potential customers a lot about the success and reputability of your business, so your virtual address can really make a difference.

Choose a diverse, open-minded and happy location to ‘virtually’ place your business – Brighton and Hove has long been considered one of the best cities in the UK, voted the trendiest and happiest place to live, as well as having a well-earned reputation for tolerance and diversity. Brighton and Hove is a major tourist destination for good reason, attracting 8.5 million visitors a year spending over £69 million.

Let your business appear well connected – The city has exceptional transport links with London less than an hour by train and Gatwick International Airport just 30 minutes away. Brighton also offers good connections to France with ferry crossings to Dieppe from nearby Newhaven.

Appear to be surrounded by motivated people and a growing business scene – Brighton is one of the UK’s entrepreneurial capitals, voted the best place to start a business in the UK (study compiled by Informi 2018). Anita Roddick also opened the first Body Shop in Brighton in 1976 after seeing the potential in its diverse and responsive audience.

You’re more likely to have an above average workforce pushing your business forward– An impressive 50% of Brighton’s population have qualifications NVQ Level 4 and above, which is considerably above the average for the South East. That’s not a bad statistic for helping your potential customers feel that they’re in good hands by turning to your business over your competitors!

For more information on a Brighton virtual address contact us on 01273 741400 or visit us here, and to learn a little more about the benefits of a virtual address have a quick read of our blog: ‘Let Your Business Reach a Whole New Audience’.

Let Your Business Reach a Whole New Audience – Spread Your Reach with a Virtual Address from CSnotepad

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

new audience of people

Reach more of your target audience, extend your range, grow your business.

You don’t have to take on all the financial commitments of opening an additional office in a new county to extend the national reach of your business. Consider our Brighton and Hove virtual address.

We know it’s difficult to find new customers further afield. Many people prefer to use a local company, or limit their internet search to businesses within their town or county. For the vast majority of people, a local business comes with a higher level of trust, comfort and loyalty. With so many rogue businesses hiding behind an online guise, it’s no wonder customers opt for a business based within easy reach should any problems arise.

Make your business a local business…without being based locally! It’s easier than you think, simply use our Virtual Address Service.

What is a virtual office address?
Our Virtual Address Service offers you the use of our professional office address in Brighton and Hove. You’re not renting a space in our office, simply renting the right to use the address as your own. You can use this address on your business cards, add it to your website, put it on your invoices and even register it with Companies House if you choose.

Why businesses love our virtual address?
You really can use our Brighton & Hove address as though it’s your own – that includes on Google. Open up a whole new audience with a Brighton and Hove address – reach out to a population of nearly 300,000 people who will now consider you a local business! Not to mention the wider reaches of East Sussex and West Sussex.

So what happens when you’re sent post to your virtual address?
Don’t feel that you need to restrict who you give your virtual address to, getting post is all part and parcel of the virtual address service. Any post that arrives for you can either be:
Forwarded to an alternative address (such as your office) for you to receive
Opened, scanned and emailed over to you
Kept safely for you to collect at any time during our office opening hours.

Why choose CSnotepad?
We’re a small, professional, friendly and dedicated team that are here to support you and your business. We can offer virtual telephone numbers, telephone answering, diary management, and payment processing to further support you as your business grows.

A virtual office address provides a simple, affordable and business changing solution. Visit our website here or call us on 01273 741400 for more information on a virtual office address with CSnotepad.

Could These 5 Simple Changes Improve Sales on Your Website?

Monday, October 7th, 2019

online shopping

In this blog we’re focusing on 5 simple changes you could make that aren’t costly or complicated, but could really boost your sales.

1) Improve the photography of your products
The saying “less is more” doesn’t always apply, and in our opinion it doesn’t apply when it comes to product photographs on your website. One photograph really isn’t enough. Think like a consumer; what information would you visually want to see to reassure you before you purchased, would you want a close up of a particular feature, a label or mark or authentication, the packaging or perhaps the product in use? Remember that your potential customers don’t know how amazing your products are, they can only go by the information you supply. Always use clear, in-focus, bright and relevant photographs. This doesn’t mean you need to pay for a professional photographer, but it does mean you should put time and attention into photographing your products.

2) Read your website – and read it again…and again!
It sounds simple, but you’d be amazed how often websites contain spelling mistakes. It’s so easy to make simple errors, particularly when you’ve repeatedly worked and reworked the same paragraph of text – it’s difficult for you to see the wood for the trees! But to a potential customer on your website – spelling mistakes can be jarringly obvious! You want to provide a smooth and professional shopping experience on your website, so we recommend two possible solutions. Either, get a friend or relative to take a look at your website, a fresh pair of eyes could be all it takes to elevate your website text from amateur to superior. Or copy and paste segments of your website text into a word processing programme and make any necessary changes before copying and pasting back.

3) Are you up-selling?
Don’t miss an opportunity to up-sell and encourage add-on purchases. Make sure you lead your customers directly to relevant items to promote multiple sales. For example; if you sell cameras make sure that on an individual camera product page you also link to the compatible memory cards, a case, a tripod or a strap for example. Make it easy for the customer to find connected items.

4) Add Live Web Chat
A lack of answers could be stopping potential customers from making a purchase. Adding a live web chat window allows your website visitors to ask questions quickly and easily, there’s no wait to get a response by email, and it can be more convenient than picking up the phone. Offering Live Web Chat to your website visitors, even for a short period, can really help highlight improvements you could make to your website. Pay attention to frequent queries; are users struggling to find your delivery charges, wanting multi-buy discounts, or needing more information about certain products?

Live Web Chat offers the software that is straightforward to incorporate into your website, and can even supply the staff to respond to your customer enquiries. For more information take a look at

5) Remember to say thank you
You’d no doubt do it if you were making a sale face-to-face, so there’s no reason e-commerce should be any different. A simply ‘thank you’ sent by email could make a big impact, and gain you a customer for life, just remember to sound sincere rather than using as an opportunity to push additional products or services!

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