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Avoid Phone Downtime: Familiarise Yourself with How to Update Your Telephone Number Details

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

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We’d all like to think that phone related problems wont occur, but it’s just not possible to guarantee. Often the source of the problem is something we have absolutely no control over, but unlike many of our competitors who’ll just sit back and wait it out, we’ve invested heavily in contingencies that will reroute around any problems to minimise its impact on your business. If there’s a problem with your actual number, even if it’s not supplied by us, we can give you an alternative number until the problem’s resolved. However, this is only a solution if you know how to update your number on the places where it appears…

Do you know where and how to update your contact number?

Your website should be the first place you update with your new temporary number. If you’re not able to update your website yourself, make sure you know who to contact to make an important update so that customers can continue to reach you. It might be worth considering other key places that your phone number appears, such as any online advertising. Many customers may also find you through an online search engine, so familiarising yourself with how to access and update your Google account is a worthy task.

Do you know the best way to tell your customers of a change in contact number?

If you need to get a message out to your clients, potential customers and suppliers, what’s the quickest and most effective way for you to do this? If you have a strong following on your social media sites, this could be a good place to post a message with your new temporary number. If you have an up to date mailing list in place, this could be another quick and effective method to keep your customers informed.

It’s worth putting a few notes together so that you or members of your team know exactly what should be done if you need to change to a temporary number. A few things worth including might be:

Contact details of website administrator
Log in details for your Google account
Log in details for your social media accounts
Where to locate your most recent mailing list

CSnotepad Virtual Receptionists: Our Diary Management Service

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

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At CSnotepad we pride ourselves on offering services that go beyond simple message taking, services that really do support you and help your business grow. Our diary management service can benefit a diverse range of businesses and professionals. A few examples of industries already saving time and money by using CSnotepad to manage their diary include: solicitors, therapists, IT support, doctors, plumbers, dentists, electricians and hairdressers.

Whether you work alone and struggle to juggle your appointments with answering your phone, or a business that’s looking for a better and more cost-effective solution than hiring staff – CSnotepad can shape a service that really suits your needs.

Using CSnotepad to handle your enquiries and diary leaves you or your skilled team free to focus on the areas of your business that really need you.

You’ll have a team of customer service agents fully trained on your business who will answer your calls and appear as though members of your own in-house team. They will deal with enquiries and manage your diary through your own wed-based platform, so that you stay free to update and amend your availability at any time.

3 reasons to choose CSnotepad for your diary management…

1. Avoid the high costs associated with hiring staff. Consider the cost of advertising for the role, training, sickness and holidays, not to mention extra equipment such as a phone, desk and PC.

2. We can provide telephone handling to cover from 8:30 until 6pm, you’ll have no concerns of covering lunch hours, holidays or spells of sickness.

3. With a team of customer service advisors trained on your business, we can take multiple calls for you at the same time. You customers wont reach an engaged tone or a voicemail, improving your customer service reputation and reducing the chances of a potential customer calling a competitor when they can’t reach you.

Your team at CSnotepad can be on hand to take all of your calls, or we can just be here to support you when you need us most, acting as an overflow during your busiest times. We really do shape our service around the needs of your business, so call us today to talk to a member of our team on 01273 741400.

CSnotepad Offers the Perfect Service for Holiday Support

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018


Every business owner deserves a holiday but planning a break in 2018 might feel unimaginable, after all, how can you risk the loss of sales and the lack of response to customer enquiries, and if you divert calls to your mobile you may as well not be on holiday at all!

We really can’t underestimate how valuable the services of a virtual receptionist could be for you and your business, handling your incoming calls, dealing with enquiries, booking in your appointments, taking orders and even taking payments. We can do as little or as much as you like, shaping the service we offer around your needs while you’re away.

Maybe you’ve considered a virtual receptionist in the past but you might have been put off by the monthly subscription you’re tied into, when all you’re after is some help while you’re on holiday! At CSnotepad we have the perfect solution for your holiday support – take advantage of our flexible annual plans. Don’t be put off by the word “annual”, it simply means you have a year to use your call credits.

How it works..
Rather than paying a fee each month and in return receiving a monthly call allowance that you may or may not use, our Flexi Plans allow you to pay the 12 months in advance and have all the call allowance added to your account to use at any point throughout the year. No more call credits going unused each month, no more paying for a service when you simply don’t need it just to have it there when you do need it. You might use half of your call credits while you’re away skiing in January, and the other half while you’re soaking up some sunshine in July – when you use the service to support your business is entirely up to you. You can rest assured that when you need us we’re here and ready to take your calls, leaving you to enjoy that well earned break away.

Avoid Phone Related Downtime by Familiarising Yourself with How to Change Your Divert

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

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With the new year now in full swing, it’s worth considering just how ready you are for the year ahead and any unwelcome surprises it might throw at your business.

We invest heavily in protecting your business from telephone downtime, and you should take comfort from knowing that by choosing us (over other providers or keeping your calls in-house) you’re far better shielded from a phone related disruption. The contingencies we have in place enable us to act should there be an issue with a telephone exchange or mobile provider for example, but for you to benefit from our contingencies you must be familiar with how to divert your calls.

Do you know how to change your divert?

If there’s a problem at the telephone exchange we can overcome this by changing how you divert your calls to us. This is a simple and fast acting solution, but It could now be several years since you first set up your divert with us, so it’s worth familiarising yourself with how it’s done via your telecoms provider.

Refresh your mind with our short blogs…

Setting up a divert on a BT landline

Setting up a divert on a Sky landline

How to set up a call divert on your iPhone

How to set up a call divert on your Android phone

Think you know how to divert? It’s well worth forming a checklist or producing a brief set of instructions so that you, and key members of your team, know exactly what to do should a problem occur that requires you to divert your calls temporarily. Keep this checklist or instructions somewhere safe, and keep it somewhere people know where to find it. Your CSnotepad team is here to help make sure that any phone related issue causes minimal disruption to your business, and minimal stress to you and your team, but it’s crucial that you play your part by familiarising yourself with how to divert your calls.

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