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CSnotepad Can Do More Than Just Answer Your Calls, We Can Securely Process Your Payments Too

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

card payment processing

If you run an online business, don’t assume that every potential customer is happy with paying online for your products or services. With online fraud an ever growing concern, shoppers are becoming more cautious about how and where they input their card details.

Offering your customers the option to pay over the phone not only provides them with a safer payment option, but also legitimises your business by giving shoppers confidence that they can reach a member of your team if they have a complaint or enquiry.

The catch? It’s not as simple as putting your phone number on your website, you have to ensure that each and every call is answered or you’re not only risking sales but also risking your reputation.

Perhaps you’re a service based business, maybe a sole trader or trades person who relies on taking payments over the phone. You know that every time the phone rings it could be a customer wanting to pay, but you’re keen to free yourself from the ringing phone and focus on carrying out work, and building your business.

Did you know that a call answering service like CSnotepad can not only answer your calls but take orders and process your payments too?

We don’t act as a middle man when it comes to taking your payments, we process your orders via your preferred online system. We only have the ability to put money in, not take it out, and we wont be able to access any of your private details, or details of your customers.

Each of your calls will be answered by a friendly customer service advisor who’s trained on your business and based from our Brighton & Hove office. Your CSnotepad team will act as though members of your own in-house team; we’re able to answer general inquiries based on a script of answers you’ve provided so your customers will never know they haven’t reached you directly. You’ll receive an email each time we’ve taken a call for you, and you’ll receive a daily summary so you can see what money has come in while you’ve been busy growing your business. You never need worry about a customer reaching your answering machine, and your great customer service reputation will continue to grow.

Talk to a member of our team today about payment processing for your business on 01273 741400.

Own a Seasonal Business? CSnotepad is the Perfect Provider for Your Telephone Answering

Monday, January 22nd, 2018


If you have a business that only operates during certain times of the year, or a business that sees great fluctuations in sales and enquiries from month to month, we have the perfect call plan to meet your needs. Perhaps your busiest period is during the Christmas season or maybe the summer holidays, our annual flexible plans allow you to have your entire call allowance spread across the year rather than allocated per month. With CSnotepad you can put an end to paying for a monthly call handling subscription that you know you wont benefit from for several months of the year. You can rest assured that your call allowance will be there when you need it most, you’ll never suffer from wasted call credits during your quietest months, or sky-high bills when you’re at your busiest.

Here’s an example of how it works:

With our usual Advanced Plan subscription a business would pay £270 and receive 200 call credits a month for every month of their subscription.
On our Advanced Annual Flexi Plan you would pay £3240 in advance for 12 months, and you would have the full 2400 call allowance credited to your account to use throughout the entire year. It wouldn’t matter if you used half of your allowance in a single month, you’d only be charged additional calls if you went over your 2400 allowance in your 12 month plan.

Our annual flexible plans offer the same reliable and professional support to your callers as our standard plans. Our customer service advisors will be trained on your business and ready to support you as though members of your own in-house team. There’s a range of services that we can offer you from simple message taking to order and payment processing – all with the flexible reassurance that your call credits are yours to use as you please throughout the year.

For more information on our Flexi Plans talk to a member of our team today on 01273 741400.

Refer a Friend to CSnotepad and Get a £50 Amazon Voucher

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

£50 amazon voucher image

Didn’t get what you were hoping for at Christmas?! Well how about a £50 Amazon voucher to treat yourself to something you really wanted?!

If you have a friend, a family member, colleague or acquaintance that you feel would benefit from one of our services, then we’d really appreciate you telling them a little bit about what we do, and how they can get in touch with us. As a thank you we’ll email you a £50 Amazon voucher as soon as the person you’ve referred signs up with us. There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer, so no cap to the number of vouchers we’ll send you.

We really hope that if you are a user of our service, you feel that we’re helping you to achieve your business goals. We’d love it if you would spread the word and tell other people about your positive experience using us.

Perhaps you know of someone starting a new business in 2018 who would benefit from some support answering their incoming calls, or our virtual address and telephone number to boost their professional image. Perhaps you have a friend who relies on their answering machine to handle their new enquiries, or struggles to find the time to make and keep client appointments. Maybe you know of someone who’s growing their business but is reluctant to take on the stresses of hiring more staff to deal with the increased interest. We certainly don’t expect you to give the hard sell, but we do know how valuable good comments and recommendations are when it comes to standing out against our competitors.

How you’ll get your £50 voucher…
We always ask our new customers how they found us, so we’ll know that they were referred by you, or feel free to tell them to mention your name. You wont need to get in contact with us, apply for your voucher, or jump through any hoops to get it, we’ll email it straight over to you once the person you referred takes out a subscription with us.

Refer a friend today and get a £50 Amazon voucher – it couldn’t be easier!

CSnotepad Offers a Worldwide Virtual Receptionist Service from the UK

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

world wide service on hand

Are you based abroad and looking for a UK telephone answering service to help you manage your calls? Are you looking for a company that can provide you with a virtual UK office address?

We’re proud to say that we have businesses from all over the world using our service. Businesses abroad can gain an advantage over competitors and save money by having a UK based company handle their calls.

Let the Time Difference Help Your Business
The time difference between the UK and other countries can make it very appealing (and cost effective!) to have a UK company answering calls. Rather than paying an inflated rate to have in-house staff work unsociable hours, or paying inflated rates to outsource calls out-of-hours within the same country – outsourcing abroad can be the perfect solution and it’s far easier than you think.

By diverting calls to us in the UK, your company can offer extended hours of telephone support to your customers. Your customers can make enquiries, place orders, request support or make payments beyond the 9-5!

Singapore, New York and beyond…
For example, a company based in Singapore with a time difference of GMT +8 diverts their calls to us once their office closes at 6pm. They know that once their team goes home, the calls from their valued client base and potential customers will continue to be answered by a professional team of customer service advisors here in the UK where it’s only 9am! Similarly, the companies that use us in America are able to offer early morning support to their customers long before their competitors are even out of bed!

Offering extended hours of service could help you stand out from your competitors, further strengthen your customer service and improve your customer satisfaction. Your business can continue to offer top level support to customers when your competitors are closed; no answering machine, no call back during opening hours message, just a reliable team of trained agents waiting to take your calls here in the UK.

UK Virtual Address:
Businesses outside of the UK also take advantage of our virtual address service, giving them a UK address, extending their reach to international markets and boosting their visibility on internet search engines. The address can be used on all correspondence, and treated as though it’s your own physical office address. Any mail that arrives for you can either be posted to you, or more conveniently scanned and emailed.

If you’d like to talk to our team about UK call answering or a UK virtual address you can call us on +441273741400 or if it’s more convenient, email us on

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