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Nervous About Outsourcing Your Calls? Don’t Be – Choose CSnotepad Virtual Receptionists

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

relax with a cup of coffee

We understand that handing your calls over to someone else can be daunting, suddenly another company represents your business, deals with your valuable customers and could make-or-break your service reputation.

Don’t let your hesitations stop you from making the best move for your business. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that customers reaching your voicemail is ok, that callers that can’t reach you will simply call back. Your potential customers have so many ways to find your competitors if they can’t reach you, it’s important that you don’t give them a reason to reach out to them!

In this blog we look at the 4 most common concerns our customers have when they first contact us, and how we’ve built our service to offer peace of mind.

“I’m worried you’ll sound like a call centre”
Unlike a call centre we work with you to build and tailor the script your advisors use, ensuring that they get the information you need from each and every call. Our call software allows us to know that the incoming call is for your business so we can answer with your personalised business greeting. We’ll assign you an account manager who will work through the set-up and script with you – no generic forms! Having someone that understands the needs of your business is crucial if we’re going to offer you a telephone answering service that functions as though part of your own in-house team. An account manager can work with you to create the right first impression for your callers, with a tailored script that represents your business and your customer service model. Our call agents will be equipped with a solid knowledge of your products and services so that they can sound just like a member of your team.

“I’m concerned that I’ll lose the personal service that my customers have come to expect”
You’ll have a small number of advisors assigned to your calls so that their knowledge of your business continues to grow. They even get to know your repeat customers and frequent callers, and your callers will get to know them too! Our caller recognition software allows us to identify your frequent callers, top clients and important suppliers, and offer them the same warmth of service that you would. We’re very selective when it comes to recruiting; we only select people that have the right mindset, who are friendly with a willingness to offer great service, and appreciation for the important role they play in building the reputation of your business – they’re the kind of people we have no doubt you’d choose to hire yourself!

“I’m worried I might lose touch with what’s happening in my business if I’m not taking the calls myself”
We really do shape the service we offer you around your needs and preferences. We can email you each time we take a call, including all the customer information you’ve requested and any messages we’ve taken. We’ll send you a daily summary report by email each day too, so you can see how many of your telephone calls we’ve handled and whether they need any further action from you or your team.

“I’m concerned that the cost might escalate”
You’re welcome to adjust your script length or call subscription as your needs change, ensuring that we’re here when you need us most, whether that’s as a backup during your busiest times, or handling every call every day. We’ll also keep an eye on your usage and let you know if it would be more cost effective for you to upgrade or downgrade your plan with us.

These may be the 4 most common concerns we hear from our customers before they use us, but should you have any other concerns or just need a little reassurance, call a member of our team today who will be happy to answer any questions you might have – 01273 741400.

Becoming a More Eco-Friendly Office: No Disposable Plastic Cups at CSnotepad

Monday, April 16th, 2018

plastic water cup

There’s been no shortage of press about the impact of plastics on our environment since the incredible Blue Planet 2. With awareness building, this year large supermarkets have been pledging to cut their plastic waste. But at CSnotepad Virtual Receptionists we’re not just sitting back and waiting for the big companies to make their changes, we recognise that changing the plastic consumption of our country is the responsibility of us all.

Big changes in plastic use by big companies takes time due to alternatives needing to be found before real progress can be made, for example, frozen food retailer Iceland will aim to eliminate plastic packaging from all of its own brand products by the end of 2023. We feel that small changes that are easy to put in place, if made by enough businesses, can have an impact right now! has found that the average worker, across office, manufacturing and retail sectors will on average use two plastic cups every working day. This works out (subtracting weekends, sickness and holidays) at approximately 400 plastic cups per year per person!

From May we will no longer be providing our staff with disposable plastic cups at our water machine. We’ve asked them to bring in their own mug, cup, refillable bottle or flask. We have a kitchen area where they can wash it up, so there really is no reason not to make the change!

By simply bringing in their own cup, we’re proud that our staff are helping us to eliminate around 400 plastic cups per staff member per year – that’s a heck of a lot of plastic!

Just this week Waitrose have promised that their stores will be free from disposable cups by the end of the year.

New Start-Up Business? Let Us Help You Juggle Things – Telephone Answering from CSnotepad

Friday, April 6th, 2018

juggling time clocks

Have you started a new business, but struggling to juggle it with another full-time or part-time job or the demands of family life? It’s great news that your business is taking off, but are you in desperate need of an extra pair of hands but unable to justify the cost?

It’s daunting when considering all the additional costs and obligations that come with hiring staff such as pension contributions, national insurance and holiday pay…the list goes on once you also take into account hiring, training and juggling sickness. You also have to think about where your new team member will work – can you really ask them to join you in your spare room or at your kitchen table?! So a small office…now there’s a rental cost, service costs, what about furnishing it, a computer…the costs just escalate and it needs to be well thought through to ensure it doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your fledgling business!

Don’t be deterred, there really is a simpler, more immediate and cheaper way to grow your business!

A virtual receptionist company like CSnotepad can support you as your business grows, adapting to your needs and acting as the first member of your team. A virtual receptionist can take your calls, answering in a way that you choose and collecting the information you need, freeing you from your phone so that you can focus on other things, safe in the knowledge that you’re not missing valuable new leads or potential sales.

Setting up your new support team couldn’t be simpler or quicker – you and your business can have the support you need agreed over the phone, in an afternoon, from the comfort of your home.

As your business grows so can the level of support we provide you…
Your new team can manage your diary, respond to emails, resolve basic issues, and even process orders using your own online system. We can can supply you with a virtual land-line number so that you no longer have to give out your mobile number (which looks more professional) and even supply a virtual address routing your post to our business address rather than your home address (protecting your privacy) where it can be forwarded to you, or collected at your leisure.

There are so many ways that a virtual receptionist service can help you to grow your business without the costly step of renting an office and finding, employing and training your own staff. To find out more about the services that we can shape around your needs, visit our website, or call us on 01273 741400.

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