CSnotepad Virtual Receptionists: Holiday Support Without the Monthly Subscription

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

tropical beach holiday

Do you desperately want a holiday in 2019 but the demands of your business leave you feeling that you simply can’t be away?

Turn to CSnotepad for support WITHOUT the ties of a monthly subscription.

Usually you’d be faced with just 3 unattractive options:

1) You’d have to switch on your answering machine, accept the loss of sales as potential customers go to your competitors, and do everything you can on your return to respond to enquiries and patch up your customer service reputation that prides itself on prompt response times. You’d be left wondering whether the holiday was really worth it when you take into consideration the cost of the holiday and the cost of lost sales.

2) You decide to go on holiday but work while you’re away to ensure you don’t lose a sale or damage your service reputation. You get your calls diverted to your mobile, pay the foreign call charges, spend hours missing the sunshine replying to emails from your hotel room. You return home feeling like you haven’t really had a holiday at all!

3) want a holiday without the distractions of work so you use the services of a virtual receptionist to take your calls and manage your enquries. However, you have to sign up for a monthly subscription – paying every month for the service even when you only need it for the few weeks a year that you’re away. The financial strain puts a dampener on the idea of a holiday!

CSnotepad offers a problem solving option 4!

CSnotepad offers a solution that’s more cost effective and works around your needs, offering you the flexibility for support when you need it, and only when you need it.

At CSnotepad we have the perfect solution for holiday support – our flexible annual plans. Don’t be put off by the word “annual”, it simply means you have a year to use your call credits. Rather than paying a fee each month and in return receiving a call allowance, our Flexi-Plans allow you to pay the 12 months in advance and have all the call allowance added to your account for you to use at any point throughout the year. No more call credits going to waste if they’re not used each month, no more paying for a service when you just don’t need it. Your call credits are simply there for whenever you need them!

What we can do for your business…
We’ve already proven ourselves to be the right choice for holiday support for hundreds of businesses, all taking advantage of our wide range of services, shaped to their individual needs while they’re away. We can handle your incoming calls, make simple outbound calls, deal with enquiries, book in your appointments, take orders and even take payments.

We’ll send you a daily summary so you can keep a distant eye over things while you sip on your pina colada, or simply catch up quickly once you’re home.

You can just rest assured that when you need us we’re here and ready to take your calls, leaving you to enjoy a well earned break away in 2019.

Talk to a member of our team today about our Flexi-Plans: 01273 741400.

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