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Ever Wondered Who Uses a Telephone Answering Service?

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

different businesses

A telephone answering service can be of huge benefit to businesses in any and ever industry. We support sole traders and large national businesses alike, making a service that’s specifically suited to the needs of each business.

Unlike other telephone answering providers, CSnotepad starts by understanding your needs, we never expect you to fit into a predefined call answering package. Because our service is designed around your business needs and designed to work seamlessly alongside your in-house team, there’s no limit to the industries we can support.

Many business’s need help answering calls and booking appointments into their diary.
Some of the businesses already using us include:
Estate agents

Many business’s need us to take and process telephone orders on their behalf:
Some of the business already using us include:
Online retailers

Many business’s use us as an overflow service, helping them manage increased call volumes during their busiest periods or during marketing campaigns.
Some of the businesses already using us include:
Online retailers
National charities
Local charities
Debt recovery

We act as a receptionist, patching calls through to different departments and team members.
Some of the businesses already using us include:
Security Services
Estate agents
Graphic design studios
Car dealerships
Travel agents

So if you’ve ever wondered who uses a telephone answering service and if a telephone answering service would be right for your business, call our team today 01273 741400.

CSnotepad Sussex Based Call Handling – a Service with no Geographical Limits

Sunday, December 24th, 2017

map and compass

Wherever your business is based, you’ll always receive a personal ‘local’ service from CSnotepad.

We’ve been running for over 10 years with a carefully selected team of professional customer service advisors working from our Brighton & Hove office. Each of our customers receives a tailored service; you are assigned an account manager who will work with you to ensure our service meets your needs, whether you’re a small family business or a large national organisation.

Many of our customers are local to our Brighton & Hove office, and it’s always great to get the support of businesses in the Sussex area. But with telephone answering there really is no geographical limits, and the quality of the service you receive from us will never vary based on your location. We have customers all over the UK from Edinburgh to Exeter, and all over the world from America to Australia. We understand that some businesses choose to use a local business because they feel reassured that should there ever be a problem with a product or service, the business is close by to deal with the issue face-to-face. However, our more distant customers opt for service quality over the locality because they know that if they need us, we’re always available to answer any queries or concerns. Whether it’s easier for you to communicate by phone or email, we’re always on hand to help.

If you run a business that prides itself on a very personal service and the recognition of a loyal customer base, don’t limit your search for a call handling service to just your local providers. Don’t assume that just because they’re local your priority for a personal service will be their priority. Your customers deserve more than just a local accent, search a little further afield to get the right service for your business. At CSnotepad each and every one of our customers benefits from our advanced caller recognition software which allows us to build up a database of your frequent callers. We know when your loyal customers are calling, we can greet them with the same recognition and warmth of service you would. You’ll have a small team of customer service advisors assigned to your account, and they’ll  become familiar with your business and your callers.

All of our customers know that their calls will be answered by an English speaking customer service advisor who speaks clearly and is friendly, polite and professional. We never send calls abroad and we’re confident that your extended team at CSnotepad will appear as though part of your own in-house workforce – wherever you’re based!

Keep Your CSnotepad Service Working at Its Best This Christmas

Monday, December 18th, 2017

christmas in scrabble letters

So it’s that wonderful time of year again, there’s so much to organise, presents to buy, trees to decorate and mulled wine to drink, but we’d like to ask that you spare a little thought for your telephone answering service during the festive build up!

We’ve no doubt that for the vast majority of you this Christmas and New Year period will see changes to your working hours and staff availability. We want to continue to offer you a professional and efficient service so it’s important that you plan ahead, letting us know any changes in good time so that the necessary alterations can be made to your script. Unknowingly, we could be patching your callers through to staff that are on holiday, or passing on information that just isn’t relevant during the festive period, resulting in disgruntled callers and a far from perfect customer experience.

Keep your CSnotepad service working at its best this Christmas, consider the following…

Messages – will your mailbox still be checked regularly or do you need us to change where we send your messages?

Patching – some of your staff are likely to be taking a holiday over the Christmas period, do we need to change any call patching you have in place?

Return Calls – we hope you’re treating yourself to some well earned time off this Christmas, so would you like us to adjust when we tell callers you’ll get back to them?

Order Taking - if we take orders for your business, will a Christmas shutdown or reduced staff affect delivery times?

Diary Management – if we manage your business diary, will you have different working hours or are there days that you’d like us not to book in appointments for you?

Support Ticket Logging – if we manage support ticket logging for your business, will the festive period affect your engineer response time?

Lastly – will any of the above also affect your out of hours service with us?

If changes in your staffing or working hours will affect the CSnotepad service you currently have in place, do please let us know as soon as possible so we can make any necessary changes to your script. Also, be sure to inform us of how long you’d like any changes to be active before reverting back to your original script. The deadline for changes is Wednesday 20th December – simply drop us an email or a call one of our team: or 01273 741400.

Starting Your Business in 2018? Benefit from Our Virtual Address

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

office in hand image

Is 2018 the year that you’re going to launch your business?

You don’t have to wait until your business is turning a comfortable profit to take steps to increase its credibility and clout within your sector. It’s likely that you’ll start your business from home, and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s how most start, even Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) started business from his garage! But starting a business from home and using your home address for all interactions with your customers has its downfalls. You don’t have to wait to take worthy (and cost effective!) steps to increasing your business’s standing and appeal to customers in a competitive market. Did you know that having a virtual address is an easy and stress free step to building validity for your business while you continue to run your business from home?

Why you might want a virtual address…
A residential address doesn’t give the best first impression to potential customers, however professional you and your business may be, you can’t blame customers for feeling a little uneasy when they search your address on Google Maps and see you’re based from your front room! How will a residential address look on your business cards? Perhaps you think it doesn’t matter, but imagine you are your target audience who are inundated with other businesses offering similar products or services. A residential address does little to offer reassurance that you’re well established, successful within your sector, professional and easily contactable if problems should arise. You should avoid giving your potential customers such an easily avoidable reason to look elsewhere.

As well as thinking about the affect using your home address may have or the credibility of your business, you’d do well to also consider the possible implications for you and your family. You might experience a lack of privacy and feel uneasy giving out your home details, particularly as your database of contacts starts to grow. Depending on the nature of your business, you may find it inconvenient receiving business supplies and deliveries to your home address too.

A virtual address is an easy and affordable solution…
At CSnotepad we offer a virtual address service. We can provide you with our Brighton and Hove address – this address will become your own to use as you wish, print it on your business cards, use it for your invoicing and even use it for all correspondence and deliveries. Get the credibility you and your business deserves by having a Brighton and Hove business address, while benefiting from a valuable separation between work and home communications. All post that arrives for your business can either be forwarded onto your home address, or you can collect it at your convenience. Letters can even be scanned and emailed over to you for speed and ease if this is your preference.

Talk to us today about having a virtual address and giving your new business the best start while keeping your costs low. Call us on 01273 741400.

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