Have You Recently Grown Your Team of Remote Workers? Trust Us – You Don’t Need a Receptionist – You Just Need CSnotepad

Friday, August 30th, 2019

receptionist patching calls

We can offer you a receptionist service without any of the stressful and costly steps needed when you hire your own receptionist. With CSnotepad’s central reception service, you avoid the need to advertise, interview, train, cover lunch, cover holiday and cover sick – that’s all left with us! You wont even have to buy them a computer or phone! Beyond the huge savings that come with using us over hiring your own receptionist, read on to find out how flexible and convenient our service can be for your business…

As your team grows so does the quantity of incoming calls, with Csnotepad you no longer need to worry about how each and every incoming call will get to the right team member…wherever they happen to be.

Tailor-made service…
We’ll function just as your own central receptionist would. We’ll take each of your incoming calls and answer them professionally with your own personal business greeting. We’ll work with you to tailor-make your own script, so that your small team of customer service advisors know just what information you’d like them to take from each caller, and how and where you’d like them to direct each call.

Perhaps you’d like product enquiries transferred to one member of your team, while bookings or purchases directed to another. Maybe your team members are geographically spread, and you’d like the call directed to the team member closest to the callers location. You can set up your own criteria dictating where each call should be directed to, your small team of customer service advisors will always follow this – without exception.

Our central reception service acts just as your own in-house receptionist would, so there’s never any pressure to take the call if it’s not convenient, we can simply take a message and inform the caller that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible. You can even set up a hierarchy of numbers you’d like us to try, if the first member of your team is unable to take the call, we’ll simply try the next best person.

You’re in control….
Our customer service agents can direct your calls to any number you choose, whether it’s a mobile number, extension number, home landline, branch number or customer’s site. Changes to your script can quickly and easily be made whenever you need to make alterations to how or where your calls are directed. With CSnotepad you’re in full control of how your calls are handled.

Call us today to discuss how we can act as a central reception for your business on 01273 741400.

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