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Which Telephone Answering Provider? Here’s a Bit of Advice on How to Choose

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

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So you’ve decided that a telephone answering service could really help your business, but how do you decide which provider to use?  We’re here to offer a little advice!

Don’t assume that all services are the same, you might think that answering your calls is a a simple task, after all, you’ve been doing it since your business began, but trust us when we say that how your calls are handled varies hugely across providers.

The most important thing is to begin by really understanding what you want from a service, this will stop you from being pushed into a service plan that just doesn’t suit your needs.

First things first…some providers only offer a ‘name and message service’, this may be sufficient for you needs, but you should also be aware of the huge scope of services that are available to you. Many (including CSnotepad) can process phone orders, take payments through your own online system, forward calls to your mobile, manage your diary, deal with your admin, patch calls to relevant team members, arrange dispatch of your goods, make simple outbound calls, offer you a virtual telephone number and/or address and more. These services can free up your time and make a positive change to your business and customer service reputation.

Next…how personal are you wanting the service to be? Does your business pride itself on a ‘local’ feeling service, do you have customers that buy regularly from you? Most telephone services have no way (or interest) in recognising your regular callers and will answer each call as a new enquiry, asking the same questions, extracting the same details each and every time – this could be frustrating to your regular and valued customers. At CSnotepad we understand the importance of customer loyalty, and believe that it should never go unnoticed, we therefore invest in the very best systems and technology to be able to offer (as standard) caller recognition to all our clients. This means that we know when one of your valued customers is calling, we wont need to ask then the same repetitive questions, take up their time with recording their details, and we can treat them with the same recognition that you would.

Lastly…don’t be afraid to ask how big the team is that will be handling your calls. The bigger the call team, the less likely they are to appear as members of your on in-house team. Our aim is always to make your callers completely unaware that they haven’t reached you directly – so consider how important this is to you and your customers. The more people that will be handling your calls, the less likely they are to be familiar with your business and your callers, and they may not retain a useful knowledge of your products and services.

Other little niggles to get answers to…
Will you be charged for cold calls or wrong numbers?
Are your calls answered in the UK, or diverted abroad?
Can you control when you use their answering service or when you take the calls yourself?
Can you write your own script or are calls simply answered by a set template?
Will you be charged to change or update your script?
Can you call to discuss your service or is their customer service only email based?
Will you be assigned an account manager that you can turn to for help or guidance?
What’s your notice period if you’re not happy with the service?

Choosing the wrong provider can not only be stressful and expensive, but damaging for the customer service reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. Take onboard our advice in this blog and get the answers to the questions that really matter before signing up to a telephone answering service!

For a chat about our service or for further advice on choosing a provider, call a member of our team today on 01273 741400.

Get 12 Months Telephone Answering For The Price of 10 – It Couldn’t Be Simpler!

Monday, August 20th, 2018

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When you pay in advance for a 12 month subscription with us, you’ll only pay for 10 months – that’s a nice 17% discount off your subscription just for paying in advance for the year.

Get organised and get rewarded, it really is a win-win all round! As a thank you from us for no longer needing to invoice you each month, we’ll give you 2 months free when you pay in advance for the year. No strings attached, no tricky terms and conditions, it’s a simple offer that saves you time and money…

We’re always looking for new ways to help and support your business, freeing up your time so that you can focus on the areas of your business that really need you. So, we really do encourage our customers to make the most of our annual offer, cutting down on one less monthly task, one less monthly invoice, and one less monthly charge. You’ll only receive an invoice from us if you go over your monthly call allowance, other than that you’re able to enjoy your call plan for the year at a nice 17% discount – can’t say fairer than that!

To chat to a member of our team about our annual offer just give us a call on 01273 741400.

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