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Thursday, December 27th, 2018

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Looking to start a new business in 2019? Don’t be swayed and don’t be concerned, just go for it – starting your own business can be hugely rewarding. But there are things you can put in place from the start to really help retain control (and your sanity) as your new start-up starts to fly! Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to hire an office just to give your potential customers the right impression of your business – working from home can be a smart and cost effective way of running your business if you take advantage of a Virtual Telephone Number…

Here are just some of the obstacles you might face when starting your business using your home phone number or mobile phone:

  • What message do you put on your voicemail or answer machine message? If you use a message that introduces your business this is the message also reached by friends and family. If you use a more generic message, this wont sound professional to your clients and potential clients wont be sure they’ve reached the right number
  • You never know whether it’s a personal or business call so you’re unsure whether you need to answer the phone call with your business name.
  • You would like to maintain some separation between your business and personal life, but having the same number results in answering work calls late into the evening and at the weekends.
  • Getting another mobile phone specifically for work calls is expensive and a headache carrying around 2 phones.
  • If you use a mobile number instead of a land line number you worry that it makes potential clients lack confidence in your business, you appear to have no physical presence.

The CSnotepad Solution
A virtual receptionist service can offer you a virtual landline phone number. It’s a number that can have any geographical code, such as 01273 (Brighton). This becomes your number and what happens when someone calls it is entirely up to you! All calls to your virtual number can be directed straight to your mobile phone – this solves the issue of appearing not to have a landline and therefore a physical office base, eliminating any concerns that you may be transient and more difficult to contact if problems were to arise with the product or service that you’re selling. Or, you could get calls to your virtual telephone number diverted to your home landline – solving the problem of security and privacy by not having to give out your home phone number to customers and suppliers. Wherever you choose to divert your calls, the caller will never know the number they’ve been diverted to. However, this doesn’t solve the problem of not knowing when your ringing phone is a diverted call from your virtual number or a personal call, so you still don’t know whether to answer the call with your business greeting…

The CSnotepad Solution Extra:
Combine a virtual telephone number with one of our affordable call subscription services. We will answer the calls to your virtual number on your behalf, always with your chosen business greeting, and always by a professional and fully trained customer service advisor who knows your business. The caller will have no idea they haven’t reached your own in-house receptionist (making you look like you have a lovely team working for you)! We can either take a name and message so you can return calls at your convenience, or give you a call on your chosen number, notifying you of the caller and asking whether you’d like to take the call. Problem solved!

For more information on a Virtual Telephone Number or any of our call answering services, just give a member of our friendly team a call today on 01273 741400.

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