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Outbound Call Support: Let Us Take Care of Those Phone Calls You’d Rather Not Make!

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

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Making phone calls can sometimes be hard work and time-consuming, particularly when you have a large customer base to get through, and the repetitive nature of the calls you’re making can feel a real drain on your productivity. At CSnotepad we’re happy to make the calls you haven’t got time to make, or simply don’t want to, making your working day that bit easier!

Do you call customers regularly to take payments, or perform call backs to take orders? Do you call clients to book in appointment or perhaps make appointment reminder calls? Do you make a habit of courtesy calls to check deliveries or get customer feedback? Let us take on the calls you’ve been putting off such as debt chasing or late invoices too.

Free up your time and the valuable time of your team members by outsourcing your simple outbound calls to us.

We can reach your diary via any online system that you use, notifying clients of changes, reminders or booking in appointments on your behalf. We can help you with any payment taking tasks via your preferred online system such as Paypal, Sage or Worldpay. We only have the ability to put money in, not take it out! We wont be able to get access to any of your private details, or details of your customers and we can guide you through the easy process of setting us up as a user with restricted rights.

You’ll have a team of customer service agents fully trained on your business who can make your outbound calls as though members of your own in-house team, leaving your own team free to focus on the areas of your business that really deserve their time.

If you’re already using CSnotepad to answer your incoming calls, did you know that outbound calls wont cost you any extra, they simply form part of your monthly subscription with us?

Talk to a member of our team today on 01273 741400.

We’ll Make Your Customers Feel All Warm & Fuzzy!

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

person feeling warm and fuzzy

We’re not a call centre, and we’re proud we’re not a call centre. Our focus is on a tailored service for you, and a personal and friendly service for both you and your customers.

We know how nice it is to be recognised when you’re a frequent customer to a business. We appreciate that loyalty really does matter and it should always be acknowledged. Just because you outsource your calls, it doesn’t mean that your customers should lose that warm fuzzy feeling they get when they’re recognised on the phone by you or a member of your team.

Outsourcing your calls doesn’t have to mean a call centre, you don’t have to lose that familiarity that your customers have come to associate with calling your business. CSnotepad can maintain the personal customer service model you’ve worked so hard to build and here’s how…

There are 3 main strings to our bow when it comes to sounding like long standing and experienced members of your own in-house team.

Firstly we have invested in caller recognition software which allows us to identify your frequent callers, top clients and important suppliers, and offer them the same warmth of service that you would. Using our caller recognition software eliminates the need for our advisors to ask repeat callers all of your scripted questions, each and every time they call. When you start using our service you can fill us in on all the important people that might call, all those you’d like to be receive that extra bit of care and attention, those that have really helped and supported your business. But it wont end there, with each call we answer for you, we’ll continue to build up a database of your caller information, improving the customer service and phone experience for every one of your repeat callers.

But hey, it’s not all about software, it’s about people too…

We’ll assign a small team of customer service advisors to your account ensuring that they become familiar with not only your products and services, but also your frequent callers. Likewise, your frequent callers will get to know our advisors too, assuming them to be members of your own in-house team.

Lastly, we don’t hire just any one, we put a great focus on recruiting the right team to handle calls for your customers, from our experience we know that some things we just can’t train. We will only ever select people that have a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, friendly with a willingness to offer great service and appreciation for the important role they play in building the reputation of your business.

Talk to one of our team today about outsourcing your calls, we’ll ensure your customers continue to receive a friendly personal service – 01273 741400.

CSnotepad Explains: What is a Virtual Telephone Number?

Monday, May 21st, 2018

virtual telephone number image

So what is a virtual telephone number? We’re all familiar with a telephone number, so what exactly makes a telephone number virtual? Let’s start with the the dictionary definition of virtual:

Almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition…not physically existing as such but made to appear to do so

Ok, so perhaps that didn’t really clear matters up, but let’s look at a couple of examples of virtual numbers in action to make it all become clear…

Example 1: Sole Traders & Start-Ups
At a time when most people rely on their mobile phone and no longer use a land line, sole traders and home start-up businesses can really stand to benefit from a virtual telephone number.

Although a mobile phone offers the flexibility to never miss a call wherever you are, having a mobile number as your only business contact may look unprofessional to potential clients. It signifies that you do not have a land line and therefore no office base, that you may be transient and more difficult to contact if problems arise – ultimately bringing into question the credibility of your business. A virtual telephone number can be given that has an area code, and appears to be your land line office number in your local area. This number is however virtual and has no location of its own, and calls made to it will have to be routed to another existing number of your choice, such as your mobile phone for example. Your virtual telephone number can direct calls to any phone you choose, allowing you the flexibility to move just your work related incoming calls to any phone.

Make the most of a virtual telephone number by using it with our call answering service:
CSnotepad can provide you with a virtual number that will be exclusively yours to give to your business contacts, publish on your website and use on your business cards. Our service allows all calls to your virtual number to be answered by our call agents who’ll act as though your own receptionist – further improving the professional image of your business. The call can then be patched through to your personal mobile after informing you of who the caller is, or alternatively a message and number can be taken so you can call back at a time that’s convenient, leaving you free to focus on the areas of your business that really deserve your time and attention.

Example 2: Grow Your Geographical Business Reach
Businesses know that many potential customers may be drawn to local solutions when looking for services and products. By using one or several virtual numbers, businesses can take advantage of area codes that place them in different places around the country, even though they don’t have a physical presence there. The different virtual numbers can improve visibility on online search engines when the search term is location sensitive, helping market to new audiences. Several virtual telephone numbers can also help businesses to look larger and more nationally established which may help with buyer confidence.

At CSnotepad we work with national and international businesses, offering telephone answering services that include help desk support, order taking, payment processing and diary management.

CSnotepad Explains: What is a Telephone Answering Service?

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

gif of telephone agent

If your business isn’t using a telephone answering service, but you’d like to know whether a telephone answering service could be right for your business, you’ve come to the right place! In this short blog we’ll outline exactly what a telephone answering service is; clear, simple and jargon free.

In short: a telephone answering service is a company that answers you incoming business calls on your behalf. But what does that really mean in practice?

How it works:
When you sign up for telephone answering service with CSnotepad, we’ll provide you with a number to divert your incoming calls to, this is really easy to do and something we can guide you through. Your incoming calls will then be answered by our professional and friendly team of customer service advisors as though members of your own in-house team. We pride ourselves on not sounding like a call centre, we’ll answer your calls with your own business greeting and we’ll work closely with you to tailor a script that compliments your customer service model and continues to build on your service reputation. Using a telephone answering services frees up your time, or the time of your highly skilled team members so that your time can be directed to the areas of your business that really need you. No advertising, recruiting, training, managing, covering lunch breaks, sickness, holidays or paying for your own receptionists. We’ll send you a daily update of all the calls we’ve taken and how they’ve been dealt with, allowing you to make any necessary call backs or updates your end!

Why it works:
We’re always seeking out the very best in telecoms technology. Our software knows when a call is coming in for your business so that our customer service agents are ready to follow your script, and know exactly how you’d like each call dealt with. We even have caller recognition software that allows us to identify your frequent callers, top clients and important suppliers, and offer them the same warmth of service that you would. With each call you receive we will build up a database of your caller information, improving the customer service and phone experience for your callers.

How businesses already use us:
A telephone answering service can be of huge benefit to businesses in any and ever industry. We support sole traders and large national businesses alike, making a service that’s specifically suited to the needs of each business. Many businesses need help answering calls and booking appointments into their diary. Many use us to take and process telephone orders on their behalf. We’re happy to be used as an overflow service, helping manage increased call volumes during busy periods or marketing campaigns. Often we act as a receptionist, patching calls through to different departments and team members.

To learn more or ask us any questions regarding telephone answering or associated services, just call a member of our team today for an informal chat: 01273 741400.

Another Reason to Choose CSnotepad – Get a Free Virtual Office Address with Your Call Subscription

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

location map pointer

What is a virtual office address:
Our virtual address allows you to use our professional address in Brighton & Hove as though it’s your own business address. You’ll be registered here so you can use the address freely:

  • On your business cards
  • On your website
  • On Google maps
  • For correspondence with customers
  • For correspondence with your suppliers

Any post that arrives for you can either be scanned and emailed to you, collected at your convenience, or forwarded on to an alternative address.

Why take advantage of a virtual address:

A virtual address could really help you if you run your business from home, are looking to reduce your business costs, or wanting to expand your business reach geographically.

Opening and maintaining an office is one of the costliest moves a business can make, for many it’s completely unnecessary as most communication can now be made by phone or email. However, it’s important to recognise that when it comes to reassuring your customers of your professionalism and reputability, having a physical location can’t be overestimated. It’s difficult for potential customers to take your business seriously if your mailing address is clearly residential. You also have to consider your privacy and security – do you really want to be handing out your personal address to customers?

By using a virtual office address rather than renting an office you’ll save yourself the expensive rental cost, purchasing of computers, desks, chairs, an internet connection, a phone line, as well as the cost of commuting…the list goes on.

A virtual address can be the perfect solution for businesses wanting to expand their reach across the country and appear to have offices outside of their own office location. This allows them to come up on internet searches where potential customers may be looking for a local solution.

NORMAL COST – when a virtual address is purchased from us on a yearly subscription it starts from £210 per year. That’s a saving of at least £210 each year if you have a telephone answering service with us and take advantage of your free virtual address.

Call us on 01273 741400 for more information or to start using your virtual office address.

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