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Work the Flexible Hours You’ve Been Dreaming Of With Support From CSnotepad

Friday, June 29th, 2018


‘Quality of life’ and ‘work life balance’ are phrases we hear a lot but don’t necessarily pay all that much attention to, after all, they’re preached so often they become mythical concepts. But you can bring about change to the quality of your life through your work life balance, it all begins with freeing up time! ‘Short on time’ and ‘not enough hours in the day’ are two other phrases we hear a lot, and although we can’t make you more time, we can certainly help you better manage the time you have.

With our telephone answering service you can divert your incoming calls to us as often as you like, allowing you to leave the office, or leave your mobile phone at home, without that niggle that you could be missing important calls, enquiries, or possible sales. With our telephone answering service you no longer have to weigh up the cost of customers calling a competitor if you don’t answer, or damaging your service reputation when they reach your voicemail verses time with your family and friends.

At CSnotepad you’ll have a small friendly team trained on your business, they’ll answer your calls as though members of your own team – your callers will never know they haven’t reached your business directly! We can answer any simple questions your callers have if you equip us with answers to your most common enquiries. We can also take messages for you so you can return the call at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll take the information you choose from your callers and keep you informed of each call we take – so you still feel in the loop! You’ll be fully in control of when you divert to us, and when you choose to take your calls yourself – true flexibility!

Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen (an independent think tank set up to explore the causes and effects of human happiness) found that “the ability to balance working life and family life are crucial for happiness.” The Danes frequently top the polls as the happiest nation in the world, this could be partly due to their balanced approach to life. Flexible working is so routine for the Danish that they even have a national programme called Flexjobs which gets rid of the 9-5 routine, and sees employees paid for the work they do instead of the hours they clock up, recognising the importance of life outside of the office.

Flexible working hours really are possible with the right support. Let us support you and your business, helping you better manage your time, allowing you to manage your childcare, go away more, see more, do more, enjoy more, take part more, give more and de-stress more!

For more information on our telephone answering services, and find out whether it’s the right service for you, call a member of our team today on 01273 741400.

Booking Management: We’ll Take Your Telephone Bookings…

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

diary bookings organiser

Choosing to outsource your bookings may seem a daunting idea, but we’re confident you’ll quickly see and feel the benefits – better organisation, better time management, increased productivity, no double bookings, reduced stress and more time to do the things that matter.

If you run a business that takes bookings over the phone, if you struggle to juggle running your business with answering your phone, or run a business that needs a more efficient and cost-effective solution to hiring administrative staff – CSnotepad can shape a service that really meets your needs.

If you take bookings for properties, holiday lets, an events venue, or maybe you’re a musician, entertainer, therapist or trades person, just offering online bookings can limit your audience. Many people prefer to talk to someone before booking, particularly when giving sensitive information or payment details. You may find that potential customers have questions that are stopping them from booking with you. Offering the option to book on the phone means that your customers can ask questions, receive reassurance, and book confidently – but this doesn’t mean you have to be chained to your phone!

Let CSnotepad handle your telephone bookings, you’ll have a small team of customer service advisors fully trained on your business, you can equip them with all the information they need to deal with your most frequently asked questions too. Your new team will answer your calls and take your bookings as though members of your own in-house team, leaving you or your skilled workers free to focus on the areas of your business that really warrant your time.

We can integrate directly with your existing online diary or booking system, so you can continue to view bookings and amend or update your availability at any time. If you don’t use an online application, we’d be happy to suggest a suitable option for your business and talk you through the simple set-up.

We can:

  • Take new bookings based on your availability
  • Cancel or reschedule bookings
  • Make outbound calls to arrange bookings
  • Take and process booking deposits or payments via your own online system
  • Make booking reminder calls
  • Schedule booking reminders for you
  • Manage multiple schedules for a team of workers

Outsourcing your bookings to us will allow multiple calls to be taken at once, your customers won’t reach an engaged tone or a voicemail, improving your customer service reputation and eliminating the need for customers to call a competitor. No more concerns about covering your phone during lunch hours, holidays or spells of sickness. Your team at CSnotepad is on hand to take all of your calls, or we can be there to support you when you need us most, acting as an overflow to manage your bookings during your busiest times.

For more information on our bookings management service, call a member of our team today on 01273 741400.

GDPR: CSnotepad & Your Data

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

GDPR lock image

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – you’ve probably heard a lot about it in recent months, but we’d like to take this opportunity to again remind current, past, and future customers that we meet in full the EU regulations for the collection, processing, storing, transfer and deletion of your personal data.

Although GDPR may seem like the ‘buzz word’ of the moment, it’s certainly not new or a temporary focus for us – we’ve always ensured continuous safeguarding of all data we collect from you. The new GDPR regulations are there to make sure that all businesses within the EU are managing data correctly in light of the fast and continued changes in the digital era.

We want our customers, current, past and future to know that all data, from basic information such as name, email addresses and telephone numbers, to sensitive personal information including caller details are safeguarded by our GDPR compliance.

We continue to be transparent about the information we collect and how we use it and encourage you to refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.

Should you have any questions or concerns about GDPR please contact a member of our team on 01273 741400.

Take a Holiday with the Help of a Virtual Receptionist WITHOUT a Monthly Subscription

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

beach and cocktail

What normally happens…
Maybe you’ve considered using a virtual receptionist in the past, but you’ve been put off by the monthly subscription you’ll tie yourself into. Heck, all you’re really after is some help while you’re on holiday right?! You end up paying a fee out every month for a service you may only want for a few weeks each year – but you know how valuable the break away is for your sanity and time with your family is precious – so you pay it…begrudgingly! In your mind there seems only two alternatives; you tell yourself there’s just no option for holiday support and you go without the break you so desperately need. Or, you go away regardless and try desperately to relax when all you can think about are the lost sales and the enquiries going unanswered, alas you resort to working while you’re on holiday, replying to emails, taking calls…you may as well have stayed at home!

What CSnotepad offers…
There is a better option that’s more cost effective and works around your needs, offering you the flexibility for support when you need it, and only when you need it. At CSnotepad we have the perfect solution for holiday support – our flexible annual plans. Don’t be put off by the word “annual”, it simply means you have a year to use your call credits. Rather than paying a fee each month and in return receiving a set call allowance, our Flexi Plans allow you to pay the 12 months in advance and have all the call allowance added to your account for you to use whenever you need them throughout the year. No more call credits going to waste if they’re not used each month, no more paying for a service when you just don’t need it.

What CSnotepad can do for your business…
We’ve already proven ourselves to be the right choice for holiday support for hundreds of businesses, all taking advantage of our wide range of services, shaped to their individual needs while they’re away. We really can’t shout loudly enough about how valuable the services of a virtual receptionist could be for you and your business, handling your incoming calls, dealing with enquiries, booking in your appointments, taking orders and even taking payments. You can divert all your calls to us and let us step in as your full business support, or alternatively we can act as overflow, supporting your own inhouse team when multiple staff members are away on holiday. We can do as little or as much as you like, and we’ll send you a daily summary so you can keep a distant eye over things while you sip on your strawberry daiquiri, or simply catch up quickly once you’re home!

You can rest assured that when you need us we’re here and ready to take your calls, leaving you to enjoy a well earned break away.

Talk to a member of our team today about holiday cover with an Annual Flexi Plan on 01273 741400.

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