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6 Reasons You Might Not Be Using Our Order Taking Service…But Should Be!

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

trolley order taking

Did you know that we can do more for your business than just take messages – make the most of your CSnotepad service with all the benefits of our order taking service. Time and again we find that our customers share the same hesitations and concerns when it comes to using a virtual receptionist to handle their telephone orders. With the top 6 queries answered, we hope we’ll shed a little light on just how flexible, time-saving and beneficial our order taking service can be for you and your business.

1) My customers order online, I don’t believe they’d use telephone ordering if I made it available.
With so many online stores, and so many stories of online scams, it’s now a growing trend for customers to seek out a contact number so they can gain assurance by talking to you directly before purchasing. Knowing that someone is available at the end of the phone goes a long way to reassuring potential customers that you’ll be available to assist them should there be any issues with their order. Allowing your customers the opportunity to talk directly to you, or a member of your team, is still an extremely powerful tool in boosting customer service and helping your business stand out from solely online competitors. Keep in mind that not everyone feels confident purchasing online, and offering another method to purchase could see a boost in your sales. Providing the option to order by phone also allows customers to get instant answers to questions that may be holding them back from completing a purchase.

2) I don’t understand how you would take payments for me and I’m concerned about security.
We don’t act as a middle man when it comes to taking your payments. We process your orders via your preferred online system such as Paypal, Sage or Worldpay. We only have the ability to put money in, not take it out! We wont be able to access any of your private details, or details of your customers. We’ll guide you through the easy process of setting us up as a user with restricted rights, you’ll be in full control of exactly what we can and can’t access.

3) I’m concerned that your customer service advisors wont be able to answer my customers’ product queries.
From our experience the majority of questions asked by customers require only a very basic product knowledge. We’ll ensure that our customer service advisors have your preferred answers at hand for the most frequently asked questions. Should a question be asked that our advisors aren’t able to answer, there’s the option for us to contact you while your customer remains on the line.

4) I’m concerned you wont be able to get the answers to enquiries. Often my callers want to know if something is in stock or to find out about delivery times, I have to get this information from my suppliers.
If you provide us with a contact list for your suppliers we can get in touch with them directly to enquire about an items stock level, dispatch or delivery times when requested by a caller.

5) I don’t want to miss capturing valuable customer details when they call but don’t place an order.
All our customer service advisors are trained to take all the details you’ve specified from all of your callers – without exception. This provides you with a growing database of details from which to market your products and services.

6) I’m worried that by not managing telephone orders myself I’ll be on the back-foot should there be any customer disputes.
Feel reassured – all your calls will be recorded and each call recording is available to you should you need it to resolve any disputes.

For more information on our order taking service, talk to one of our team today on 01273 741400.

CSnotepad: Providing Telephone Answering for Charities for Over 10 years – Find out how we can Support Your Charity

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

chairty helping hand graphic

10 years of working with UK charities has taught us that your needs differ greatly from those of our business clients, not only that, your needs also differ greatly from those of other charities. For this reason, our initial discussion with a new charity is approached as an entirely blank canvas, no prescribed vision of what you may or may not need, no expectations of how you might like us to work with you, and no moulding your needs around one of our existing service models. We start by listening then building a bespoke service together; step-by-step.

Don’t hesitate to be honest with us about your needs, however integral or however minor you’d like our role to be, we’re here to excel in the service we deliver.

Just some of the ways charities are already using us…
Charities use us to support them during times of increased call volume, for example when they run a marketing campaign. We can ensure that the money invested in new marketing initiatives isn’t lost by the inability to handle the increase in call volume. During campaign periods your dedicated team will be fully trained and ready to take each incoming call by asking the questions, and taking the information that you have requested.

Charities often use us as the main contact for general enquiries from the public. We can answer your most commonly asked questions by following a script you’ve supplied, or act as a switchboard, redirecting calls to the necessary department or member of your team.

We’re experienced in taking donations, processing a payment via your own online system, ensuring each and every donation is taken securely and the call managed with the same recognition and appreciation that you and your own team would.

We’re skilled at taking new membership enquiries – collecting all details you require from the caller, emailing any e-brochures or material on your behalf, and adding details to your own online database at your request.

Your new team…
We have a dedicated charity team who will be familiar with the needs and aims of your charity. They will be trained on the most common enquiries and needs of your callers, and manage each call in a way that matches your unique customer service model. Your customer service advisors will be on hand to take each call, with a wider team available should you receive any unexpected call peaks, ensuring that your charity continues to provide a reliable, professional and committed service.

If you’re a charity call us today to discuss how we can meet your needs on 01273 741400.

How to Add a User to Your Paypal Business Account & Control Their Access

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

paypal cart image

If you’re thinking of using our order taking service, you may be a little apprehensive about how we process payments via your business PayPal account, how secure your sensitive information is and how to limit what we can access.

With our order taking service, our priority is taking your customer orders and processing each payment securely. To achieve this we recommend that you make us an additional user of your PayPal account. Don’t worry, we will only have the ability to put money in not out, and you have full control over the information we see.

This blog takes you step by step through how to add a new user to your PayPal account.

As the primary holder of your PayPal account you automatically have full access to all areas and functions of your account, but this doesn’t have to be the case for any additional users you give access to. Controlling what a new user can see and do is called ‘account privileges’ and includes the ability to:

Edit your profile
View your account balance
Send payments
Make refunds
Withdraw funds
Cancel payments
Discuss the account with customer services

Your users can be given permission to access all of these privileges or none of them. Their access is fully manageable and can be adjusted at any time.

How to add a new user:

1) Log in to your PayPal account.

2) Click on your business profile and select ‘Profile & Settings’

3) Choose ‘My Settings’

4) Click ‘Get Started’ next to “Manage Users” ( please note – only the primary holder can access this, your additional users cannot add new users)

5) Click ‘Add Users’ (please note – you may be asked to enter your account or credit card number to verify your identity)

6) Enter the name of the user you’d like to add then create them a username and password

7) Click which account privileges you’d like your new user to have – click save.

Give the username and password that you created to us. These are the only details that we’ll need to sign into your PayPal account. We won’t be logging in as you, and rest assured that you’re still able to access your PayPal account even when we’re processing payments for you.

You can add up to 200 separate users, all with their own selection of user privileges in line with their role and responsibilities within your business.

Caller Recognition: Do You Have it on Your Account? Are You Making the Most of it?

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

caller recognition image

What is Caller Recognition?
Our caller recognition software allows us to identify your frequent callers, top clients and important suppliers, and offer them the same warmth of service that you would. With each call you receive we will build up a database of your caller information, improving the customer service and phone experience for your repeat callers.

Why Have Caller Recognition on Your Account?
We recognise the value of your key callers, and through the highest level of customer service we can further strengthen the loyal customer base you’ve worked so hard to build. Using our caller recognition software eliminates the need for our advisors to ask repeat callers all of your scripted questions, each and every time they call. We understand that the recognition and familiarity that a customer receives is often an important factor in their decision to stay loyal to your business. Our caller recognition software allows our customer service advisors to appear as though experienced and conscientious members of your own in-house team.

Why Do We Offer Caller Recognition?
We’re always seeking out the very best in telecoms technology, and we’re proud to say that caller recognition is just another example of our continued efforts to invest in a service that benefits every one of our customers.

How to Make the Most of Caller Recognition?
If you’re new to our service, be sure to give us a list of all your important contacts, allowing the transition from you to us handling your calls to be as seamless as possible. Your key callers will continue to receive the same acknowledgement that your own in-house team would offer. If you have caller recognition already on your account, let us know the details of any important new contacts you make, as and when you make them. We can pre-fill as many fields in your script, for as many key callers as you’d like, reducing the questions they’re asked when they next call you.

Your Next Step…
If you have any further questions about how caller recognition can help your business, or if you’d like to know if it’s already working for you on your account, call us today on 01273 741400.

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