Phone Related Downtime Doesn’t Have to Harm Your Business – Be Prepared with CSnotepad

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

damage to your business

Did you know that we invest heavily in contingencies that protect our customers from phone related downtime? Many of our contingencies protect against problems that aren’t our fault, where the source of the problem is something we have absolutely no control over, problems that other providers would likely wash their hands of!

We really want to go above and beyond to minimise the impact phone related down-time has on your business, so if the problem is with your phone number, even if it’s not supplied to you by us, we can provide you with a temporary alternative number until the problem is resolved. We’ve found this to be a very successful way of helping our customers to stay in touch with their potential customers, continue to benefit from paid advertising, and reducing any impact on their customer service reputation. We’d like to offer a little guidance of how to really make a temporary number work for you…

Start by updating the contact number on your website. Your website is just like a shop front and is one of the main ways potential customers will find you. Get straight on to updating your number so as not to send your customers down a dead-end when trying to phone you. You don’t want to be wasting any costly clicks you might be gaining from paid Google advertising. If you’re not able to update your website yourself, make sure you have the details of the person you need to call to get this important update implemented promptly.

Next, think about other places your phone number might appear that you have the ability to update yourself or by contacting others. Do you have any online advertising running? Familiarising yourself with how to access and update any accounts that promote your business is worth doing in advance of any problems.

Lastly, know the best and quickest way of informing your existing customers, contacts and suppliers that, should they need to contact you, you’re reachable on a different number temporarily. Make sure you have your mailing list up-to-date and easily accessible. Have to hand the log-in details for your social media sites, this could be a quick and easy way of notifying followers en mass.

We all hope that phone downtime doesn’t occur, but being prepared in case it does can help reduce any stress and disruption to your business. We really do hope you’ll take our short guide onboard, and notify other members in your team on how they can assist you and your business to implement some of the updates we’ve discussed.

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