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We’ll Answer Your Phone Calls – A Simple Solution to Growing or Starting a Business

Monday, September 30th, 2019

man multitasking

We’ll answer you phonecalls! Sounds simple right? Well that’s because it is. But you’d be surprised how many businesses and new start-ups have absolutely no idea such a service even exists!

We’ve heard about people with new start-ups that have taken phone calls for their new business while hiding in the toilet of their existing employer. Desperate not to be found out by their boss while trying to get their business off the ground.

We know of businesses that rely on an answering machine to handle enquries when the team are busy with clients. By the time they’ve returned the call the potential customer has unsurprisingly already gone with a competitor.

You DON’T have to split yourself in two, and you DON’T need to hire costly staff before you’re ready just to ensure the phone gets answered.

CSnotepad – we’re your cost-effective solution, ready and waiting!

What we do:
We can answer your phone calls as though members of your own in-house team. The caller will never realise they haven’t reached your business directly. Sound to good to be true?! Trust us, it’s not.

We’re a friendly team, working exclusively from our seaside office in Brighton and offering a personal service. We don’t expect you to fit into a pre-defined template, we’ll work with you to understand your business and how you’d like your calls handled.

What happens once we’ve answered your call:
Well, we can either take a message and contact details for each of your callers and allow you to call them back at your convenience. Or we can manage the call directly, answering general enquiries, emailing over brochures, taking bookings for you, even processing payments…it really is down to you how much you’d like us to do for you.

Our service is flexible, and we really can shape our services to meet the challenges you’re facing, saving you time, effort and helping you convert potential customers into sales!

We’ll keep you posted every step of the way. You’ll receive daily updates from us about the calls we’ve taken and any further action needed by you. Think of us like your personal receptionist, only without all the demands of hiring us…no pension contributions, no concerns about holiday and sickness cover, just a reliable and cost effective service that helps you grow your business.

You’re always in control of when you want us to answer your calls, you can divert calls our way when you’re busy, and deal with them yourself again once you’re free.

To find out more about call answering from CSnotepad, call a member of our friendly team today on 01273 741400.

Fancy a 17% Discount with CSnotepad?

Saturday, September 28th, 2019

piggy bank saving

Let’s work together to cut down on invoice hassle.

Let’s work together to save time.

…as a thank you we’ll give you a 17% discount! That’s 2 months free on your subscription with us.

What you have to do to get this offer:
Simply sign up for an annual subscription with us. Rather than paying monthly, pay for the year upfront and you’ll only pay for 10 months, but you’ll receive 12 months of service.

This offer is open to all customers, new and existing.

Instead of receiving an invoice from us each month requesting payment for your next months subscription, we’re offering you the opportunity to pay in advance and receive 12 months of service for the price of 10. No more monthly invoice hassle, you’ll only receive an invoice from us if you go over your monthly call allowance, other than that you’ll have one less payment to deal with each month. It’s not just good for your time and stress levels, it’s also a good move for your pocket.

A stress-free, easy, invoice-free 12 months of virtual receptionist service…for the price of 10! What’s not to love?!

Give a member of our team a call today to make a saving on your service 01273 741400.

3 Reasons Csnotepad is the Right Choice – Even if We’re Not Your Local Choice

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

neighbourhoods around the globe

With telephone answering there really is no geographical restrictions, so don’t just search for local providers, broaden your search to focus on providers that can really meet the needs of your business. The quality of the service you receive from us will never vary based on your location – we have customers from all over the UK, and from all over the world.

Even if we’re not a local choice for your business (we’re based in the sunny south of England!), here are just 3 reasons we feel we’re still the right choice for your business…

1) Our Customer Service Means You Receive a Local Feeling Service
Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that just because a provider is local to you, they’ll be easier to get hold of, or more willing to face any challenges you might have with the telephone answering service they provide. Companies can so eaily hide behind their online presence, and a local address doesn’t always equate to a friendly and local feeling service. Even if we’re based milles away from you, our exceptional customer service means that we’re always on hand to help, no matter the problem or enquiry. We’re a simple call away, a quick email, or even an instant online web chat – whatever method suits you best. We’re here to listen, here to help, and here to tackle any problems that might arise.

2) Your Frequent Callers Will Always Receive a Local Feeling Service
At CSnotepad each and every one of our customers benefits from our advanced caller recognition software which allows us to build up a database of your frequent callers. We know when your loyal customers are calling, we can greet them with the same recognition and warmth of service you would. When you start using our service you can fill us in on all the important people that might call – the callers you’d like to receive that extra bit of care and attention, those that have helped and supported your business to grow. But it wont end there, with each call we answer for you, we’ll continue to build up a database of your caller information, improving the customer service and phone experience for every one of your repeat callers. You’ll have a small team of customer service advisors assigned to your account, and they’ll become familiar with your business and your callers, your frequent callers will even get to know them too!

3) Boost Your Own Customer Service with International Support
If your business is based in another country on a different time zone, take advantage of the time difference and use our service to take calls outside of the working hours of your own in-house/in-country team. What a way to boost your customer service and stand out from your competitors!

All of your calls will be answered by our English speaking customer service advisors based in our sunny office in Brighton & Hove. Every one of our advisors speaks clearly and is friendly, polite and professional, we’re confident that your extended team at CSnotepad will appear as though part of your own in-house workforce – wherever you’re based!

For more information, or to simply have a chat about our services, call a member of our team today on 01273 741400.

CSnotepad Telephone Answering Service: The 3 Point Plan for Combating Cold Calls

Monday, September 2nd, 2019

Detective, Searching, Man, Search, Magnifying

3 well known facts about cold calls –

1) Cold calls are frustrating
2) Cold calls are disruptive
3) Cold calls can be costly

3 lesser known facts about cold calls -

1) CSnotepad doesn’t disrupt you when a cold caller is trying to reach you
2) CSnotepad trains its staff to detect a cold call
3) CSnotepad doesn’t charge you for cold calls

Cold calls, sales calls, nuisance calls…call them what you will, we don’t believe it’s fair for you to waste your valuable subscription call credits on frustrating cold calls. We’ll never charge you when a cold caller dials your line, in fact you’ll be none-the-wiser as we wont even trouble you by putting it through to you. Problem solved? ….well not quite!

Our customer service advisors aren’t detectives – and you wouldn’t want them to be…
We spend a great amount of time and money training our customer service advisors to offer your callers the very best service. We can’t expect our advisors to be detectives, or try and catch your cold callers out. We’re in no doubt that your genuine callers wouldn’t take too kindly to being interrogated if we suspect them to be a cold caller, that could be very damaging to your customer service reputation. Worse still, if we believed a call to be a cold call and therefore didn’t put a call through to you, but it was later found to be a genuine caller – we doubt you’d be too happy with us! To avoid any frustration to you or your genuine callers, we have to keep our criteria for classifying a cold caller fast, simple and uniform across all of our customers.

Here’s how we classify a cold caller:
If a caller doesn’t ask for you or a member of your team by name, and instead asks for the person in charge of marketing, your website, stationery etc. we consider this a cold call.

We politely ask any cold caller to remove you from their marketing list and not to call again.

Here’s what we DO NOT classify as a cold caller:
If a caller asks for you by name, this is not classified as a cold call and we will treat this as a genuine caller and handle it as your script instructs.

3 things you can do to reduce cold calls -
1) If you find that cold calls are being put through to you by our customer service advisors, it is your responsibility to ask the cold caller to remove you from their marketing list and not to call again.

2) If you find that the same number keeps cold calling you and costing you valuable call credits, we can add this number to a blocked list so that it never reaches you again, just drop us an email with the details and we can immediately take action.

3) Let us know if you’d like us to call a cold-calling company on your behalf to request that they remove you from their marketing list – this simple outbound call will just be charged as one of your call credits and gets the job done quickly.

If you’re at all concerned that you may miss out on calls that could be mistaken as nuisance calls, then we’re happy to handle each call in line with your script without exception – just let a member of our team know.

If you have any concerns about cold calls, or would like to understand more about how cold calls are currently handled on your account, call today on 01273 741400.

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