Live Web Chat Offers a Blank Canvas to Really Upsell Your Products

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

upselling to customers

Adding a Live Web Chat platform to your business website really can be a profitable addition if you take full advantage of its capacity for upselling.

Embrace another way of communicating with your customers – our sister company Live Web Chat is a platform that allows for a fast and varied exchange of information with your website visitors including web links, manuals, forms, images, video and sound files.

Live chat sessions are a blank multimedia canvas where you can simultaneously help a customer and promote your products and services. Never has it been easier to direct a customer to similar products, product add-ons and product upgrades. Give some thought to how best to showcase your products or services through the Live Web Chat platform.

You can…
Send links to online customer reviews
Send links to online image galleries of the product in use
Upload and send application forms, payment forms and feedback forms.
Send links that lead your customers straight to online maps, YouTube videos and your social media channels.

With a little forward thinking and preparation you can have a bank of multimedia information ready and waiting to upsell your products and services – it’s just one of the benefits of our Live Web Chat Service.

We can provide you with the Live Web Chat software for you to manage yourself – just remember to have all of the multimedia links ready for whoever is responding to your web chat enquiries. Make sure any response to a chat enquiry is prompt and correct – don’t be sending your potential customers to dead links or the wrong products!

Alternatively, we offer both the software and the fully trained customer service advisors ready to handle your web chat enquiries. You’ll have a small team of advisors assigned to your account so they’ll get to know your business and your products well. Equip us with all the information we need to help sell your products and Live Web Chat really can become a profitable addition if your website.

For more information visit our website:

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